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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 92 -


A human life is complex. It is incomprehensible why and who is directing the process. 
For us humans, it is difficult to understand what is going on. In the past, people lived 
their lives the way they felt they should do. They did their best and were there for 
others. Together they tried to advance in life. What kind of lives and what kind of 
targets did they have? For thousands of years, people have been struggling in life 
and nobody has found the answers to questions such as: 
   - Why do people fight?
   - Why do people get sick?
   - Why are people always looking for something better?
   - Why, why, why?

In the last few chapters, I wrote a lot about the world of energy and the Universe. 
One big field, full of energy, with witch we are all connected. Energy can be used to 
build and do everything that you may think of. If you really want it, you will get it: is an 
important rule in the Universe. We humans have to learn. This learning we do at 
school and during our life. The entire time we spend here on earth, is a playing field, 
a learning place. By dogged perseverance we have to succeed. We have to find 
solutions and a way to survive. That is how most of us see life.

In the Universe, this large energy field, many things are happening. Like everything 
in life, we work with positive and negative energy. Most of the time, I have written 
about the positive energy that we can use. I wonder why many of us are so negatively 
loaded, looking at most things here on earth in a negative way. The Universe needs 
both kinds of energy to create a place that is pure. A place where there is no more 
fighting and no more pain. What I am trying to say is that everything that has to grow, 
needs positive and negative energy. Plants need both sun and darkness, both water 
and drought, to grow. Animals and human beings also depend on both positivism 
and negativism. If everything is there just to have, just to take, there is nothing left to 
learn. And then there will be no growing.

I gave this chapter the title Frequency. Not because I like that word, but I think it is an 
important word in the world of the Universe and its energy. Energy is, as we know, 
everywhere around us. It has to do the work we ask for. Frequency connects us with 
the Universe, so that we can get the energy we need. We need this signal to make 
our decisions. Mother earth is filled with frequencies, and as a result, we human 
beings are getting more problems. The connection is fading. The energy field gets 
many signals. It overloads you with energy, but not with the proper one you need at 
that moment. It is an energy that you cannot handle or has a completely wrong 
frequency, and you do not know what to do with it.

Let me give you another personal example (also because I do not want to write about 
others). Lately, I often have connections with other human lives. As I wrote before, 
when I go to bed, my soul is doing overtime, helping other souls with the path they 
have to follow. This is great, but now I have a big problem myself. The connection 
I have with the world of energy is so strong, that I am completely overloaded with all 
kinds of energy. Energy that is meant for other souls, but which does not have the 
right frequency. My problem is how to manage that. My human life in this body is full 
of energy that blocks my work in this body. What do I feel? I feel tired when I get up. 
This because, almost every night, I go to at least two souls' lives that need me at 
that time. All of them have their own problems, their negative energy, which I try to 
restore to positive energy. When I look at my own energy field, I see an enormous ball 
of light, ready to explode. So my body feels extremely hot. It is like I want to, but cannot 
send more energy out. My goal is to keep going, because I do not want to give up the 
souls I am helping now. It is not that I am going into other bodies. I am like a guide, 
who helps others to find a way or a solution for their problems. Some people believe 
that these are angels. It is nothing more than just another name for energy, which is 
helping other energy when needed. I do not interfere in lives. I do not change lives. 
I send energy to people, so they will find a solution, a path or recovery. I do this by 
sending positive energy and taking away as much negative energy as possible from 
them. The negative energy is the most difficult part, because it has completely the 
wrong frequency.  I am learning to master that now. In the past, when negatively 
loaded persons came into my life, they took me down. This problem has now been 
solved, because I can pass on that negative energy to the Core. And the Core turns 
the negative energy into positive energy, which comes as frequencies. Working with 
different frequencies gives you more possibilities to manage things in the energy 
world. Changing a frequency, to a higher or lower level, requires more energy. It takes 
you to a higher level of working with energy and this is energy that I cannot give right 
now. The reason is that people are too far gone to receive this positive energy. It is 
too disturbing for them, because they no longer know which frequency is good for 
them. All day long, 24 hours a day, we are bombarded with frequencies that we do not 
need and which affect our bodies. Frequency takes us to energy waves that we cannot 
handle. But I will let this topic rest for the moment, as it is too complicated to explain 
in a few lines.

We live in a very disturbing world. We do not know how to handle all the technologies 
around us. Computers, in front of which we spend most of our time, mobile phones 
working on high frequencies, wireless Internet, GPS systems, satellites, and so on. 
All these pose the latest problems for mankind. We have created them, but we do 
not know what they do to our bodies. They consume our energy, taking our spirits, 
or rather the frequencies we need to live our lives. Indeed, because of these artifacts, 
our bodies cannot receive the right frequencies. And so we sink deeper and deeper. 
We no longer receive the right signals. We are lost in a sea of signals, signals that 
we do not need. In the future, we will find out what these disturbances are doing to us. 
Without having any technical information or background, I can tell you that most of 
our problems are coming from those lost signals.

Thousands of years ago, people knew how to work with energy and the signals they 
got. They were able to do extraordinary things. Nothing was too heavy, too big or too 
difficult for them. There was endless health and earth was a paradise, until Adam and 
Eve had a piece of that apple! It was not that piece of apple, but the first disturbance 
in the frequency. The first things they created, changed the frequencies. Religious 
books are full of stories. They want to show you what went wrong. But there are also 
books, concealed and never published, that state that a few thousands years ago, the 
energy fields on earth changed. Today, we can see more clearly the effects of what 
energy does to us. Most people can no longer manage all the signals. This makes 
them sick, criminals, dominators, dictators or drugs addicts. All of these are signs of 
what disturbances in energy and frequencies can do with human life. It will not be 
easy to solve this. Removing all that negative energy, all the lost signals, is a matter 
of experiencing and managing your feelings, so they will get the right input from the 
Core. It can certainly be done. You do not have to go to a place high in the mountains 
of Nepal to get your energy back. Just ask: " Please, get me connected again". It is a 
matter of knowing your body. Feel what it asks for, to get the right signal. Then you will 
be placed in the right frequency. I deal with this in greater detail later, when I think the 
time is right to show you more. For the moment, just think of this: Do not feel lost, but 
open your heart and soul, and listen to what they tell you to do. That is the right way 
and the best frequency you can get.

(Chapter 92)




"Being human is helping each other"


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