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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 94 -

Considerations (part three)

   While we live here on earth, we believe there is more. 
   There must be something special. When we are off this world, we think it must be in 
   the earthly life, this specialty. Is not every second we are here on earth or in 
   the Universe, a special one?

   Sometimes I think; "What is my path, what is my goal?".  I never get an answer. 
   Then I feel: "This is my path, this is my goal".

   When I wake up and hear all the birds and animals singing their wakeup song, 
   I think I am dead. Not because I am not breathing, but because I feel so peaceful.

   When the sun rises, a new day has just started. Animals are busy starting their day, 
   as if they are reborn. We wake up and think "Another day!"

   If believing is so powerful, why do people not believe in believing?

   Close your eyes, go deep into yourself and see the world behind the world.

   Behind every dream, is another one telling you that you are in the middle of a dream.

   If life is a virtual world and in that virtual world there is a life, which life are we 
   living right now?

   Our earthly life is only a second of our complete life. Does life mean living a human 
   life here on earth for that second? What does the life that we are in the middle of, 
   mean for us?

   A world from deep down inside yourself, is a world full of possibilities. 
   Full of paths you can take, making your own choice. It always brings you to the point 
   where you have to be, this world inside yourself.

   I believe that the world is an energy field. We are creations of energy and like all 
   energy fields, it has to feed the complete Universe. By living our lives, the energy
   field in turn feeds others. By being a part of that energy field means that you are alive, 
   part of each other. That makes you, me and me you.

   I am a part of you, I feel you and I am you.

   The pain I have, is there for a reason. It is a path I have chosen and a path I have to go. 
   It is my path, to be part of this world. 

   For me, it is a lesson that being a human being means only to give and not to take. 

   If a dream is a reality and our present time a dream, 
   why do we make such a problem of life, when everything goes well?

   I feel that it is my time. I see that it is my time. I believe that it is my time.
   I wake up and see time is over.

   That split second, that one moment, that one feeling, that one believing, it is life
   and the path you have to follow, every second in your life.

   When I see a human being struggling in life, I think: "Is this life?" 
   But without struggling there is no learning, no point to reach. 
   So I think we can only be there for those who need help; a talk, a touch, so they 
   can see another path and then continue life.

   It is painful to see and you can hardly believe, when you see people hurt each other 
   during their years here on earth. It is a lesson, it is what others have chosen. 
   Why is it necessary, if energy is so mighty and capable of doing everything? 
   Why is life here on earth so hard?

   Green is the color of life. 
   Blue is the color of life. 
   White is the color of, yes, life. 
   Black is the color of - believe it or not - life.
   Colors, between white and black, don't matter. They are the signs of being alive!

   As dark as the night, that is how dark it is in your dream. When you see the days 
   so dark, believe me, there is a path to go on, to succeed and make your path 
   a special one.

   Hello, good morning, it is me! Who am I? Life?

   I think right now, it's okay. It's fine. Only one thing, what is okay?

   My feelings tell me: "It is done", my brain tells me: "That is it". My body tells me: 
   "No further".  My dream tells me: "It is OK". All that is left for me to say is: 
   "Thanks, goodbye, it is done." Done what? This job, this life?

   A white piece of paper, clean, without any disturbance. A few days later, that piece 
   of paper tells a complete story.

   Creation is the expression of a soul.

   When I sit here looking around me, believing what I see, knowing what I see, there is 
   only one question: why is life so extreme?

   Answers are logical follow-ups to questions. I think an answer is only the start of 
   another question.

   God, a concept that most  people believe in. God, what do these three letters 
   mean and what can they do? If God does not exist, would the human race be here 
   on earth?

   With all that talking, writing, and other forms of communication around us, aren't we 
   at a point where we are really lonely?

   TV, virtual, not real, movie, life. What have these words in common? 
   They all are a part of one thing, they do not represent real life!

It is your path that you have to go, for some it is a path not to be explained in this world. 
   What hell means for some, is paradise for others. It is what you choose, where you 
   want to go, what you want to learn. That is what you will find.

   Stalin, Mao, Hitler, and lots of other names that will keep reappearing in our books. 
   Always in the worst form possible. There was a lot in them, we cannot explain, but 
   one thing, even in the worst, was that they made a difference. It was what the world 
   needed to wake up. See what could happen, when another part of a human being 
   came up.
   They let us realize that we, people, have to work together and not against each other!

   Money, fame, matter, sports car, a million dollar home, swimming pool, a dream of 
   never having to work again, always looking for those things and never being satisfied.
   Poor, no job, small house, no car, one dog always around you and a dream that some 
   day it will get better, seeing it positively and believing: "My time will come". 
   Which one is poor here?

   My time is done.
   My time is over.
   My time will be gone.
   This human life will not be over. 

(Chapter 94)




"Being human is helping each other"


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