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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 96 -

The end

The end, something that is definite. We talk about "The end" in different ways. 
The end of the day, the end of a movie, the end of everything, or the end of our life. 
There are both old and new cultures that see "The end" as a beginning. Others see 
it like going to another place, and there are people who believe that they go into 
another dimension. But most people see "The end" as an absolute end. 
Absolutely the end!

There is NO end and there is NO beginning. But how can I explain that? 
Every time we think "This is the end", it is just a part that is closed, not closing the way 
we think. Let me try to explain it this way: closing a part I compare to going to school, 
getting information from a teacher. After we have received that information, it is up to 
us to do something with it. Having received the information and then working with it, 
we show that we have learned something. In this case, we do not see that part of life 
as an end, but as a learning process. In life there are so many lessons to learn and it 
goes on forever; we learn something new all the time. But strangely enough, when 
the lesson is learned, we say "this is the end". We see it as closing part of our life. 
That is the way we see it and it is strange that, when there are certain periods in life, 
we believe that we have to close them first and then go on. We should regard them 
not as jobs being done, but as lessons learned. We have to work with those lessons
for the rest of the time here on earth. There is no closing.

This may be a strange idea, but that's the way it is. I see it like this: In my life - which 
is anything but boring - there is something happening all the time. Every day, there are 
situations when I think "How can I manage this?" And every time, I find out what is 
happening and how I should proceed. I have closed that part and I went on, is what 
most people would think. My mind and my connection with the Universe tell me 
something different. 

   - First of all, there is no time. 
   - Secondly, there is no beginning and no end. 
   - Thirdly, because there is no time, every situation can be filled in, when you want 
     and where you want. 

Pffffffff, you must think that I have reached the end! Just as well that I do not believe in 
an end! Time is only there, because people adopted the concept, when they decided 
to start a life on this planet. The limitations of time are inherited from people here 
on earth. It is incredible how many limitations people believe in. Because they believe 
that those limitations are there, they exist! It's we who believe in time and all its 
limitations. Which brings me to my second point, which is believing in a beginning 
and an end. These limitations of beginning and end were created by human beings. 
I'm sure you can follow me in this. 

Now the third point: Fill in your situation and the time you want! This will be the hardest 
part to explain. If you have come to the point that you are above the limitations of time, 
you will see you can live your life any way you want. All these situations, these parts, 
you can place behind each other the way you want. It is not a puzzle that has only one 
way to finish. A human life is not lived that way. Every second, we end up in different 
situations and then we get action and reaction. All these apparently insignificant 
situations together make up something important for us to reach a higher state. 
We get input from outside and reach a point where larger moves manifest 
themselves. Having completing these situations, newer cycles follow and they teach 
you how to manage life. Life is like a continuous learning experience, not a place 
with beginnings and ends.

Look at how life goes. We are born full of energy, clean and pure. We follow the way 
of an earthly life and we become weaker and weaker, believing we are growing, 
but that is a misconception. We do not grow. On the contrary, all the situations we 
end up in, we see our body breaking down to a weak old collection of bones and flesh. 
That body, which is there for us, ready to help us and willing to go the way we want to. 
We abuse it, until it is empty and can no longer fill in our needs. That is the point when 
our mind starts to break down as well, because it cannot handle all the inputs and 
needs of true life. It's as if our body and mind have reached point of feeling useless, 
painful and old. What is happening? Because we believe in a world of time, we act 
accordingly. When we are young and strong, we can do everything. Getting older, we 
turn weak and full of pain. We do extreme things with our body. Things a body does 
not need to do, but we act as if we believe we have to break down that piece of flesh! 
There is something strange going in that. It's as if we are all here, because we are in 
the middle of an experiment of  "What is the human body capable of." Is that the reason 
why we are here? I do not think so, because this is what you also create in your own life. 
Step by step, you are creating your own "end", because you want it that way!

Is not one of your main goals to create a good life for the future, gathering enough 
money for later, when you are older? Is not that like living with the knowledge of getting 
old and being weak later? People die, because they believe in that end. Stop believing 
in time and follow the path that is open for you. 

If we can see further, we reach a point where we can see that we are no more and no
less than energy. Pure energy that is capable of doing anything. We are guests in our 
bodies, which are not ours and only there to learn from. People who believe in energy, 
act like hosts for their bodies and do everything to show it the way in a beautiful life.
It is hard to believe in energy when you are in pain or in a difficult situation. Once you 
find the connection with the energy again, there are no more limitations, because you 
are in a world which has no beginning and no end. We borrow our bodies for as long 
as we need them, for the lessons we need to learn. After that, the body goes back to 
energy and returns for other energy's need and help. As long as we see ourselves 
and our life just as being here on earth for some years, there is no learning, no real 
path you are following. "The end" is created by human beings and it will continue to 
be so as long as people believe in it.

Follow the path of energy, it is wonderful and it gives you everything you can imagine. 
Do not believe in these earthly matters any more, such as pain and domination. 
Then energy will be released that gives you the power you need. It is not your mind, 
it is not another way of thinking, it is energy that is talking through your soul to your 
hearth. Energy will guide you through this lesson that we call "Human Life".

(Chapter 96)




"Being human is helping each other"


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