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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 89 -

It is there, it is everywhere

This is not the last chapter. There is more to write about this simple thing we call life in 
the total Universe. Energy: it is there, it is everywhere. Energy is around you and in you;
in fact, it is you! I think I need not write any more about the way I see energy and what it 
can do for you. In this chapter, I want to start with a new turn in your life, to ensure that 
we human beings are more connected with the Universe. All the information we need 
is in the Core, this large energy field that is doing everything and that keeps life going. 
This field which is full of wisdom and knowledge is so powerful, so extreme, and yet it 
depends on all life forms there are. We humans see all things separately, a man as a 
man, animals as animals, plants as plants, all categories, within categories, within 
categories. The main problem we have as human beings is that we believe we can 
do everything by ourselves, we do not need Mother Nature and we believe we are
the centre of all life forms. This is bad, because human beings like to destroy. We 
destroy what we think needs to be wiped out. This is childish and very stupid, and we 
need to get over that point and see what is really going on around us. We destroy nature 
and nature keeps recreating everything we destroy. We believe we can manipulate, 
we discover strings of DNA, sicknesses and manipulations by Mother Nature which 
we cannot explain. Things always come back to us, as we can see from those
terrible storms and huge disasters in several countries lately. By giving us more rain, 
more wind, extreme drought and heat, Mother Nature lets us know that we are not 
doing well by manipulating her. These disasters are turning more and more extreme, 
because we cannot see how everything is interrelated. When we take something 
away, it has to be replaced in some other way. This is what has been happening in 
the past decade.

Energy is the source from which we were created. Everything is made in such a way 
that all works fine, because the Universe do not create anything that is not needed. 
This explains why we humans are not perfect, some are born sick and some will be 
here on earth for a short time. Some will live for hundred years in good health and 
others will be sick from the beginning. All of this is needed to make the Universe 
complete and to teach other human beings. Negativism goes with positivism and 
if one goes one's own way, there will be no accomplishments in life.

Just imagine a life in which everything goes the way you want it. There are no 
problems, you are healthy, you have a perfect family and everything is fine. What 
can you learn from such an easy life? Not so much. You may think that everything 
can be bought or had, and you don't accomplish anything by yourself. Energy is 
down to a very low level. Nothing is accomplished, and all you have around you are 
material things. Your energy field does not contribute so much to the total Universe. 
But there are also low energy fields that are part of an extremely and heavily loaded 
one, so you, as a low field, are absorbed by that extremely high energy field. 
There is interaction between the low level fields and the high ones, and together 
they form the complete Universe.

I have been feeling it myself. After building a new home and working hard in the 
garden, there is a time now that it looks as if I am doing nothing. The only thing I 
know is that the last months I have been very tired even after a night's sleep.
I have just found out that I work on several houses in my sleep, or I have to work with 
large groups of people who depend on me. They follow me everywhere and I must 
take them to places that are difficult to reach. This makes my nights very exhausting 
and I wake up very tired in the morning. All those activities and supervising at building 
sites, all these people around me whom I have to lead, all this is more than enough to 
do in 24 hours a day. Looking at my day, my sleep is the most tiresome time, and so 
I change my day. During the night, I do the job in which people need me and during 
the day I do my work as a writer and as a painter. This works and so I help people 
when they need me and ask for my help. I am definitely here to help others and in 
that way grow to a level where I can manage things in life. Sometimes it feels as if 
I am living several lives in one lifetime, and that is not easy to manage with one 
human body. Having these different lives gives me the feeling that there is so much 
to do, so much to accomplish. It is not that I want to stop, but all those problems 
sometimes make me very frustrated. The day jobs, the lives later at night, being 
there to help others, all that is not an easy job.

What is going on here? As you know, we all have a soul, a connection with the 
Universe. We have to accomplish a task for the Universe, but first of all to 
accomplish it for ourselves so that we can grow. A soul is not only connected with 
one body, it can have more lives in one human life. This is possible, because the 
soul is the energy to do things wherever it is needed.

When I look at myself, for example, I can see that the soul is there where and when 
my body needs it most. The time when I was going through a difficult period in my life, 
the soul did a lot of work in this body of mine. At the moment, my body is on the right 
track and it does not need the soul all the time. When I lie down, there is no need for 
the soul to stay in my body and, as energy, it goes to places where it is needed. 
So I know that I go to a place where there is a big city with big roads, full of people 
and lot of noise. A group of those people are lost and every time I have to be with
them leading them to the right road. Another place where my soul goes, is a place 
where I help a family with their house while they are waiting until they can move in. 
It is big, immensely big and I, as a soul, can only give instructions. I am not allowed 
to help them build. Then there is another group where I am not always welcome, 
because they are lost and not willing to accept my help. That is the most frustrating 
group for me, because my task is to find a way to help them. I now spend most of the 
time in that big city with that group of people. You may think that these are dreams, 
but I experience them in a different way, because when I lie down on my bed, I leave 
my body, I can see when I am getting out of my body and there is a feeling toward 
my body that it is okay. It can handle it for a while. When I go to these groups of 
people, the feelings that I get there are very negative and difficult to handle. There 
is so much negative energy and so many people depend on the one soul that I 
sometimes wonder what will happen when this soul is going to another place. 
But strangely enough, the answer is there already, because this soul is always 
travelling and is there when needed. Living a number of lives is not new for me, 
because in the beginning when I was born, there were also more lives to handle. 
After I went through some problems in my life, the soul was not there for a long time. 
Or rather, it was there, but I did not listen to it. It could only wait until I was ready to
be connected again. A soul spends a lot of time waiting, waiting until the time has 
come that it can give the right impulses to go on, to find the right path in life. In that 
lost period, the soul was there but it was necessary to spend more time with me 
and did not go often to other places, my life was then its number one priority. 
After I found my path back, the soul was there again to handle other lives, more 
parts in one human life. The soul is still in me, but it also does its work for other lives. 
With all the feelings and connection with the energy, I found out that I have to 
accomplish more than just my own life. It is not a coincidence that I am now writing 
all these chapters, nor is it a coincidence that I have produced a large number of 
drawings that came from my deepest inner self. All those are now needed in the 
groups where I am working, the ones I go to while my body is asleep at night. 
Since I live in a warm country, I lie down every day in the afternoon for an hour, 
because it is too hot to do anything. That one hour, I sleep very deeply, so I can 
handle the rest of that day and night. I am then very relaxed, so far away that all the 
energy can be restored in my body. This energy that I am made of is then looking 
for places where it is needed to rebuild or restore. One hour is all I need. Not that I 
stay awake when I go to bed in the evening.  On the contrary, I am away in a few 
minutes and leave my body where I will pick it up again, normally around 5 o'clock 
in the morning. That is usually the time when I get back. It is an incredible feeling to 
know that my soul is doing all this in my one life and what is most unbelievable for me
is that there is a definite wall between here and there. Several times I was away and I 
could clearly remember what I did those nights.

One soul, full of energy, so many jobs to do in one life and everything is going well. 
For me, that is the proof that everything is possible with energy. What I feel is that
there is a lot going on with me and my body is a part of that. It cannot be explained. 
Two things are certain, though, helping there in those large groups and at the 
building sites are two main parts in my human - and soul life. I did not intend to write 
this chapter, but I was sitting here in front of my computer and just started to type. 
Now, many sentences later, I cannot believe this is me. For me, this is another sign 
that I should listen to my feelings and there will be an answer. I have just found the 
answer to a question that I have had for a long time. Why am I sometimes so tired? 
It needs no explanation anymore, because I know now that I do not have only one
task in life. Why me? This could be the next question, but one does not ask such a 
thing because the Universe gives you the path to go. There is more that I found out 
in the past and that explains why I sit here during the day and I am active the rest of 
the night. It was about half a year ago when something came from deep out of my
soul. I was connected and I saw five people in front of me, asking me questions about
my life. One of these people was very unclear, but I could see his face. He was the one
 who looked like the leader of the group. I realized I was on that moment far into my soul
life and not in my body. After the meeting, this mystic person took me with him and 
asked me more questions, very deep and sometimes painful questions. I answered 
them as best I could and then I was back in my body sleeping in bed. For days, 
I wondered what that meeting meant and who that person was? That mystic person who
wanted to get me into difficult situations. Shortly after that, a new guide came into my
life, and until today he has been the one who has led me in these chapters and drawings. 
His name is Mounck and he is always there. I asked him who that person was and what 
the purpose of that meeting was. Mounck's answer was: John, you were connected 
with the soul world, giving up your life and asking to come back. They asked you why 
and you gave them some answers so they saw that you could do more, much more
in your life. It was not your end yet, even though you did so much already, 
accomplishing several lives at that time. After all these questions, there was a 
flashback to let you see what you have already done, so that you know what still needs 
to be done. As you know John, this life is important for you, because you are on earth 
after a long time and you have almost finished all earthly lives, but you were the one 
who wanted to go back to prove something. You are now so far John and you did not 
need to go back in a human earthly life, but it was your own choice. You want to prove 
that you can do a human life with a minimum of soul energy, without any power of 
energy and without any other power of healing. What you did was amazing, you came
to earth and you found in another way the power to help people. You turned that plane,
you helped lots of friends and children and so your life was filled with feelings and 
understanding. You fell into a deep hole, which was also something you wanted to 
prove and you came out of it. You have lived several lives without all the power you 
normally had. You thought that was enough and so you asked to come back. 
The counselor asked you more questions and let you see that there is more, more 
to accomplish and so you went back to your body accompanied by this counselor. 
That person, that mystic person was yourself John, you were talking to the other part
that is here in the soul world. You are a member of that counsel and you know what 
power means and what it can do, because you have all that power in yourself. 
The reason you are not able to work with it now here on earth, is that you want to 
prove that you do not need that power to make a living and it is not needed to have 
a good life.

I was impressed when I heard that from Mounck, because I finally got explanations 
for almost all questions I had at that time: Why can't I help others with this positive 
energy from myself and why do I feel so tired sometimes? He gave me the answers 
and thus also the reason why I had to come back here on earth in this life. 
There was something more I had to do and that was to write. All the things I have 
done so far here on earth and I did not put on paper. So it would be lost if it was not 
written or published. As I wrote before, most chapters are completely new to myself, 
because I do not know when I start a chapter, I do not know what is coming, I just trust 
my guide Mounck, who tells me that what is coming is important for later.

Have confidence in what you are doing, have faith, that is what you need. If Bill Gates 
did not trust his guide when he wrote his first computer program, there would now not 
be any Windows. He trusted and believed in what he was doing. So you have to trust 
and believe your own program, the way you are living, because only your program is 
important in your life. Sometimes you may be very doubtful, wondering if you took the
right turn, but after really believing in what you are doing there will be a time when you 
will get the positive view on it and say: "Look at it now, this is great". The connection 
that I have now is at a much higher level than the years before the important meeting 
in my life. It is not a problem, I know what has been in the past, I know that the power 
will be there to protect me when I need it. What I now know for sure is that being 
involved in too much negative energy can take me to a lower level of protection. 
So I keep recharging myself to the highest level I can get every day, to protect 
myself against negativism.

My goal in life is very clear now, that message came again to me when I was there: 
Keep helping people with your writing and your drawings, and create what you get 
from deep inside you. Listen to what comes to you and let the feelings direct you.
There are no longer any questions and if I need answers, Mounck is there 24 hours 
a day. 

Believe, listen, and feel what is coming, the rest will not be a problem any longer. 
It is there and it will never go, as long as you keep believing in it.
(Chapter 89)




"Being human is helping each other"


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