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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 85 -

"Trying" and "If it is possible"

I will "try" to accomplish that!
"If it is possible", I will do that!

Two phrases that so many people use. But also thoughts that many people have. 
These two phrases are totally inappropriate in the world of energy. There are many 
similar phrases, but for the moment, I want to concentrate on these two, and you can 
find the other ones yourself.

In the world of energy, words such as "trying" and phrases such as "If it is possible" 
are irrelevant. There is no "I will try", but "I do". There is no "if it is possible", because 
"everything is possible"! In the world of energy, you do things without any limitations.
"Trying" and "if it is possible" were invented by humans, and are not part of the world 
of energy. We humans place ourselves in a world full of limitations and we doubt very 
often if something is possible.

Look around you, what do you see? There are people who believe that they can do 
everything. They believe that everything is possible. Some would say: "They go for it" 
or "Those are extreme people". There are people who regain their health after they 
have heard that they have only a few years to live. People who came out of deep 
misery, poor and without a home, now have a great life in a small house, healthy and 
satisfied. All that was possible, because at some point they did not "try" or asked 
"Is it possible?", but they reached the point where they knew everything was possible! 
There is also a group who believe that material things and power are important. 
In the long run, they will realize that they have made the wrong choices. In the world of 
energy, material things and power cannot be used in the way those people do. 
As long as you work with the power of energy, there is no problem for the total 
Universe, but if you work with that power only for yourself, the power will turn against 
you. Many of those people are sick, dying or spend their last years in bed or a 
wheelchair. Many people live in over-protected houses, as if they are afraid to meet 
people, or are always on the look-out for something that may happen. 

I do not claim, nor do I want to tell you that having money and material things should 
be a problem in life, but using them well, is another story. How many of you are 
separating themselves from others? When you have a good day, do you share it with 
others? When you have a stroke of luck, what about giving some to your friends who 
are in trouble? This has almost gone, this living and sharing with each other, being 
there for each other and helping those who are in need.

I briefly want to refer to my own life and I demonstrate that life is not about trying and 
hoping it is possible! I found out from the beginning that something strange was 
happening to me. When I had a dream, it came true after a while and so all my 
dreams materialized. Some people have one dream in life and it never comes true! 
When I look back in life and I consider all the things that have happened, I see there 
is a line that runs through everything. The line of believing in the power of positive 
energy. Take the plain crash, for example; I was sure that I would survive. My own 
agency, I have learned to do everything so as to accomplish that. I had a big house 
with a swimming pool and cars, the agency did well, so I earned the money to keep 
all this up. I have survived a car accident, knowing the moment it happened that I 
would survive and nothing would happen to me. I received the signs to stop working 
when I was 50 and to look after my health. No money, no material things, but now I am 
healthy and I have a much better life than before. I started to make sculptures and 
I was able to work with over 450 kilos by myself! One of my latest dreams was to write,
and now you see that I am writing this book! My drawings are also doing their jobs 
around the world, telling their stories.

I would like to explain something about my writing and my drawings. When I start, 
I do not know what to do, what to write or draw. I listen to my inner self, which leads me 
and shows me the way. In the case of drawings, I did not know for a long time what they 
would be, others were clearer and I could go on without any thoughts, sitting at my 
drawing table, then in front of my computer writing long chapters, short sentences, 
the chapters being dictated by something deep down inside me.

By drawing people's faces, I see and sense their lives. I feel what the soul is like, 
what those people have to accomplish in life, and what they have already done. 
The drawing table is the gate to another dimension for me. It is not always easy to be 
there, because it sometimes feels as if there is much more than I can handle at that 
time. When I get off my chair, I am completely drained and exhausted, returning to the 
world we live in. About my writing, there are so many chapters, and most of them 
come from another dimension. All of this would not have come to me if I was only trying 
or if I did not believe it was possible. It is there, because I really believe that everything 
someone wants, is possible. It is about believing in a world of energy and that human 
beings can do everything they want. So it is up to you if you want to keep trying or you 
really start doing something. Work from your heart and soul, listen to the messages 
deep inside you and start seeing your life not as one of flesh and blood, but as a life of 
energy, without limitations, pain or negativism. Do it, make it possible! That should 
be your goal for the rest of your life.

(Chapter 85)




"Being human is helping each other"


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