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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 82 -

Open book

How many times have you heard the expression: "My life is like an open book"? It is 
just an expression and not many people think much when they say these few words. 
Many of us love books, we look at them as sources of learning and we consider certain 
books as guidelines in our lives. I know people who only accept what is written and live 
their entire lives according to a book. They live in the way the writer put the sentences 
on paper or screen. I know I am a writer too and you must be wondering now why I am 
telling you this. I also have many books and I read most of them, but there may be a 
difference between you and me: I do not believe all books. Only books in which I can 
find a new technique or explanation, I will read. The rest I will find out myself. Lots of 
books want to hem you in, make you accept what is written in them. Unfortunately 
many people really believe what is written in them. I can distinguish between a book 
that comes from the writer's heart and a book that was just made for commercial 
purposes. Most books are written to make money. When I see the writings of medical 
professionals, scientists or people who believe that they have to prove something, 
I feel bad because the last lines in their books are usually: "to visit my seminars, 
please go to….." Sadly, these books tell you not even a fraction of the whole story. 
They are full of information from other books and only add a few new words. It hurts
to see that, in particular because people pay for them. Information that you can get for
free is placed in a book and to read it you must pay!

This "open book" is my way of helping anyone who wants to be helped. I do not ask 
money and there are no fees for me. My wish is that we all collect enough positive 
energy and as a consequence change the world into a positive place. If you are 
positively loaded, I can feel and see it, and that will give me the satisfaction that 
another human life is back on track. In all the billions of people, many are doing the 
right thing. The rest is following the books, the system and the churches. The intention 
of some of these is okay, but when you go deeper into their themes and see what is 
really behind the church, the book or religion, then I think it is clear that you and your
life do not count for them.

By writing these chapters and through my e-books, I want to contribute to mankind 
and I hope some day people will understand my goal in life. As I told you above: 
I hope you will see my work as an open book. There is nothing hidden behind it, 
there is no commerce and I do not ask for a donation. The words that I have written 
are a connection between the energy and my body. It is my life I am writing about and 
it is my heart that is speaking. I believe in the positive power of the energy; we are 
that energy and so I believe in the words I write.

An open book is no more than information coming straight from the heart and soul, 
there is no money involved and no fame. Money and fame are short-lived and there 
comes a time when there is no fame and money that you can take with you to other 
lives. Continue to be honest, share your knowledge with others, help people who need 
your help and - above all - believe in the power of the positive energy around you. 
Be an open book, because there are no secrets in an energy world. When I see you, 
I sense you, I am you and I know all the so-called "secrets". Think about that and next 
time I will see you as ………an open book.

(Chapter 82)




"Being human is helping each other"


Please enjoy this site, learn the way of never-ending health and for living a better life 
by finding your path in a World of Positive Energy.


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