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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 98 -
I love you

These words must be among the most frequently used in the world. "I love you", 
spoken by children, adolescents and adults. "I love you", spoken directly from the 
heart and sometimes by people who do not know what the words really mean. 
"I love you", often spoken to get attention, which is what the other will give you in that 
split second. But, what do these three little words mean exactly? Do these words tell 
others: "I need attention", "Listen to me" or "My heart and soul are open to you"? 

Starting with the first one: "I need attention". This is what people mean most of the
time when they say these words to others. In bars, outside in the street and in groups, 
people tell others so easily that they love them. By doing so, they get attention and 
others are willing to spend more time with them. Saying "I love you" is usually a cry to 
others from the people who say the words. A cry, because they are feeling alone and 
need some company. They feel alone in a harsh world, where there is hardly any true 
love. People spend hours on the street, in bars or other places, just to make 
connection. Perhaps a little bit of attention from others, because they are alone. 
"I love you", those miraculous words in life; just say it and most of the time, you will 
have a great time.

The second meaning is "Listen to me". It is actually a variant of the first one. 
I am alone, nobody  listens to me, so I tell others "I love you". Then they will feel sorry
for me and they will spend some time talking to me. We are short of listening right now. 
We all have our own stories, our own words and our own thoughts. Nobody listens, 
feels or lets the words touch the sensitive parts in our ears so we can understand the 
message. On the contrary, we often talk in a chaotic environment with loud music, 
yelling at each other. It is difficult to hear, so we don't know what others are saying.

Then the last meaning: "My heart and soul are open to you". Now we have reached 
a point that has a big image. Because we are in a wide spectrum now. Innumerable 
books have been written about love. There are love stories in movies or on TV. 
Not to forget all the poetry inspired by it. All of them express their heart and soul for 
their loved ones. All that energy, only for some words with which you try to send a 
feeling of your love to others.

Let me go back a little into my life and see how I regard love. I am not a poet who 
writes wonderful words for my loved one. For me, this is not the way to show my love 
to her. I do not believe in the words "I love you"! They have an empty meaning for me, 
because I hear them so often, see them everywhere in books and hear them on TV. 
So their meaning is absolutely nil for me. I see it as "Okay, let me tell him that I love 
him, so he will be quiet!" The words "I love you" are not so important to me, because 
I feel many do not mean it, when they say these words. Does this sound strange to 
you? You know I am working with energy, see people in different way than most of 
you do, so I can see and feel if it is real or fake when they use these words. I can tell 
you that almost all of these spoken words, are not that true love at all. It is not what 
those words really mean. Most of the time, I see hatred, loneliness and frustration in 
the people who use those words. It is like in the United States, where everybody 
says to others "Have a nice day". Meanwhile you can see their looks and their 
energy of, "please, sir, go away and never come back"! Those words "have a nice 
day" are empty words spoken by an empty person. The words "I love you" are 
usually a cry for attention for a person's needs. It is possible, without speaking those 
words, to let others feel that you love them from the bottom of your heart. Without 
saying these words, the energy tells the other everything and it gives them the
feeling of warmth and understanding. It hurts  when I hear those words spoken and 
see no energy, so I know the words are empty.

A good friend of mine, a man I see once in a while, came to me, just held me tight and 
the energy was a sign and a feeling of love. I have the same with my wife; we just sit 
beside each other and without saying a word, we know we are one and that our love 
comes from the deepest place in our heart and soul. So many times when my wife 
looks at me, I see these words in her energy, the feelings and the love. No words 
spoken, but true words of love. You may think that I am in love again. I have been in 
love for a long time with a person with a beautiful energy field. She is true love to me. 
Not the love you think of, touching, kissing and having sex. No, love by having contact,
feeling the energy and understanding each other, without a word. That is true love. 
See another person by their energy and get connected. That is what makes love 
something special. It is great to see that there are others who have the same 
experience. It doesn't matter if it is a man or a woman, because in a world of energy 
there are no differences. Energy is so incredibly strong, it makes everything possible.

The next time you tell a person that you love him or her with the energy and the feelings 
from deep inside of you, you will notice that this person receives this energy. It will 
give them that special feeling and you will get back an honest reaction.

"I love you". The next time you think you have to say these words, focus on that and 
you will see the energy and the true love in that person. You will see that, in the same 
second, the other also gives you the feeling and energy of "I love you".

(Chapter 98)




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