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The world of positive energy: Health



Be healthy for the rest of your life! The healing energy of drawings. Drawing now for more than 35 years shows me that there is a lot of energy into a one simple drawing. I saw a lot and feel a lot and so I believe in the healing part of a drawing. The key in this is ďBelieveĒ. Believe in the energy and believe in what you can do by yourself. Most everybody call this energy; God, Allah, Buddha, the UniverseÖ They believe, but not in the way they should believe. Believe in that energy, believe in your body which is possible to get it always healthy. Thatís the clue to health and the power which is free to get. Some people find this way already and all of them are healthy now, they need no doctors no medicine and no hospitals. Itís you, yes yourself, you can make yourself healthy. Other people need some help, not always they can do it by themselves and so drawings can be a part of this healing process. I know for sure that every drawing made by my hand has that energy, that Universal healing energy which I receive while Iím drawing. There is all the energy you need in one of these drawings I made, just for you. The energy you get from these drawings is endless because itís the Universal energy which never stops. Look at it this way. - People believe we live on earth with a lot of people and animals and nature on it. - We do our best to find out what and how the earth is originated from and so we try to find other life forms out into space. - All of these people are digging deeper to find the clue of life. What they will find is ďanother life formĒ another cell more complexes than the other one. Every time a new world is opening, smaller and more complexes. - We go further into space looking for more other life forms. Perfect but what we will find is nothing more than some elements and maybe some ďDeathĒ life form we think. So far, no other people or plants. Dust sand and wind is what weíll see and find. I wrote here ďSeeĒ yes, because what we see is that dust and sand but what is really to see? Do we really look in the right way and are we prepared to see what is not existing in a form? The life form we live in, is only for 10% we see! The rest is what we feel and cannot to be detected by instruments. - How is it possible that our complete universe working so perfect? - How is it possible that mother earth is still there? - Even with all the bombs, destruction ours. Itís the energy of our Universe who is managing this complete system in the Universe way. I donít go deeper into this right now, but later on I will explain more. What I try to say is that we people donít really look, we see pictures and we detect them and thatís it! A lot we donít notify or remember a few seconds later. We donít really look and see things around us. We people think we can see everything, thatís the problem in this modern world. Itís not what the eyes detect, itís what your heart and soul are doing with the information. Real life we canít see it, we feel it! That life is the energy of our life form and the way we live our lives. Itís a piece of that power of universe what we first need to get back in good health and see things in the right proportion. In our past thousands years we forgot the connection with real life. Everything turns on money, personal power and domination. We think we donít need the Universal power anymore, we do it now by our own. Thatís the reason we spent billions of dollars for healthcare and billions of dollars for wars and we keep trying to destroy the complete earth! Yes we can do it! Yes we can destroy everything !!!! Again the Universal energy you canít see but you feel it. You can reach for it and it will work for you. You donít have to tell him what to do. NO he knows what to do because you are a piece of the Universe. You need a fraction of that power to get again healthy and thatís what I put into my drawings. In every drawing there is a deep energy with itís own message. Some of them are not made for you others are your personal drawing. I canít tell you which drawing is the right one. Open your heart and soul and you will FEEL which drawing is made for you. I, John Baselmans, believe in the positive energy of my drawings. I believe that I can give everybody the health they need to go on with their life. The drawings are coming from the Universe through me and Iím able to put them on paper for you. So I believe in the positive energy of my drawings, you have to believe in the power of your own healing. Believe in the positive energy of the Universe. As long as you Believe in this energy, which is coming through that drawing, it will give you the connection to the Positive energy of the Universe. Some of nature healing miracles for cancer
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