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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 81 -

What you believe, is what you see

Seeing and believing, two words that are closely connected. Just look around and you 
will see what you want, because it is you who makes the world around you! Indeed, it is 
you who creates your own world. I will explain this later. We all believe; many people 
believe in money, fame or matter, but they believe. What you believe, is what you get! 
If you believe in health, you will be healthy, if you believe in fame you will be famous. 
We have two words with completely different meanings, but they lead to the same point: 
believing is seeing and that is what YOU CREATE. Many people believe in a God, a 
Place or a Sign, and categorize these as faith. Why is it that you see angels and I see 
energy? This is just a simple question, which has a simple answer. I believe in energy, 
so I see energy! You believe in angels, so you see angels. You believe in God, so you 
see God. There we are, you see what you believe! I have heard many of those angel 
stories and about people who talk with angels, see them and work with them. 
For a while, I thought: "Why don't I see them?" Well, because I do not believe in them! 
It is the same if you believe in Allah, God or Buddha: you can talk to them and see them 
when you need them. As I see it, people seeing the Almighty or other related aspects 
simply want to see them, they need them and then there are those appearances. 
An Angel or God are suppose to look like that. That is why all of them look different! 
Your imagination makes of them the images you want to see and believe in.

Now I think that I have moved on. What I see in my world, is energy. Everything is energy 
and it can take any form. Energy is like light that can go everywhere. Energy is the 
connection with the Core and the building stone of all life. I see energy in everything 
around me and that gives me the opportunity to get connected with everything. It seems 
to me easy to understand, when we see that we are energy and those objects are 
energy and therefore we all are the same.

Coming back to Angels and Gods: many people believe in a God or a Buddha. Is this 
something the system wants? If you can really believe, you create your own God and 
also create the world in the way you want to see it. Why do you sometimes see the 
world around you as a difficult and a dark one? Why do I see the same world as a 
beautiful one and full of light? It is the same world with the same people in it and we 
occupy the same space. The answer is simple: because you create at that moment 
a world of darkness, while I create a world of energy (light). This is what I see and 
you see the same world completely differently because you want it that way!

When you start a day and think that anything is easy to do, you will see that your world
will change. I do not ask you to lock yourself up or go and live in a monastery for years 
to meditate. All you need to do is one thing. Think of one sentence, day and night: 
"The world that I see, is energy". Then look around you, at the people, plants, animals,
or buildings and see that they are the same as you. They may look different, but they 
are made of the same energy as you are, with the same stones of life's "energy". 
I guarantee you that soon you will see your life completely differently and from another
point of view.

Even that burglar, that parasite, that terrible animal, all of these are the same as you!
If you can imagine that, then you have taken the first step in the real world of energy. 
Energy, the building stones, is more because you are at the point where you can see 
it, feel it, knowing that you are a part of it; then there are no limitations. Energy has no
limitations like time, distance, sickness or pain. All of those are what you create in a 
world that you think you should see. Your world is created and lived by a system, 
but even that system is energy with lots of limitations. All those limitations that we 
put in our lives ourselves.

Later, I will take this a step further. For the moment, I think I have shown you enough. 
It is important that you first learn to see yourself in a light world of positive energy, 
where there are no limitations, instead of seeing yourself in a dark world full of 
negative energy.

So again, do not see the things around you as created by others. See everything 
around you as energy and made from the same building stones from which we were 
built. This simple sentence in your mind will help you open the door to a world full of 
light and without limitations. Keep that sentence in your mind forever and I guarantee
that you will enter a beautiful life: "The world that I see, is energy".

(Chapter 81)




"Being human is helping each other"


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