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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 8 -

Sunlight, the growing power

Sunlight; in some countries there is too much, in others there are days when you don't 
see the sun at all. Sunlight shines on us directly or indirectly, and it is the growing 
power for all life forms on earth. Almost everything is connected with sunlight. Without 
sunlight, earth would be a cold planet, without the life forms that we have today. I wrote 
this, because at this moment we do not know anything about other life forms. We do 
not know where to look or what to believe. In the previous chapter, I wrote about dust. 
Dust, for me, is a life form too, because it has its own life within the complete Universal 
life. It is a life form that we do not understand, and we have to wait until we get the 
connection. The problem is that we are completely blind for these things and we believe 
only what we can see, putting it on a computer screen with numbers. When we see 
something that our brain cannot explain, we try to kill it first and then ask questions.

Back to sunlight: When you meditate and feel the energy of light, it's incredible what 
goes on inside you. This light has the possibility to get through anything and heal
most of the sicknesses we have. With this light, we can be healthy forever. Sickness 
will be gone and your body will be here on earth for a longer time, the time it needs to 
accomplish its task. Sunlight is pure and still has the power it had millions of years ago.

For us, direct sunlight will be fatal in the future. With all the industries and pollution, 
our ozone layer is getting thinner and thinner. The human bodies no longer be able to 
withstand the intensity of this sunlight. It is too strong and beyond our power to do 
anything with it. Today, sunbathing in direct sunlight is already like driving a car in the 
middle of the left-hand lane in Los Angeles. Nevertheless, people are still doing so, 
because our system tells us with a tanned skin we look healthier. This is another 
ridiculous expression of the system.

Sunlight is good, it is good to let it get to our body and into our mind, and it helps keep
us healthy. It gives us extra energy, but we do not get it by lying there for hours getting 
as red as a lobster. Being red or brown is not an indication of health. Believe in sunlight; 
believe in this Universal energy and you will see.

(Chapter 08) 




"Being human is helping each other"


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