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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 88 -

What do you have to lose?

When I hear all these complaints from people around me, what I get is something like 
you can read below.

We were all born healthy, without any limitation.
   - Then the time came to go to school and people became more important.
   - The boys and girls became a part of my life.
   - It was the start of a new part in life and the first turn came along.
   - It seemed more and more as if others did not like me, telling me I was ugly.
   - This was the reason for me to go my own way.
   - My parents did not understand me and had enough problems themselves.
   - After finishing school, I found a job, not the one I wanted but it was a start and
     enough to make a living in the small apartment I had.
   - I found the love of my dreams, a person with whom I was incredibly in love and so 
     I married him/her.
   - Then children came, they were not always wanted, because the problem was how 
     to get more income.
   - At the same time my dream lover turned out not to be the one I thought he/she was, 
     I did not get much help from him/her.
    - He/she left me and there I was, alone in life.
   - There was always the feeling that people did not like me, neither did my dream lover, 
      and the kids who were not able to bear me.
   - My life went gradually downhill, I had health problems and financial problems, but 
     I had to get on with life. 
    - My health reached the lowest level ever and I was hospitalized.
    - I had to go on, to finish this life full of problems, pain and misunderstanding.

This is a summary of a life that fits many people. Some stories are more dramatic and 
other ones more painful. It depends how far you get into sicknesses, alcohol or drugs. 
These people have one thing in common: they think they have to fight for their lives. 
Because life is full of misunderstanding and they have a miserable health. There are 
people who are so far down that they cannot see any light around them. No way to go, 
no solution.

I started this chapter with a question: "What do we have to lose?" My answer is: 
Everything you see around you! There is so much you do not see around you when 
you are down in the dumps. There is so much, so much positive energy, but you are 
locked in misery. You are not in that misery because you want to be, but because you 
allowed to happen. No matter how deep you have sunk, there is always a way to get 
out and go on. We all came into this world to learn, to understand and to live. We have 
to learn how we can get to another level in life. There is a path you have to follow, to 
understand and to go. You have to go on in life and by turning it "off", your life will be 
no answer to the Universal life. There is no death in Universal life and all the 
knowledge from each life is important to reach the Universal level.
As you know, we are here to learn. Learn to make decisions, learn to listen and learn 
to believe and to understand. Believe and learn to use your own power and learn to 
understand the decisions you make. It may look complex, but all people are able to 
use the information I am giving. Your life is created by yourself, there is a road to go, 
but it is you who decides which path you want to take to accomplish your task. It is up
to you to decide where and which turn to make. In your life, you alone make millions of 
decisions, good ones and bad ones, and all those decisions take you to another path. 
No two human lives are the same, but the full story is almost identical in each case.

What is really important, is to realize that you are never alone in life. You always have 
other people, animals and plants around you, exactly what you need at that particular
time in your life. As a baby, most of us had a mother or a father who took care of us. 
If not, there was someone else who took over that job so that you could start your life. 
Apart from the one or two people who were there at the beginning, there was a third 
one, whom you do not see, but felt and heard. He is there throughout our life, and 
some people call him an angel, the inner voice or guide. The first years in life, we 
mostly listen to that guide, we talk to him and find a way to grow up, and we learn 
what we need for the rest in our lives. It is a beautiful time, because we listen and 
hear what we have to do and so we visit places we cannot normally imagine with 
our brains. Then we grow up and think that we have to listen to our friends and 
teachers, while shutting out our feelings. The connection with our guide is almost
lost. We sometimes do unexpected things and these are the very few moments 
when the guide is helping us, showing us what is possible. Then there is the big 
turning point, where you believe you can do everything by yourself! No more feelings, 
no listening, only doing what you want, in the way you think is right. That is when 
negative energy gets free play in life and settles itself, showing up when it wants. 
You get sick, do not feel well, and you get problems with others. The guide is there 
trying to tell you that you are on the wrong path, but these signals are not received. 
More disappointments, more pain, and thoughts that nobody likes you, all these 
feelings take over your life.

Understanding is very important in life. Understanding why you have come to that
point, why things got so negative and why people react so negatively to you. 
There is a rule that gives a good explanation: action causes reaction, and that is 
what is happening throughout life. Take, for example that you are having a bad day 
and your son asks you a question and you yell at him: "I don't have time". Your son 
will leave sending you negative energy. So you are getting negative energy from 
yourself and from others. You have a bad day, your son asks you a question, you 
tell him what the answer is and your son walks away with the feeling "wow, my dad 
is the greatest". You then get this positive energy that will eliminate your negative 
energy. And so your day ends in a normal and quiet way. It is worth a try. Go and 
stand in front of a mirror, with your negative energy, and see yourself as a big mess. 
This energy goes into the mirror and comes back to you, and you feel sicker than 
before. Now go and stand in front of the mirror when you do not feel well and smile 
to yourself, tell that person you are looking at "Hi man, you look great". This positive 
energy is reflected and you feel better.

Understanding is very important in life. Why do people react the way they do? 
Why do people not like me? Those are questions you can answer yourself. 
A person gives you back what you give him. If you send out negativity, you receive 
negative energy back. There is another point, which is that all human beings have 
their own lives and their own problems, and so they have to deal with a lot of 
negative energy. When you come to them with your negative energy, it can be the 
last straw and they get irritated. It is important to understand why people react in a 
particular way, try to feel and see why they do so. You have to respect their lives, 
their problems and the way they live. It's not always easy to keep this in mind, not 
everyone has advanced in life as you have, or you have not yet reached the stage 
where they are.

Do we have to live? Yes we do. Living is not merely coming to earth and sit and 
wait until you breathe out your last breath. That would be a wasted life, and you 
would have to do it over again. In each life, you have to accomplish something, 
you have something to learn. Use the opportunities you get in life, the turns you 
take and the roads you follow. A disabled person coming to earth also has a task 
to fulfil, being blind is no licence for sitting still and letting go. We all have to 
accomplish something, and by listening to ourselves and to our guide, we find out 
what it is that we have to do. It is not so that when you ask something you get an 
answer, but by listening to what you feel and hear, you can follow the path you have 
to go. There is always a goal in life, a goal to accomplish. But it can also be that 
you have a task to fulfil for others. Only your guide and your feelings know what that 
will be. Have confidence in these feelings, as they can take you to different places 
in life, and sometimes you take decisions that you do not wholly understand, but by 
trusting your feelings, you will always come to a good, healthy and pleasant end. 
Do you remember the advertising agency I had for 15 years? I got all the material 
possessions I could want, but something definitely went wrong. My health 
deteriorated and I was approaching the end of my life. Doctors could not help me 
till one of them told me to stop working. I said to him: "I am almost 50 years old
and you want me to stop working, are you crazy?" But then I had some feelings 
when I read a small, wise article. And then my financial director told me that I spent
too much money. That night, my guide told me; "John, close the agency and have
faith in me". The next morning I got up, took the key of the agency and collected the 
folders with the orders I still had to do. I went to my customers and told them: "I am 
sorry, but I am quitting, I am taking you all the folders I have from you, please go to 
a friend of mine". After a few hours, I felt truly relieved. My agency was closed and
there was no work to do. But no work, no income! I trusted my guide. After a few days, 
somebody ordered a drawing and my website got a lot of visitors. Strange things were
happening, which I saw as gifts. There was always money to pay my bills, enough to
eat for us, even for my animals. I became healthy again and my back was better than 
ever before. I started sculpturing and lifted blocks of over 450 kilos. Now I do only one 
thing every day: in the morning, I talk to my guide and I listen what I have to do that day.
In the evening, I talk with him about the day that has passed. I have true confidence in 
him and that is how all the good things come to us. If I have to make a decision or a
turn in life, I know I am led by my guide and I will do what he tells me to do.

This brings me back to the title of this chapter "What do you have to lose?" I believe all 
lives have a goal that must be accomplished and if you do not listen to your feelings 
and your guide, you will lose contact with the Universe and the path that you have to
follow in life; The reason why you are here. It is important for your soul and for you as
a human being to believe in your own life. When you are so deep down that you think
 you cannot see any light, then look again and you will find a little spot of light in front 
of you. Follow it and keep listening. Listen to the voice that tells you what to do, even if 
it tells you to make a turn. Do it and you will find a perfect place to be. See everything 
positively, and when people react strangely, do not feel negative, but try to see why 
they act like that. You may be the one who is there in them! Understand others and 
sense what they are trying to tell you. By following your feelings, you will always get 
an answer. Following the feelings does not mean that there will no longer be ups and 
downs in life, but you will see that these ups and downs are reactions of yourself. 
Look in the mirror and the downs will be not so deep. Just stand up and walk on in life. 
These are lessons to get you to the level you should reach in life. As I wrote above, 
your guide always has an answer and you will always take the best path meant for you.
Just have confidence. Confidence and belief can make of your life a healthy one, 
without pain. A life full of understanding, love and happiness.

What do YOU have to lose?

(Chapter 88)




"Being human is helping each other"


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