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John Baselmans



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John Baselmans

John Baselmans
 He was born on 20 May 1954,
in Aalst (Waalre), the Netherlands
He is an Artist / Philosopher / Writer /
Graphic Designer / Illustrator who attended
  the "Graphic School (high school) " and 
"The Free Academy" in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. 
After that, he attended several drawing courses, 
including Airbrush and Architectural Rendering, in the USA. 
His pen drawings are made in a combination of pen and ink,
color pencils, watercolor pencils and soft pastel chalk. 
This technique, which he developed himself, is unique 
and has been well received around the world. 
In his career, he has created thousands of drawings 
and illustrations. He designed more than 200 stamps 
for the Post Office of the Netherlands Antilles. 
He has presented his artwork in more 
than 56 exhibitions worldwide.
At the age of three, he began to draw like any child does, 
without any shyness.
His family: Baselmans (father) - Verhoeven (mother). 
Both of  them were creative people.
His grandfather on his father's side was a textile designer, 
like his father, but his father was also creative in many other areas. 
They talked a great deal about drawings and all that
was important for him to know about art. 
His grandfather on his mother's side was a man 
who had many hobbies and did everything he wanted to do. 
John learned playing the violin and piano from him,
as well as photography - development, painting, etc.
He taught him "how to see" in order to create drawings and paintings. 
His grandfather died too soon for him and
with his death his teacher was gone 
and John's world was empty and lonely (he thought). 
The best thing that ever happened was around his 15th birthday. 
When his father began to redraw an old drawing of his grandfather's. 
Pen & Ink was not father's "forte".
 John observed him using that medium on paper, 
and after many mistakes, he took father's pen and made his first pen drawing.
Six years later, John drew Rembrandt van Rijn's
"De Nachtwacht"(The Night Watch). 
From his father he learned woodcarving, (clay) modeling, 
painting and many other techniques that he still uses today. 
His books are well received and the briefings about health 
are read by many people around the world. 
"An artist sees not only with his eyes, but also with his heart and soul".


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