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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 99 -

This will be the most difficult chapter I have written so far, because religion is 
something sacred for most people. Many people around the world are connected 
with a religion and believe more or less in a God, Allah, Buddha, Krishna or some 
other deity.

Religion is something created by humans and preserved by humans. Most 
churches pass on to their flocks the words from a holy people or from God. 
Over the years, I have read many of these scriptures and I always ask myself the 
same question: "What do these people want from us?" It is clear. When I see 
what the Catholic Church, for example, is doing to people, I see that it is mostly 
about money and domination. The churches are full of gold, the priests are 
dressed in expensive robes and many are corpulent, from the copious quantities 
of food and alcohol they take. Lately, many have been exposed, because of 
sexual abuse of young children and adults. People who are destitute, handing their
last penny to the church. Hoping for a better life, believing the church will help them. 
Then there is all the hate and pain, because of people's trust in a religion. All this 
happens not only in the Catholic Church, but in many religions. Most of them are so 
tight and afraid something will come out that they are willing to do the strangest things 
to make their religion "clean", as they see it. Killing in the name of Allah is an example. 
Or the monks who are fighting and waging war! There are various religions that 
claim to be connected with a higher place. At the same time, they act like human 
beings, killing, accepting stolen money and dominating. Why? Simply because, 
as I wrote earlier, all religions are created by humans, people who tell stories and 
prescribe the way others have to act. All these bibles, scrolls and stone tablets were 
made by humans. They are just laws, laid down to keep others under control. 
That's all they are, and therefore we see people following these priests and monks. 
These people believe that they know the path that others should follow. This is very 
strange, because we see time and again that these priests and monks are looking 
for a path in life themselves. Their books are no guidance in this world. We can all 
see that they lead to nothing but churches that take as much as possible from people, 
hardly sharing anything, as they claim to do. All these religions are going nowhere, 
because they are only there to dominate human beings.

In the past, people needed religion, because there were no leaders who believed 
in a world without war and violence. This is the reason why religion was created. 
People had a safe place to go, whether it was a church or a temple. These places 
were rooms of silence. There you could get connected with yourself, not with a 
God, just yourself. Later, religions started to feel their power and domination. 
They could not manage the power of absolute connection. This was when bibles, 
scrolls and tablets showed up, containing rules drawn up by high priests, greedy for 
fame and domination. Books and scrolls, written supposedly by very good people 
who would change the bad world into a peaceful one! Stories with many examples 
of what to do or not to do, and everybody could take from them what they needed. 
At the same time, many of these stories are unrelated and there are plenty of 
contradictions even within a single book. This is the reason why these books, scrolls 
and tablets must be interpreted by theologians. Otherwise, we would see a different 
story, and that is not all what they want. Now and then, I get the real information, 
telling me one small simple story and the thoughts behind all this. I am not a politician, 
nor a person who will dominate or use violence. I will go the peaceful way, helping 
others who believe in a higher life and connection, or just anyone who needs help. 
That thought does not come up when I read about the work of different religions. 
Again, these books and scrolls were written by people who wanted to have complete 

control over mankind! It is a shame to see that religion is no more than a political 
party that gets on top. It is sad that many people are in pain, just because of religion.
Look at those monasteries everywhere, where people spend their entire lives. 
To do what? Pray? Pray for what? A better life? And then look at those people at the 
top, playing God, deciding what others should do. What about those monks who are 
now fighting in an army and will kill in the name of Buddha! Priests who are 
going around the world to find new "victims". Honest souls will be lost forever! Lives 
of children are destroyed, because priests could not keep their hands of them! 
What about all that violence, when a religion does not agree with some other people? 
People who are in pain and cannot get help, because their religion does not allow 
that kind of treatment. In some religions, men are superheroes and women are 
slaves; is that what God really wants? No, these are rules that were made by 
frustrated men in the past, to gradually gain control over other human beings.

Religions are no different from other groups. New groups appear every day in this 
world, with their own rules, like new religions. Sometimes they go so far as to demand 
from their followers that they give up all the money they have! Again, is that what 
God wants? No, it is time to wake up. Read the holy books again and you will find 
hardly any real love and understanding there. These books were written in such a 
way that everybody can find something to suit them. I know for certain that these 
books, scrolls and stone tablets are not the real guidance in our lives. Our purpose 
in life was not written in those documents, but comes straight from the soul.

Some people can see positive things in these books. They are able to read between 
the lines. However, deep down in every human being there is something good and 
it is impossible to hide, what kind of book is written. Between the lines, you can read 
that the only important message in life is: "Help each other, be there for others". 
That simple, powerful message, can be found between the lines. Even in the most 
negative books ever written. It is not about believing in a church, but believing in the 
power of the Universe, the power of yourself.

What I have just written, may be to understand, painful, and even unbelievable.
That is because, as I wrote before, most people believe in one of those books, scrolls 
or stone tablets. Let me stress that I am not an atheist, nor the Devil. I am a human 
being, just like you, who came to earth to learn. By reading and keeping the connection 
 the Universe and the Core, I know this world is full of wrong information and with 
many people who want to dominate. I can pass on to you what I know, if you want, 
if you are open for the real life. With this book, I want to demonstrate how many of 
you live virtual lives. A life, in which all things are determined, made by others, as long 
as you accept that! If you want to step out of it and go on a real path in life, you should 
see, feel and don't believe in a God or in some holy person. Believe in the strength of 
something that is really there, which is our own energy in the Universe. As long as you 
are not willing to make that turn or have doubts about your own life, you will be 
dominated by a government or a religion.

It is sad to see that people who really believe, like mother Theresa, Martin Luther King, 
Desmond Tutu and some other religious people who did their jobs for us, are placed
on one line with many others. It is interesting to know that these people did not believe
in a God as we think, but worked from their heart and soul, and directly with the Universe.

I do not want to hurt anybody and I know some of you are now frustrated, perhaps even 
angry, because they fear their world is falling apart. Do not be afraid to change, to 
believe and to turn your life around. Behind all that, there is a beautiful life waiting for 
you, where everything is possible and where there will be no longer pain.

I know from deep inside me, that one day these words will be important for many 
people. Believe, but do not believe in God as a person, just believe in yourself and the 
Universe. It is the most simple path and the true one. Your energy will be then so 
strong that you stand above all earthly pain, domination and war.

(Chapter 99)




"Being human is helping each other"


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