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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 80 -

Ball of protection

Some weeks after the accident, I got more and more information about what had 
happened. In the chapter "Our car accident", I wrote about those few seconds before
we hit the lamppost. More information is coming up, which I will try to explain to you. 
Those few tenths of a second, something strange happened. There was a feeling that 
everything would be okay, there was no "flashback", because this would not be the 
end of our lives. I could feel that special feeling inside me. A feeling that I was okay 
and that I was in a safe place. There was no connection with my car and the world 
around me, I was away from this situation and no longer in my body. I did not feel 
anything, nor did I hear the blow or any other sound, I was just not there. I was not far
from my body but it looked as if I was in a balloon and nobody could hurt me, nor touch 
me. That feeling was a new one for me in such a situation, but certainly proof for what 
I am writing about in these chapters. Did I call it proof, because I want proof for what
I write?  No, I do not want to prove any thing, because I know that many things are 
possible and will happen if you just see yourself as one with the energy.

It was not the first time that I experienced strange things, but those were always 
interpretable, in a way that we humans always seem to want. But we were in the 
middle of a situation for which there was no explanation, no direct proof. The energy
protected us like a balloon and it will always be there. This balloon is what so many 
people see as angels, like the archangel Michael, who helps us in such situations. 
I'm sorry to say that I have met angels, but they cannot help me in such situations, 
because they do not own the power that people have given them. Thinking of an angel 
is a human reaction when strange things happen, to give an explanation for 
extraordinary things.

I see it this way: In "Core, part two", I wrote about energy. I wrote about energy in 
several chapters , but I think that I may not have been clear enough about what I 
meant exactly with the power of energy. In this chapter, I will do my utmost to clear
this up so you can use this power/energy.

What exactly is energy? Energy is a power that you cannot see, but only feel and
that you can use. Our Universe is built of energy that can take any form: a plant, 
an animal, a stone, water, or a human being. This energy is our source, the Core, 
and the key of life. In the past, I used this energy several times and strange things 

Let me tell you how I see my life. When I look around, I see objects: rocks, sea, 
people, animals. My eyes tell me how I ought to see those combinations of energy. 
But then I go further and see all those things as pure energy, made from different 
combinations of energy, but seen by scientist as DNA and molecules. When we 
determine these, we come to a source where everything is made of the same energy. 
One energy that has the possibility to build everything we can see in life. Maybe it is 
difficult for you to understand, but if you go deeper into this matter, you will see that 
this is the right way to look at all life there is.

As long as we accept our life as part of that energy, we have an explanation for all 
situations, an answer, and a purpose. I have lived that way for a long time and things
are now different and easy to understand. The connection with people is as if I can go 
inside them and I feel the way they feel. Thus, I feel their moods. Because this is 
another way of living, sometimes it is difficult for me to work with and to accept it, 
because for a long time I lived the way my parents told me to do, which is the way the 
system wants. There are times when I get confused and believe that I am far from this 
world and that people do not understand me. I am glad that I have my wife near me, 
who is always with me in this way of living. She tells me at the right moments that it is 
not strange at all, but just a pure life we live in. Eating is no longer seen as merely 
getting food because we humans need food; to me, eating means to put energy from 
other sources in me. In the past few years, my way of eating has changed drastically, 
and more and more I have the feeling that I do not need so much food because I can 
get it from the Universe around me. My human instinct tells me that I have to eat, but 
my higher self tells me that it is not necessary, but if you want to, do it.

The same is happening with different things around me, like that accident. This split 
second when my wife and I were out of the car and we both had the feeling that we 
were okay and  nothing would happen. That was the moment when we felt connected 
with the complete energy, where nothing could destroy our lives. Our lives will go on 
and our bodies are needed, for what? I do not know and only the energy/source 
knows why we are still here.

The day I changed my way of living, there was something else. For me, time does 
not exist any more, there is no agenda and no "must". Every day when I wake up, 
I know that there are many things to do, but what it could be, I do not know and it just 
comes to me when it needs to be done. I do not plan my days, not the next day or 
week! There is an open agenda, which I fill the second something comes up. This 
way of living is definitely strange to me, because in the past, when I had my 
advertising agency, my agenda was so tight that there was hardly time to eat or sleep. 
Now that I am free for 24 hours a day, by the end of the day I have completed a 
full program.

Now what happened with that ball of protection? That was the moment when I opened 
myself completely while I gave my life to the energy that took over the situation. 
In such a situation a human brain and body cannot do anything, because they are too 
small to handle such big things. What I did at that moment was to make connection 
with the total energy and I was one with it. There was no pain, no connection with 
earth or with that body of mine. By being one with the source of energy, we can do 
things that seem impossible. Remember this: If you are one with the energy, then you 
are that energy yourself and you can change or work with it. The same happens when
you want to accomplish a goal in life. Say your goal is to stay healthy. If you focus on 
that, you will connect with that energy field that is a part of your health. When you 
become that field and so a part of your own health, YOU ARE HEALTHY! When you 
really want to be something or get something, conceive of and focus on that. You will 
see that your wish will come true. Anything you wish, anything you really want, will 
become reality. All my wishes have come true and sometimes I hardly dare to make
new ones.

A wish is like sending the right energy into the total energy field that gives the right 
input, an answer how to accomplish your wish. Still IT IS YOU who fulfills that wish, 
nothing else, nobody else and no mysterious sources like angels or Gods.

Energy, this ball around us, is pure energy that protects us, so nothing can go wrong.
If you can feel the energy and connect with it, be one with it, there is nothing to be 
afraid of, because you are protected by the highest source there is. This ball or 
balloon is there for everybody. You do not need to look for it and you cannot buy it.
It is already there, just believe in it and it will be there for you.

(Chapter 80)




"Being human is helping each other"


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