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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 61 -


Not two, nor three, just ONE. 
You may wonder why this title and why a whole chapter about "one"?

Let me start with something I already wrote elsewhere in the past.
   "There is no God, Allah or Buddha. Or rather, these are not persons."
   "This ONE big light we all have around us."
   "We are not alone and should help each other."
   "There is one Core."

These are some of the words that I wrote elsewhere and you may well have been 
quite disappointed with me at the time when you read them. Perhaps you thought 
I was an atheist, (which is not a sickness, by the way). Or perhaps you disagreed 
with me completely. No problem. These chapters were not written because I want 
to tell you stories or because I want to have a good time. They were written because 
there is something to learn and to see about what is really going on around you and 
with you.

Simple may be a good word for all that is going on. I would like to explain why 
everything is simple and all is "One". Life, our life, is regarded as a very complex
time with lots of ups and downs. Sometimes it looks as if there are mostly downs 
and the ups are few and far between! Human life is so complex that scientists, 
churches and highly educated people have no idea what is really going on.
With all their experiments, all their techniques they keep entering new worlds, one 
more complex than the other. Deeper and deeper they go, and what are the results? 
Nothing. They may write thousands of books about their experiments and how good 
they were to find this "new" world or new theory. But, as I wrote before, it is a 
dead end. A dead end, because in every new world, there is another new world.

We all have to learn one very important thing: "There is no end and no beginning". 
You may think that with this knowledge, we are going round in circles. But this not 
right either. We have come to a point where the way we think is completely wrong. 
It was also the case when we thought the earth was flat or the earth was the centre 
of our system. Our thinking has been manipulated for years by politicians, churches 
and scientists. All these people try to get us on a wrong track, so they can do with us 
what they want. "Keep the people stupid", is their motto. With their articles and 
millions of books, they try to make everything look complex, so that we never realize 
what is going on. That is why my motto is SEE IT SIMPLY. This attitude has given me 
many answers. Simply Being One!

We all have to live our lives together, and be there together. Together with the
animals and the plants. Why together? Why do we not have a planet for ourselves? 
Why do we people fight each other, but in another way we cannot be alone? 
Why is nature one world with animals, plants and other living beings, together on this 
planet and why do we humans have to live with them? I can think of hundreds of 
questions and all of them have a simple answer. We were created from the same 
source. Everything on this earth was made from that source called energy. Energy is 
the key to all answers. By forming energy in different ways, we can build houses, 
make rocks, grow plants, humans and fish. All are made of the same energy! 
When we work with this fact, you will see there is an explanation for everything: 
Energy! It is everywhere in and around us. Energy gives us light and lets this computer
work. The computer is built of energy. It may be difficult to understand and many 
people cannot look at it this way, because they believe only what they can see, 
feel and hear. But all of that is a form of energy.

With the energy, we can communicate with each other across thousands of miles. 
Mastering the energy, you can heal yourself and others. With the energy you can 
feel, act and live like you are everywhere. The energy can bring you to a level where 
people do not understand what is happening with you. The energy is everywhere 
and is you, me, my dogs and my garden. All is ONE, one power, and we have to 
accept it. When you can see a rock as energy, you can be that rock. When you are 
at that energy level and you go to another person, you can be that person. Also if you
are on that energy level, you can see what is going on in your own or another person's 
body and you can restore new energy there and so people will be healthy. If you are 
willing to see and accept that you are one energy field, you are able to do miracles, 
perform inexplicable things.

Be one with the energy, it is the key of life, life and all life forms, even the planets, 
stars and Universe are built of the same energy.

For a while, I experienced the connection with this energy. Not that I can always work 
with it, because it is a new way of living for me too. I found out that since I can see 
myself as the same as everything around me, accepting that I am the same energy, 
strange worlds are opening for me.

So far I have been working more on myself and the things around me, but first I have 
to clean up my own mess. The mess I produced in the years I have lived here on earth. 
By looking into myself, I see a lot of negative energy that is now restored and rebuilt 
with new energy. The way I see the world is also different and so are the people 
around me, the buildings and nature. It is myself I see and it is me who is there. 
Not me as a person, but me as energy. Because energy is one and so we people are 
one. Killing each other is not longer ending a life, but splitting human energy. 
Splitting, so that it can build new life to start over. But what about the soul? The soul is
also the part that will be together in an energy field. The part that will be used to build 
a new human life. The rest of your body's energy will go where it is needed. The soul's 
energy is the intelligent part of the energy, however strange it may look and sound. 
Indeed, energy has the intelligence needed to put everything in order. It is not 
something almighty telling the Universe what to do. This intelligent energy is strong, 
because it holds billions or trillions different parts that are working together. All of them 
know precisely what to do in the law of energy.

I think I will leave it for now, to let you think about this. What I have written, are things 
I know. But there are more people who know this. Only a lot of them are afraid to write 
it down. I will continue with this "One" energy later, because for me it is necessary to
put it on paper, so that maybe you can work with this energy in the right way later.

Think about it! Why? If you believe you can do it, it will happen! One: "Be one with 
what you want to be".

(Chapter 61)




"Being human is helping each other"


Please enjoy this site, learn the way of never-ending health and for living a better life 
by finding your path in a World of Positive Energy.


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