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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 78 -

Is it white?

No it is Purple.
No light Blue. 
Oh no, it looks like Yellow. 
I think I see Green. 
No that is not right, it is Violet.
I think I see some Black.
Maybe there is also some Brown in it, going more to Red!

Aren't these human beings who are talking? Everyone sees something in a different 
way or thinks he or she sees it better.

I see a beautiful landscape.
No, it is a seascape.
Oh no, we are in a jungle.
Do you mean this dessert is a jungle?
Oh no, this looks more like a beach to me.
For sure this is Central Park!

These are human beings again, talking and trying to convince others of what they see. 
Here we have a point. Several people with different visions, brains and different 
dreams. All of them see something for sure.

I feel this is not right.
Oh no, this is terrible, I can feel it.
If I listen to my feelings, I should do this.
Do you feel it?
Ouch, I feel the pain.

These people have feelings for sure! They feel in different ways and sometimes in the 
same situation they feel differently.

All have one thing in common. They see and feel, however differently, but which way 
is the right one? Here we go again: What is right and what is wrong? There is no right 
or wrong when comes to feelings! ALL of these people are right, because they see 
and feel in their own personal ways. Who do we think we are, how dare we tell them 
that they are doing right or wrong? We cannot do that, because in their lives with their 
feelings and with their points of view, they are right! When I look around me and see 
how hard people try to convince others of their views, I think: "What a waste of time."
Convincing of what, of what you want or how you see it? Is it not so that the entire 
human life form at the moment is based on the views of others? Have you ever 
noticed that others try to impose their views on your life? So you start to doubt the 
way you think. Is that right or is it wrong? Do you see it right or do they? We forget 
what we see, what we hear, feel or smell. Instead, we believe what others tell us to 
see, hear, feel or smell.

We are all capable of doing these things by ourselves. We are all beautiful human 
beings who can do this without the help of others. So why do we listen to other people 
and have misgivings about ourselves? Are we afraid? Afraid of being somebody else, 
better perhaps or different? I think this is an important point in many lives. We do not 
live our own lives but people's lives.

Step out of it, smell, see, hear and feel in your own way, the way you want. 
You will see a new life opening up for you. Your OWN life!

(Chapter 78)




"Being human is helping each other"


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