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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 62 -

The deep hole

If you think I have a solution for everything, I have to disappoint you. In all the years 
I have been here on earth, I have learned, seen and heard a lot. I managed to come 
out of a lot of situations, some of them were very difficult, others looked as if there 
would never be an answer. Living life in this world, is like being in school or some 
other place where you need to learn. When I look at some people around me, it is 
as if they go around in a circle. A circle that takes them deeper and deeper into a 
negative world. If it went upwards, they would return to a positive world.

This time I want to talk about the negative circle called "The deep hole". 
A deep dark hole, impossible to escape from. It looks as if we are going deeper and 
deeper into it. Why is that? 
What can we possibly learn from these negative deep holes? How did we get in? 
But most importantly, how can we get out of that dark place?

Let me start with the first question. Why is that? When you observe your life, you see 
that there are lots of ups and downs in it. The ups are there when you see life as a
happy and interesting time, the downs when you notice there is more going on in life 
than just happiness and health. There is a great deal to learn, not only for ourselves, 
but for all of us. Life is a learning process, a place to figure out things and to manage 
things the way you are supposed to accomplish your goals. This does not completely 
answer the question "Why", because there is more. We all have to learn to manage 
the negative energy waves. Energy waves? Yes energy waves are also the key of life. 
As I wrote elsewhere, our lives exist, because we are a complex part of the energy 
waves that create our lives and our entire stay here on earth. Let me try to explain. 
Energy waves are what we are, we are made of energy and we are nothing other than 
energy. All you can see, is that same energy, the same thing you are made of. 
So you also create your own world (but about this I will tell you more in another 
chapter). This energy is the "God" you all talk and write so much about.  Thus, we are 
the same energy as the dog, the plant and even our house. All is made from the same 
energy and all comes together. If you do not want to see or be involved with things
around you, you cut yourself off from the outside world and become lonely, in what 
I call "The deep hole". The deep hole is what you create and what you allow to come 
up. It is you who creates this deep hole, it is just you. You can come out of it, because 
it is your own energy that has to connect again with the universal energy. All problems 
come from the loss of connection with the outside world, or rather the outside energy.
Why do such crises happen? They are nothing more than the result of losing the 
connection with the Universe and energy. You can do everything with the energy, 
because you yourself are its product. You were made of energy, pure energy that is life 
and the key to life. If you want to turn away from believing in this source and do it your 
own way, you lose that connection. This will result in sickness, bad moods and losing 
the grip on your life. In the world of today, many things happen. People build all kinds of 
different buildings and live in them with hundreds of people on a few square feet. 
There are machines and electronics, of which we do not know how they change our 
energy fields. Then there is the artificial light we live in. When I work in fluorescent 
light, I find my energy field goes down. The same happens when I sit in front of my 
computer. Sometimes, I have the feeling I am the computer and I do not need a 
mouse/tablet, because  I can move the cursor with my finger! All this negative energy 
takes you down, until you are no longer able to keep the connection with the primary 
energy field around you. This is when we fall into that hole we are seeing as 
a "Deep hole".

Which brings me to the second question: What can we learn from these negative 
things? Learning is the reason why we are here. Over and over again, we need to 
learn, to eventually reach a higher level. In the meantime, we start again and again, 
getting new opportunities to learn our lesson. This kind of learning we do, is more like 
keeping the Universal energy loaded with positive energy, allowing the entire system 
to exist. The problem we have right now is that negative energy is increasing. It is 
difficult to keep positive energy at a high level for all people, nature and the Universe. 
Let me give an example. When people live together in a city - sometimes millions of
them together in one place - you can see and feel all the negative energy of the 
people who are trying to survive in an unhealthy environment. They fight, they shout 
and they do anything to stay alive. Struggle through life is their motto and so they 
continue to live in this negative energy field. People who live in a small village with 
their garden and nature around them, are working in a positive energy field.
People in villages are more relaxed and live a better life, healthier and more in touch 
with positive energy. Back to the question: What can we learn from this negative 
energy from the deep holes? Every life - human, animal or plant life - has its own part 
to play in this world. The wave of positive and negative gives us the strength to reach 
a higher level. There we will find a way to see that there is more than just struggling to 
survive. But people whose lives are like a flat line, do not learn from their existence 
and ultimately cannot say what they have learned. The Universal energy, the same 
as the energy of ourselves, needs these ups and downs. For example, if you have
a lot of money and you buy the biggest and most expensive car, you probably do not
really enjoy that car. You just have it as a status symbol. If you have to work hard for 
your first second-hand car, you are proud and you enjoy it. Things you just get, are 
not really enjoyable. But things that are hard to get, are things you are proud of. It is 
the same in life: it does not work if your life is one happy ride! On the contrary, it would 
be a waste of a lifetime and a waste of being here. Don't get me wrong, it is not 
necessary to always go to the limit.  But you have to manage your life in such a way
that you are always trying to do something that will be a little beyond what you think 
you can reach.

Now we come to that last question: How can we get out of these holes? You know now 
that the holes are necessary to grow in life. Because you are reaching further than 
what you believe is possible for you. While you are reaching, your energy is at its 
peak, because you need to deliver a top performance. Working with your positive 
energy also means that you are feeling, seeing and knowing more. All your sensors 
are working to the full. You are also more positively loaded and there is this point you 
have to reach, the point where you believe you can do anything! Compare this to 
someone who sits watching TV, feeling sick and tired, talking only about how sick he 
is and how terrible people can be. He is full of negative energy and the positive 
energy is working overtime to keep his body running. If there is no longer any positive
input in that body, the positive energy already there will fade away after a while.

You can get this positive energy by going for a walk in a park or to a playground, 
watching children playing and having fun. Take a deep breath, close your eyes and 
see yourself doing things you like to do. Hold this in your mind as long as possible. 
Listen to relaxing music, not that hard rock negative stuff, but music without lyrics. 
Go to a museum and let the beautiful things you see take over your mind. Go to a 
ballpark and enjoy watching or playing a game. Take a piece of paper and write 
down what you think you need to do, but also what you already did. Look at what you 
wrote and you will look at problems in a different way. This way is the positive one, 
making you forget the negative side of life. Or if you like nature, walk through a 
cornfield and cherish the wonderful world we live in. Sit on a beach or the bank of a 
river and let all this positive energy come into you. You will feel that the deep hole is 
filled with light.

YOU can do what you want. All human beings are capable of doing what is in their 
minds. Only one thing is important: You have to believe in yourself and believe that 
you are the energy that is around you and what you are made of. Your body is no 
more than a collection of light/energy, the same energy that plants, rocks, and 
everything else around you is made of. 
All is made of the same energy as you are.

Coming out of the deep hole is not always easy. I can tell you that it is sometimes a
long way to go, because it depends on how far you have gone into that negative field
that has to be rebuilt with new positive energy. But it is possible, because if I can do it, 
you can do it too! Go and get back the connection with nature and the positive world, 
and you will notice that new possibilities will come your way. In the meantime, you will 
also get positive input from other positive people.

You can do it!

(Chapter 62)




"Being human is helping each other"


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