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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 95 -


What is music and what does it do for us in life?

Music is something we all are accessible to. We, human beings, are always attracted 
to the different tunes that come from a mouth or an instrument. But why is that? 
In a world of energy, music plays an important part. Music is energy and one of the 
communication tools in the Universe. "Ohhh, here we go again," I can hear you 
thinking. No problem, you are thinking and that is important. What music does is 
merely to connect you with your soul, your life. Through music, you find out what to do 
and how. Music can also give you the energy, the mood or the idea you need that 
moment in your life. Music is just tunes, created by a human being, who in turn gets 
the feelings straight from his heart and soul, to play a melody. We have many different 
kinds of music and many different ways to make music, ranging from classic to beat, 
rock and newer forms such as hip hop, et cetera. They have one thing in common, 
which is that all these tunes tell you something. I believe we do not need words in 
music, because words draw the attention away from the music. Others think that 
words are important in music, but words are made to read, not to listen to. 
Instrumental music is very powerful. The mood that a musician puts into his instrument 
or voice, is like talking through notes. That is the importance of music, all the different
sounds together, so it gives you the mood and the strength that you need right then.

Let me tell you about something I experienced in one of the biggest malls in the 
United States. While shopping, I was walking down a long hall. Then I suddenly heard 
a melody by Enigma through the speakers, playing throughout the complex. 
This sound was ultimate, it was as if I was not on earth. It was that sound that put me 
in an extraordinary mood. Something happened there during those few minutes and 
it was so beautiful, as if there were no time, no place and no life around me. I stood 
there in a big hall, with thousands of people, but nevertheless I felt as if I was alone 
on this earth. The music told me something, but at that time there was no explanation. 
Nothing gave me any indication of what was happening, neither of what was going
to happen. During those few minutes, I was absolutely happy and I felt myself above 
everything. That sound, that piece of music, was supreme. It was the sign of 
something terrible that was coming, but I felt so good, so wonderful at that time. 
It was one of the greatest moment in my life. What happened to me there, was that 
I was back in my soul life, back in my ultimate life and all of that amidst of thousands 
of people.

What happened was clear to me. I needed that music, that feeling, so I knew there 
was something coming. For me, these were minutes when I was full of strength and 
power. But, I can tell you, that one piece of music took me back several times to that 
ultimate stage, so that I could handle the problems I got into. That positive energy 
came back, every time, with that piece of music.

It was not only that one piece of music. There were more in my life, so that I could 
manage the problems I had. All of them are instrumental, because it is very clear that 
words do not make the music. Why? Simply because in the world of the Universe, 
words are not important and not necessary. Words are something human and we 
think that we need words. Instrumental music goes deeper into the Universe, it has 
more warmth. Music with words is like listening to a human story and it is 
insignificant when you need these for getting more energy. If you use words to send 
a message, only a few people will understand you. If you send a message through 
music, it will reach the entire Universe. There is no clean energy in human words! 
Indeed, no energy. It is you who believes in words!

Music is something very special in life. It can give you extraordinary power, as it does 
to me and will continue to do. It will give you what you need at that moment.

Another example: When I am drawing, I always have music playing in the background. 
I have music from different instrumental artists on CD. I may get up from my chair 
suddenly, turn on my stereo loudly and the music comes right that moment, so it takes 
me to the gate of another dimension in life. This will continue for several minutes and 
then I put my stereo back to background music. These few minutes give me all I need
that moment, information about the drawing I am making. I can go on for a while and 
maybe the next day there will be another moment like that, but it can also be later that 
week. In that second, I decide that I need that melody, that music to get the connection. 
When I work on a portrait, this will happen regularly, because the trouble is that I then 
feel that person and get to know his whole life while I am drawing. Music gives me the 
power to overcome this problem, because seeing a complete life is like living that life, 
a life that is not mine.

Music is the power to get connected with the energy. At that moment, you are away 
from the present time. Listening to music can be healthy, but don't listen to the words. 
You need the melody! That is very important. It is like playing an instrument with your 
hearth and soul. When you open your mouth, all spirit is gone. I also listen to music 
with people singing, but believe it or not, I do not listen to the words. I listen to the 
sounds the words create. I know thousands of numbers by their melody, but not even 
five of them by name, lyrics or artist! I do not want to know either, for only the tunes are 
important to me. I do not want to place these lyrics or names in my memory. A melody
is notes placed in a perfect way and is balanced, that is what makes the connection. 
Music is so important in life and so powerful in our human and Universal life. 
Music will not stop when we are no longer here on earth. Tunes are everywhere, 
giving us the signs we need then in our Universal life.

But even in a world without music created by man, you can go out into nature and hear
the most beautiful music. The music of nature is ultimate, it is absolute and the most 
direct pure energy of tunes you can get. So if you are able to listen to nature, leave 
your iPod at home and let the melodies from the sea, the birds and other animals 
do their work.

(Chapter 95)




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