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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 83 -

Life in life in life in life

What should that be? Do you believe that you are living just one life right now? Really? 
Then  you should read this chapter. Every year, we get older, a year goes by, is gone 
and is done. When we go back to that year, it looks like nothing has changed, not much
happened and yet, another year is gone! 

These are the thoughts of most young people, 
who live in such a hurry that they do not notice what has happened even a few minutes 
ago. As they are running the whole day, always being in a rush, they have no time to 
stand still to enjoy that beautiful moment that happens every now and then in life. 
Instead, they think they have to go on, making money, furthering their careers, and they 
forget to live. I am older now, old enough to see things from a different point of view.
I look at situations from another angle. 

My life was full of problems, sicknesses and 
pain. After I got myself back together again, I found a way to see how life really is. 
Life without sickness or pain and no need for money. When I realized that, 
something became very clear: we do not live one life! No, there is much more. 
For example, when I look back at my own life, I can see different stages. My infancy 
was filled with playing and being connected with Mother Nature. During my teenage 
years, I was sick and could not go out having fun, even studying was a sacrifice to me. 
As a grown-up, I moved to another country, far from home, where I started to draw 
and earn money that way. I bought a big house with everything in it, cars, a boat, 
and a swimming pool. Then my wife got very sick and for years we spent our days 
visiting medical professionals and the hospital. 

After my wife passed away, I was 
lonely and thought it was the end of my life too. An angel came by and together we 
started a new life, in a home in the hills far away from the city. Thus I saw different 
periods in my life, and later on I saw them as parts of my life, or rather as several 
lives, because there was a start and an end in every period, with a completely 
different way of living. Seven times, my life has started and ended, and now I have 
started another one that I should go through. Life in life in life is more a way of seeing 
one's own life more clearly. 

These are situations in life that you should learn from. 
A life never ends, because even after you have left this body, there will be a new life. 
Perhaps this is a little bit too complicated to explain, but I will do my best. As you 
know, I do not like to make my own terms or words, so I will explain it in my way. 
Imagine we are living in a big energy field with no beginning and no end, no time 
and no obstacles. In that field, you are moving around and you step into a life that 
gives you the possibility to learn and to grow. 

Take your own life as an example. 
Take a part of your life and see what was happening during that time. Now look at 
that part more closely and see how it started. After you have defragmented your life,
you can see that all parts were connected and that they followed each other naturally. 
In that way, you can see where you made a turn to accomplish your goal. Let me try to 
explain it in periods of time for you. Take a lifetime of 80 years. Take out of that a 
year, a month, a day, an hour, a minute, a second and stop here. What did you do
that second? Do you know what was happening, what you have learned and what 
kinds of feelings you had? No, you do not remember! Let's take the last minute, how 
was that?  You do not know! Last hour? Ah yes, you had a headache! But what did 
you learn from that? How about yesterday, what did you learn from yesterday?  
Can you remember? Not so much or nothing at all! Now examine your whole life; 
what have you learned there? You do not know that either. That is just what I am 
trying to explain. You must enjoy every second in life and try to learn from every 
second. When you see the overall picture, you will see where you have taken a 
completely different turn. These turns marked the start of a new life. Why is it so 
important to find out and to look at it? By looking at your life, you can see in which 
way you are growing. In my lives, I can see a clear line where I followed my first 
dream to get rich and later I followed the line to be a part of the complete life.

I entered this body with a clear view of what I had to do. Later the sicknesses and 
problems I got, showed me that this path was wrong, but I have learned and I 
found my way back to pure life. That was the time when my mind (dream) told 
me to follow a different path. Life in life in life, how many lives have already passed 
by before this life? Find them, see them and learn from them, so you will find the 
path to a new life within this body or later in another one. It is a matter of making 

(Chapter 83)




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