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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 79 -


Karma is the path you have to go, because it's what God has given you to do in 
your life. Nothing can be changed and everything is clearly defined by him for you.

Pffffffffff, I'm tired of this. Why? Simply because such things are written by humans 
with manipulated brains. In other chapters, I have written about "God and Karma" 
and I think it is time for a small chapter about this word "Karma".

But first of all, the word "God". Several times, I have written that God is not a person. 
God is inside you, around you, everywhere. God is energy that you can work with. 
It is always there  when you need it. God is not an old man sitting on a chair high above 
us telling us what to do. Neither does God force us to follow a path in our lives. 
On the contrary, we must create that path ourselves, one that is important for the 
Universe as a whole.

Let me explain. Our bodies are filled with blood. Throughout our lives, blood circulates
through our bodies, day in day out, doing its work. Let us take one blood cell and 
follow it. It follows the other ones. It goes to the left, to the right, to the head and to
the toes, all the time following the other cells. Is this one blood cell that we took as 
an example, now part of karma? No, it is going the way it should go. If the body has 
a cut, some blood cells will leave the body. Then the body, acting as a system, 
decides that the blood cell has to leave to do its work. Is that karma? It is not, because
this is what that bigger system (your body) wants. Our body is part of the Universe. 
Our human body can go to the left or to the right, but that is allowed in the Universe. 
Life is part of  the Universe, where all lives come together and contribute their 
individual parts to the Universe. Energy is the part between the body and the Universe, 
and is therefore the connection with the Universe. The Universe needs all the energy 
it gets from the lives.

This brings us to the point where I want to go, because all of us are parts of a 
complete system. Not the system we know as the one here on earth, but the complete
system of energy. We are parts of that one cell that also gives a sign that the energy 
needs in the total existence. Karma is no more than the path we should go in our lives. 
But we humans are capable of working with energy, because we are part of this energy
field. In this way, we can change things, but we remain part of the energy field. We have 
the power to go more to the left or to the right than you may think possible.

It does not mean that everything that happens to you was set out before you started
life! That would be the wrong way of seeing life. We must contribute to the total system 
of energy, but there are millions of ways to do so. If you think you have to do it the way 
God wants, then you are wrong and your energy will be wasted. The day you were 
born, you knew your path, but how to follow that path is your choice. You can choose 
your own way. Nobody can tell you that you have to be sick, poor or dissatisfied. 
It is you who chooses that. If you charge yourself with negative energy, it will not be the 
right choice for the total energy. As long as you are negatively loaded, you are not 
connected with the total energy.

Karma is definitely there, because we must follow the path that is there for us, but 
karma does not determine the way we should do it.

Just remember that we are energy, a part of all lives and a part of the things we see,
feel and smell. It is up to us to choose, it is a freedom we have as human beings.
Let us use that freedom! 

(Chapter 79)




"Being human is helping each other"


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