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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 9 -

Water, the essence of our body

Seventy-eight per cent of the human body consists of water. Yes, we are like bottles 
of water on legs! It is weird to think of ourselves as walking water tanks. Water is very 
important for us. Living only on water is possible, but living without water is not. Reports 
about water problems on our planet earth are numerous. Clean, healthy water is
impossible to get. There is always some poison in it. Even the water from our faucet is 
contaminated. It is not clean, but recycled water, from a river or from a water 
purification plant. What was wasted before, we drink again. By eliminating most of the 
bacteria with large amounts of chemicals, we create what we think is drinking water.
I live on an island, where we get the water directly from the ocean. Clear water, every 
drop is distilled. It goes through rusty old pipes to tanks, where it stays for days at 
temperatures of over 38 degrees Centigrade. Chlorine is added to kill most of the 
bacteria, so they tell us. Our water is reputedly the cleanest on earth. When I call the 
company to tell them the water is not clean, they tell me that "the water is within the
allowable limits!" The cleanest water on earth? It's the same in Miami: When you drink 
the water there, it is like drinking chlorine. Nevertheless, the government endorses it. 
It is old, wasted water and we just keep drinking it over and over again. Our bodies, 
78% of which is water, are filled with this wasted water. Mineral water is not much
better: it is just tap water with bubbles!

By drinking water, we poison our bodies. Go to a lab and ask for an analysis of a 
bottle of water; you will never drink a drop again! Our system raises its norms to 
higher levels, so it can deliver us water. The government does nothing about this 
poisoning, concentrating on wars and how to fund them.

Piles of reports have been written about health and the environment, but all have ended 
up on the garbage dump. The system keeps us sick and nobody does anything about it. 
Believe in the good things Mother Earth can give us, do not believe in the system.
Our bodies need clean water to stay healthy. But we poison them every day, over and 
over again.

(Chapter 09) 




"Being human is helping each other"


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