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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 87 -

The Gate

A great deal has been written about "The gate", movies have been made and theories 
have been formulated. "The Gate" raises some questions:

- What is the gate?
- Where is the gate?
- What do we expect from the gate?
- Can the gate solve our problems?
- Is the gate the door to another dimension?
- How do we work with the gate?
- If the gate is there, why does not everybody see it?
- Does the gate imply "power", in the way we expect?

Let me start with the first question.
 What is the gate? Is it an entrance, a black hole or 
a door?  More questions. There is only one answer and I will explain it in a minute. 
The gate that I see, is a bundle of energy through which we can go and where we can 
do what we think is possible. Energy is the power of life, the engine behind everything. 
The gate is there, because in the world of positive energy there is no time, no past, no 
future and no beginning. The gate is our only connection with the Universe and hence
with the Core.

Where is the gate?
Many people try to find the gate in old lectures or ancient books; others think it is out
there in space and there are also people who think that there is a mystery place here 
on earth where the gate can be found. There are many theories about where the gate 
should be, but these are just ideas. We humans try to make everything as complex as 
possible, so everything is almost inexplicable. Thus, we created many theories, stories 
and legends in the past. Where you can find the gate is simple, there are no secrets or 
hidden places. It is here, it is everywhere and almost too simple to believe. It is in 
every person, so it is in me, and in each of you. You find that hard to believe? In that 
case, it's better to stop reading, because first you need to believe in the world of 
energy. After that, you can come back and read this chapter again, and you will find
your own gate into the world of endless possibilities. For me it is not a problem to get 
through the gate, it is a matter of concentrating and the gate will open. I can tell you
that I live in the world of energy, a world further and more powerful than the world here 
on earth.

This brings us to the next question: 
What do we expect from the gate? 
If you have read all the chapters so far, I think you know already what was possible for 
me in my life with the power of the energy. You can expect from the gate everything you 
really believe in. Difficult to understand? Let me explain in another way. The fact is that 
you are the entrance to the gate! Your energy field is capable of making the entrance 
into that world. If you believe in the energy, you are connected with the source that 
always has a lifeline with you. So if you are able to see your energy, you see that lifeline,
that entrance through the gate. Once connected with your energy, with the source, 
everything is possible. That connection, that entrance, is the basis of the power without 
any limitation. Working with this energy can be dangerous and you have to follow the 
instructions you get strictly. This is no playground and it is not allowed to use it for 
negative purposes. The only rule is that you listen to the signals and the feelings about
what is possible or not.

Now the question:
Can the gate solve our problems?
The gate certainly provides access to the solutions of all problems. So everything can 
be solved by working and mastering the energy that comes through the gate. 
No sickness, no pain, no domination, no hate. Because the pure energy does not know 
these things. It is pure, it is there and it is needed to fulfill all positive works. Get people 
well educated, not the way the system wants but what is needed to get on in life. Change 
all the negative energy into positive energy, to ensure that all human will be healthier, 
have a better life and so reaching a higher level in life.

Is the gate a door to another dimension?
The answer to this is a little difficult. Let me tell you the way I see it. We humans are living 
here on earth in a world that we created. A world with its own rules, domination, and 
many sick people. This is not the way to live life and it is not the way of the Universe. 
That is the reason why so many lives have to start over and souls are coming back 
endlessly to this earth. When you have reached the point where you can see your life 
as energy, you can go deeper into life and the gate will open for you, the entrance to a 
new dimension. In fact, this is not a new dimension. The dimension of the Universe is
the best way to live your life. But for most people here on earth, the gate is a new 
dimension that they do not understand.

There are people who know how to work with the gate, with the energy, who know what 
can be done and what is not permitted. It is your inner self, your feelings and the signs 
you get, letting you know what can be done. Behind the knowledge of this power, there
is a problem. There are not many people who are really connected with this energy, 
because most see everything separated and in different categories. Looking for 
explanations is the worst they can do and they cannot find the answer, because the 
whole thing is too simple to explain. That can make working with the gate dangerous, 
since people can do more things with the power than is allowed. This will result in 
sicknesses or even death. If you do not follow the right way to work with the energy,
the gate will be closed and the connection will be lost. It is very important that you always 
listen to all the signals you get. In the future, great people may be born so they have the 
opportunity to change the world in a positive way.

Next question: 
If the gate is there, why does not everybody see it?
I already answered this, but perhaps I can give some more details. Energy is 
something special, very great and very powerful. It is beyond human thought. 
The gate only shows up for those who are really connected with the pure energy, who
are seeing life and everything around them as energy. There is no point in saying: 
"Show me the gate!" There is a lot more to be done before you can make the 
connection. The gate is something special and it is the connection between you and 
the Universe. If you don't come so far believing in the Universe and its energy, then it 
will not show you this powerful lifeline. The Core is not giving its power just because
you want it. You only get it if The Core wants it, and if you are worth it. You get this 
connection, this entrance only if you know how to handle it. After I had been working
with energy for a while, I came across this gate. In the beginning, I did not know what 
was happening, because as a simple human being, I thought that I did not know what
I saw and how to manage it. It is incredible and it is not always easy for me to handle. 
Sometimes when I have the feeling that I am coming back here on earth, it is as if this 
energy is telling me to keep to the point. When I occasionally ignored these signs I got 
from inside, I got sick as I had before, so to get me back on track. So beware! I wrote 
in this chapter what the energy is and what it does. But if we misuse this power, we 
go against the will of the Universe.

When we reach the point where we get the connection with the gate and the power, 
we see the entrance and we are able to work with this energy. The Universe obviously 
is always there when you are working with this positive energy. If you start to work with 
the energy in a negative way, you get the same results as working with a magnet, the 
positive part will feel the negative energy and so your gate will be closed.

Why does the gate open if it knows people can do these things?
If you have reached the point where you see the energy going deeper into the Core of 
life, you will be able to step into this world. Energy is always open for positive energy. 
The main problem is that some people abuse this power. Then, that part of that world 
will close again for them. It is a simple mechanism of positivism and negativism that 
the energy is working with. Human beings are not always ready for this, but the 
Universe will be always open for people who want to contribute in a positive way. 
Energy is soft and positive, but it can be transformed in a split second into deadly 
negative energy.

Power is everywhere and that brings us to the last question.
Does the gate imply "power" as we expect?
The gate is power and it is certainly far beyond our imagination. There are people who 
have the knowledge how to work with this power. We may call them supernatural gods, 
but they are not, they just know the entrance into the world of energy. They do 
inexplicable things such as healings and other "miraculous" things. These people know
the way and they respect the law of the Universe. If you want, you can do that too; it is a 
matter of believing and seeing the energy. Then you pass through the gate and the 
world changes in a way you never thought possible.

At last you have reached the point where you need to decide for yourself. 
- You go on as a human being here on earth, living amongst fame, matter, domination 
and a sick system. 
- Or you step out of it, make a turn and start listening to your inner self and what it 
tells you. This will be the first step, listening to yourself. Why are you not feeling well? 
Why are you feeling sick and have a lot of pain? Why does it look as if everybody is 
against you? I can write a whole book with questions just like these. You only need to 
see one thing: "I have made a wrong turn in life". It is never too late to make the 
decision to turn back to the Universe, the Core, the world of energy. If you are ready, 
you will see what a difference it can make, this simple belief in your life. See yourself 
as part of that energy, so the energy can enter you and take over all negative things. 
Then you will also see that everything is possible, because your inner self will show 
you the road to the gate. A gate so many people have died for and others are still 
looking for, but will never find because they forget to look inside themselves.

The gate is part of your own world, the connection between your energy and that of
the Universe. It is the same energy you were made of, and stones and animals are 
made of. The same energy is the building stone of all that lives. If there is sick energy 
somewhere, we will be sick too and if we do not connect, the Universe cannot rebuild
it and then we get sicker and sicker.

As you may see, you yourself have all the answers, so all questions are gone. Because
in the energy, there is no time, no limitations, no domination and no pain. There you are 
free from all that and you can go to a higher level in life. Go deeper into the matter of the 
Universe and help others who are not strong enough to get on.

I will leave you with this knowledge. It has been a long chapter, but is one of the most
important ones so far. I feel most of you will now categorize me as a dreamer. That is
fine with me, because in the world in which I live, there are no categories and no 
limitations. If you still think like that, you are not ready yet. But I have confidence that we 
all will once come together. I know the entrance into the gate, where to find it and how
to handle it. That powerful energy is there and there is a possibility to work with all that. 
Going into real life by following the gate. That is what I want to let you know and that is
the reason why I have written all these chapters. From deep down inside me comes the
feeling that I have to do this, no matter what people think about it. One day, these 
chapters will help you find your gate, your entrance, thanks to the positive energy 
behind it.
(Chapter 87)




"Being human is helping each other"


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