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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 97 -


In a world full of signs, we forget to see, feel and remember what a sign means. 
I am talking about something we have almost lost in this world of technology and 
highly educated people. What can a simple sign mean? What if a sign is meant for 
you, and what to do with it? Questions and more questions, but let me start from the 
beginning. A sign could be a billboard, a melody, a fragment of a movie, a few words, 
or a picture. In short, it can be anything you capture in that second. That split moment, 
a strange feeling or an inkling that tells you: "this is special, this is something I will 
remember for the rest of my life". A sign on which your whole life depends.

Life is the path you have to go here on earth. Every day, every minute, every second 
we need to make decisions to continue. Most of the time, we do this instinctively, 
the way we feel we have to go. Unfortunately, for decades now mankind has started 
to rely more and more on the brain. Our brain does not know what is good for us. 
It is indoctrinated by a sick system, which tells how we must live. We lost our feelings 
a long time ago. Something else has come instead: a sign, a simple reminder,
a connection that tells you what you have to think about or a path you have to follow. 
As I wrote before, these are difficult times, in which everything revolves around the 
brain, around thoughts and a system that tells you what to do. The problem is that we 
no longer pay attention to our feelings. We are hard to reach, so giving signs is the 
only possibility for the Universe to get in touch with us. It is difficult to see the 
connection, even when signs come across your path time and again, because you 
are not aware of them. There are many examples of people getting signs, but not 
being able to see them. Usually, the signs are seen by others. They can talk with this 
person and try to let him see what is going on. Card readers and "connected" people 
often work like that. But before a person gets to hear from others, he has already had 
the signs over and over again, saying "do this", "go there", et cetera. However, if they 
are not open to it, it is a waste of time for the Universe. Then again, time is not 
important and the Universe is very patient. There are people who get signs throughout 
their lives, to follow a specific path. Still, even after 75 years they have not understood 
and keep waiting for the turn they have to make!

Signs are important for those who do not listen to their feelings. But also for those who 
do not know how to go on in life. Signs can be found everywhere, they may come as 
coming repeated over and over again. And when the same thing happens several 
times in a short period of time, it means that you have to see what it implies. It is not 
always easy, I agree, to see these things. Most of the time, outsiders can see more 
easily what the signs mean for you. In the past, we lost most of the connections. 
We increasingly think that we can manage life by ourselves. Not realizing that we are 
here to accomplish a task and therefore we are lost in a world without a mission. 

What can we do? Go back to the roots! Shut down your brain (not completely, 
because you need it). I mean, do not try to explain everything. Just try to find the 
meaning of everything and open your heart, your soul. Start listening to your feelings 
and see the signs that tell you what to do and which path to follow. It is very important to 
trust your feelings. Believe me: they are always right. So if you get the same sign over 
and over again, the same feeling, listen to it. It will lead you in the right direction, to a 
higher level. Even if your brain tells you something completely different! Do not listen to
it any longer, because your brain is a product of our system and the system certainly 
does not know your task in life. Keep that in mind! That is the most important thing 
in life. Only you know how to live your life. Nobody knows your path, it is unique and 
only for you! The Universe and the other part of your soul, back in the Universe, know 
what you have to do. They give you these feelings, these signs to start a new period, 
a new path or to make a particular decision.

Keep that in mind! Each life, so also your life, is unique. Only you know what to do and 
with help from your higher self and the Universe, you will get what you want and what is
good for you. It is your path, your life you have to accomplish. So recognize those
feelings, open your heart and soul and listen to what is coming to you. Remember to 
notice the signs around you and act the way they show you to do.

It is possible, but it is by no means easy. Remember, you always get what you can 
handle and are ready for. Your own upper soul and Universe will never let you down, 
nor place you in situations you cannot handle. If you trust that, there will be a perfect 
place where you can learn and see a lot. A place we use to call "Heaven". 

(Chapter 97)




"Being human is helping each other"


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