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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 86 -

Considerations, (part 3)

   We all are accomplishing our paths in different ways, not knowing that we are 
   working together and for others in one direction.

   If feelings do not determine the path we have to go, why is the road we are 
   following so difficult?

   Some call it "wave", scientists call it "quantum". Why is it so difficult to see 
   it as energy?

   Energy, the answer to all questions; it has no beginning and no end, 
   because it is the Core we work from.

   You see seconds, minutes, hours and days, feeling that you are losing them. 
   Do not regard them as time, and you are on the way to see your life as 

   By experiencing every moment, there is no past and no future, because 
   experiencing every moment is living a total life.

   Don't look at human beings as bodies of flesh and blood. See them as 
   energy and you will understand them.

   A child wants to know who his father is and a teacher wants to know how
   to teach. A human being wants to know where he comes from and scientists 
   want to place everything in categories or groups. Am I missing something?

   If energy is our source, there are no limitations. Why are human beings so 

   If energy is our source, our path, why are we afraid?
   Thoughts are the building stones of our energy; when they are negative, 
   the world will be seen by you as negative, when they are positive a gate opens 
   to another dimension and everything is possible.

   All my dreams are coming true! Why? Because dreams are energy and energy 
   means no limitations. Create your own world, your own dream, without 
   any limitations.

   Dreaming is creating a world, a world created from energy. Energy created 
   from a dream, makes it possible for a dream to come true in your life.

   Your own world is created by your dreams, it is the world of energy you need 
   around you. Dreams come true and your world is built from these "building stones" 
   of energy.

   Tension - power - waves, what's in a name? Words written so many times that 
   they have lost their strength. They now need explanations, proofs and answers. 
   It is lost, it is forgotten by the people who are writing them today. But deep down 
   inside you, there is a point, a place where the answers are waiting to come out, 
   to start the key of life which is energy.

   It cannot be explained, it cannot be written down. You feel, detect, believe, 
   and work with it. It is there, but you do not understand it: Life.

   "Tam bail tom bad doe, Scab Dali doom at one" Do you understand these words? 
   Feel them and write down what you feel. You will be amazed what the meanings are 
    of these words.

   Childish adulthood is what we have to keep. Be there, be open, and enjoy every 
   second in life.

(Chapter 86)




"Being human is helping each other"


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