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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 84 -

The world of war and fighting

Note: This chapter will not start positively and may be hard to read specially for those 
of you who live in the United States, but I hope you can see the larger picture of what 
I am trying to say and that you will see what is really going on.

War is a word that conjures up pictures of death, destruction and terrible pain. As long 
as man has been on earth, there has been war. There are people and groups who 
want to dominate others and invade other people's land to own it. This leads to many
people being killed. The victims are usually the ones who want to protect their country 
and their homes. Let me first go back in history and look at the birth of America. 
America is an enormous big piece of land where natives once lived in small groups. 
People who lived far apart, with their own cultures and their own religions. 
Then Columbus, a man who wanted to discover the world and rob what he could lay 
his hands on, happened to set foot ashore in America and saw the opportunities for 
making money. In the following years, many of suchlike armies came to this Promised 
Land and started to take over the place by killing everyone who did not want to follow
their orders. After a while, America was dominated by white people and there was a 
big war going on, to capture as much land as possible. The native Indian people were 
forced to live in small camps and white people came with their slaves. The black 
population expanded because the white people needed them to do their dirty jobs. 
After killing everybody who did not want to listen to the white people who had now 
settled there, a terrible hatred against black people developed. Blacks were treated 
like dirt and killed as if they were animals. After a long time, America was the last 
country in the world to stop racism against the black people officially, but did not put 
this into practice. The question was then: Whom to kill now? So the government of 
the United States came op with the solution to go and interfere in other countries' 
problems. WW1, WW2, Vietnam, Israel and now Iran/Iraq are the places where they 
waged war. There was also the cold war with Russia, Cuba and China, and currently 
Venezuela has the honor of being a target for starting a war with, but these countries 
stand above the strategy of the US government. In all these years, those wars 
caused destruction, pain and death. For those who own the arms industries, it is
important to ensure that their plants keep producing, and thus to keep the large flows 
of money coming in. Also by controlling the oil around the world, the US tries to gain 
power over the whole world. There is one thing, however, which nobody seems to 
want to learn: It is impossible to own the world and to own the things that belong to 
others. We can see that all wars are being lost by the US. Vietnam, Israel, Iran/Iraq, 
Venezuela, Russia and China are developed enough to withstand the US. 
The US overlooked an important thing: You cannot fight human beings with steel! 
Just look at what Cuba was capable of, or those small groups of terrorists. 
They win, they survive and they come out stronger. The rule "Do not do unto others 
what you do not want them to do unto you" also applies to war. You may think that 
I am simplifying wars and history, but let me try to explain. Look at who is winning 
and who is losing? Going to a war or starting one is losing, but keeping out of all 
that negative energy and working together as human beings, makes one a winner. 
War creates war, peace creates peace! This is the golden rule. Negative energy 
returns negative energy; if you hurt someone, he will want to hurt you too. But if you 
talk with somebody, he will listen and so you will get respect for different cultures 
and for different ways of living. All the wars that the United States has started or 
interfered with, not a single one was won by the US. Even within the country itself,
it is losing. Latinos take over the south, Chinese and African people spread across 
their country because if you take their homes and their land, it is impossible to keep 
it and cultivate it. The original people will come back in another way, a peaceful one, 
and the government will not have a solution. Their motto is: Act peacefully and you will 
get back what once belonged to you. Another example is the cities and houses built 
everywhere, which in time will be gone too. Buildings that have been there for 
hundreds of years, return to dust. Many places Mother Nature has already taken back: 
temples were lost, entire cities are gone and Mother Nature has restored what was 
once there. Look at the Romans, Egyptians and Greeks, or other once powerful 
people. Where are they now? Gone forever. The Catholic Church, another powerful 
institution, is being reduced to small organization of those who still believe in its 
domination, because the Catholic Church withholds the truth. If you look at the 
complete picture, you can see what is happening to the US. It was built on wars and
bloodshed, and it is now falling down in war and blood.

Then there are all these martial arts, sports such as boxing, taekwondo, judo, 
kick-boxing, Thai boxing, jiujutsu, et cetera, all based on fighting. Supposedly for 
self-defense. But what should we do defend ourselves against? Against whom 
and why? In my life, I never experienced a moment when I felt that I should defend 
myself. I have never had a physical fight and only once faced a guy who hit me. 
But he never came back and after that I got respect from the other boys. It takes two
to fight, and I will never be number two! Everything that is related to violence, is 
unacceptable under the law of the Universe!

This was all about negative energy, but there are positive things behind it. As I wrote
a few lines back, what you take in a war, you lose in a war. It is the golden rule that 
I see in the Universe. We human beings are still learning to live together in harmony 
and peace. Talk things out, abolish the use of power and domination, and work 
together to build a new life. Nature has been telling us for a long time that we are on 
the wrong track, but so far only a handful of people have realized that. There has been 
a lot of talking, a lot of groups and a lot of movies bringing the message that the end 
is nigh. But what do we really do? We keep fighting, hurting each other, and trying to 
dominate others. We have not learned from the likes of Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Hussein, 
or Bin Laden, who gave us the message that we are worse than animals, because 
we kill each other for nothing! The pretension is a false belief. We do not get the big 
picture and even Mother Nature is warning us, by giving us freak weather conditions
in order to let us know that we must stop. Stop polluting our world, stop wars, and 
stop fighting! Let's get together, let's clean up the mess and find out what is really 
behind every person. You can see the signs everywhere, you can sense and hear in 
every corner that this is the wrong way, but people remain blind and sink deeper in 
the mess that they have created themselves.

If you are able to see real state we're in, as created by ourselves, then you are also 
able to get out of it and return to the real life and our mission. Most of the books that 
have been written to tell us what to do or not, are meaningless, because the true 
intention and energy are often not there. The motto of many authors is to make money, 
not to help you. Reverse your energy field and - like a magnet - turn negativism into 
positivism. Your heart and your energy are most important.

The proof is everywhere: nature is winning, countries in war are losing and only 
positive people will survive, because they are able to overcome simple human 
frustrations such as money, domination and pain.

It is just a matter of time and then we will see the big picture that gives us the room to
go on as human beings. Because human beings will exist for a long time till they find 
the next gate to a new form of life. The next step is my biggest wish: That soon some 
of you will follow the new way of living. I see, I feel, and I detect that this chapter will
release a lot in you. It is nothing personal, but just a history seen from the outside 
world, a world I belong to. 

(Chapter 84)




"Being human is helping each other"


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