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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 93 -


In a world full of telephones, Internet, TV and radio, we have determine what 
communication really means. Today's generation is talking on the phone or
the Internet all day long. They talk with people around the world, even with those they 
have never met. Does this mean that communication is now at its best? If you think 
so, you are mistaken. Communication is not the same as talking with each other by 
means of some high-tech instruments. Far from it. Communication does not need all 
these technical devices such as telephones or computers. 

I see communication as looking at each other without opening your mouth. Looking 
each other in the eye and feeling what the other wants to say. Communication is 
having a connection with someone else without talking. But it can also be being 
together, talking with each other, and seeing how the other reacts to the questions 
you ask and the answers you give. Communication is talking with each other, directly 
from the heart and soul. Without any mediation by some high-tech piece of technology, 
which is without feeling, and certainly without heart and soul. Such tools prevent you 
from looking the other in the eyes. You do not feel what the other really means, who 
may be using empty words in their talking and writing. These days, people even 
commit their feelings to technical objects like phones or computers. Communication 
is a lot more than producing letters on a screen or talking all day long. The way things 
are going right now is causing many problems. Problems with young people, who do 
not know how to communicate. They believe what they see on screen. They do not 
know how to behave in the company of others. Young people who are very lonely. 
They are living in a virtual world of technology, a world that does not exist in reality. 
Young people who believe in such a world without feeling and connection, made up of 
binary code. These days, many of our youths are lost in a world of digits. Indeed, lost, 
because humans are not made of digits, but of energy that has feelings, a heart and 
a soul. Many people, both young and old, spend several hours a day in front of a 
computer. They also use telephones, trying to find the attention they think they need. 
After a while, they discover it is not as real as they thought it would be. Using these 
modes of communication, they will not get the real feelings, neither touching nor eye 
contact. Neither they will have a real conversation, because they do not know what a 
real conversation is or how it is done. Many use nicknames or even a different gender, 
when they talk with others. We are lost in this world, which is full of technology and 
satellites that keep us connected. It is a world without heart and soul. Just try to start 
a conversation with one of today's youngsters. He will gaze at you as if you are from 
a different world. Perhaps it is not the right moment for him to have a talk with you. 
Then turn around and call that same person by phone and you will have a chat for 
maybe 20-30 minutes. Why is that? Because people today are afraid of confrontation. 
They are afraid of looking a person in the eyes, afraid of how they may react or 
discover who they really are. Negative energy is getting the upper hand. Such people 
are afraid of having direct contact with others. In a virtual world, everything is possible.
You can make your life look as fascinating as you want. People will believe it, because
they cannot see you. They do not have eye contact with you and they cannot observe 
what is really going on. Put these virtual people in the real world and they will drop to
the lowest level. That is also what they think, because at that moment, they feel that the 
other one knows who they really are. This way of living is increasing. The computer is 
taking over our lives. Eventually, human beings will be completely dependent on binary 
code machines. Communication will be done from behind desks. Real communication 
will soon be regarded as a waste of time. 

Let me give you something else to think about. Lately, we have all heard and read a 
great deal about Internet dating. Millions of people daily chat and talk with each other 
by computer. Most of them will never see each other, believing that this is just having
fun on the Web. Others may meet after a while. Many will get a strange feeling, as if
they do not expect such a person behind these e-mails and chats. During all these 
hours on the Internet, there was no real interaction, because there were no feelings 
coming through from each other. Of all these people who meet like this, many never 
see the other a second time. Some of those who keep meeting, break up after a 
while. Just because there was no face-to-face contact, nor by heart and soul. 
Feelings are what we need the most, if we want to know the people around us. 
But communication is almost gone. We are turning our world into a virtual one, without 
touching, feelings, heart and soul. Communication is connecting with others. 
A connection by binary codes or technical instruments can never replace 
communication through feelings and inner self. The feeling I get and the way you roll 
your eyes, tells me how you really feel. If you master this, then you are really
communicating. Today, there are not many human beings who are able to 
communicate that way. Empty words, phrases and pictures: that is what the world 
depends on now. Many people believe that communicating is having a long list of 
MSN contacts or a full telephone book on their mobile phones. But this is a virtual, 
empty, and lost world.

Communication is shaking hands, feeling that person, looking at him, straight in the 
eyes. Watch how he talks, his body language, aura and energy. That is communication. 
In this modern world, it has become a rare art. This is one of the keys why things 
go wrong. Because there is no real communication anymore.

(Chapter 93)




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