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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 77 -


After more than 70 chapters, I think it is time to recapitulate. Don't worry: I won't repeat 
all the things I have said before! What I want to do is something different. By the time 
you read this chapter, I suppose you have read the previous ones and you will certainly 
have some idea of what I am trying to say.

I wrote about churches and all kinds of religions. I wrote about the system and things
you should take care of. There were chapters about what to do with your body and how 
to believe in yourself. I introduced you to a completely new world, the world of our soul.
I hope all this will help you learn, feel, see and believe in this new world.

When you read my chapters, you will probably feel that behind the words there is 
something else. You may see that the world you live in now, is characterized by 
classifications. Look around you. We live in different countries.
   - Different human races.
   - Different languages.
   - Different schools.
   - Different professions.
   - Different people with different jobs, such as a housekeeper, criminal or laborer.
   - Different churches, different beliefs (in God, Allah, Buddha, et cetera).
We try to place people in different categories by telling them they are rich or poor, but 
also that one child is highly talented or has learning problems or cannot concentrate. 
All those classifications!

I wonder why we want to put labels on everything. Look at our scientists, who try to solve
things so they can place them in categories. Scientists (or at least most of them) do not 
work together, because perhaps they will find something that they cannot explain. 
The number of different churches is increasing, even though they are all based on the
same idea, beginning and belief. Then there are all those wars around the world, where 
people fight for one thing: power over another. There is always a label to be put on 
others, if you want or not. By placing everybody and everything in different categories, 
we merely aggravate the problems that we are facing today. We are supposed to 
believe that some other category, perhaps a better one, is not good for us or is not 
meant for us. The category that we are already in, is the best one for us! Others who 
are in a category of being poor, must know that they are poor and that they will 
remain poor and for that reason are not interesting for our system. Criminals are also 
given a label, because they did something that is not tolerated by the system so they 
must know that they are criminals forever. Millions of categories are created in this 
way so that we know what we can do and what we have to do. The moment you step 
out of your category, they will try to put you in another one. When you refuse to 
cooperate, you will get the label "crazy" put on you. In that category, there is no more 
hope for you and you no longer exist for the system. As you know, many of the 
greatest on earth were labeled this way because they rose to a level where no one 
understood them. They could no longer explain what they saw, felt or knew. They 
found the door to another dimension. Others were lucky and escaped, becoming 
monks or staying in temples for the rest of their lives. They were connected with that 
other world and the other dimension. How many highly educated people reached that 
stage? Many of them were put away because we could not understand them.

How can we change the category we are in?
In the beginning human beings were always there for each other. We were ONE big 
family, helping one another. Even though we argued, we were there for each other. 
The same can be seen when there is a war and people lose their homes, families 
and possessions. Then they work together and try to help each other. But what do we 
have today? People live on their own, do not listen to nor believe in the power they 
have when they are united.  Of course you can change it if you want and if you are 
ready and have the courage to step out of your category and make your life into one
in which you are there for others. You do not need to do social work, not everybody is 
able to do so, but what about having a nice talk with someone or help those who ask 
for your help. Be there for your child(ren). Do not let work and money be your main
goals, but place your child, family and others above all that.

In all the chapters that I have written, I have shown you that you should step out of this
kind of life, shrug off that label. Look at yourself, perhaps:
- You do not feel happy.
- You do not feel healthy.
- You do not feel as if you are living a real life.
You are sitting in a box, afraid to change or do something, because you fear what
others may say. You should come out of that box and together we should work on a 
world without categories. There is no difference between one person and another. 
It does not matter in which country they live or what kind of work they do. It does not 
matter what color their skin is. Just stop it. See another human being as equal to 
yourself and as a part of you. You don't hurt yourself, so don't hurt others. 
Hurting others should feel like hurting yourself. Hurting, this negative energy, is 
something we do not need. We can do everything and as long as we are positive, 
we can also pass on that positive energy to others. Deep down inside them, there 
is a connection and in the long run they will change their ideas about you too. 
Be positive, do not see life as being locked in a box, but see all people around you 
having the same positive energy as yourself. This will change your life, perhaps so 
dramatically that others think you are crazy, but you are not, you have just freed 
yourself of those labels. You are a human being again and that will give you the 
feeling of freedom. Together we should work on that, do you agree?

(Chapter 77)




"Being human is helping each other"


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