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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 76 -

Hate and displeasure

Those are very negative words and I will try to make this chapter as short as possible.
Hate is something terrible that makes this world negative and very difficult to live in for
people. Displeasure is a word that is directly related to the word hate, because people 
who live in a world of hate are always looking for more. Why are we like this? Why are 
we not happy that we are living here, that we are healthy, being able to learn what we 
need to and do what we should do here on earth? Why this hate and this displeasure? 
This world has turned completely upside down. People are working and living their 
lives separately. For a long time, human beings have been growing apart thinking: 
"I can do it by myself", fuelled by their ego. Yes of course you can do it by yourself, 
but you should learn and experience it with others around you. Life is not only doing 
things for yourself. Many people today just want more and more and more. 
Bigger, better and more expensive is what counts, as we can hear and see on TV, 
the Internet or the radio. 

Why should you have that million dollar home with a swimming pool, tennis court, 
a few cars in the drive and lots of money in the bank? What more can you do in such 
a house than in a small one with just a roof, a small kitchen and a bed in it? Life is not 
all about swimming all day, playing tennis and driving around different cars every day!
Working for the system, working to pay taxes, showing off the things you have to 
others who have not? No, this is why there are so many problems in this world. 
When you start to believe that you need all these material things around you, you are 
taking the wrong turn in life. All we need is a small home where we can sleep and eat, 
nothing more. All that luxury and all that materialism are not important because they 
make no sense in life. All these things are not important, because we cannot take them
with us to the next life. No person ever came back with his or her belongings from 
another life! You may say that you want to have an independent and an easy life. 
That is the reason why you don't sleep well, because you have problems with the tax 
office and you have several people working for you to get your money and to maintain 
your house. In that way, you maintain the system. You believe you should have your 
own income and a safe place. I understand that it is your own world that is determining 
the whole world and nobody can go on without you and your business. That is why you 
have to act like that, living in that big house and spending a lot of money for your own 
pleasure. But you do not really know what pleasure means. It is not sitting on your yacht 
watching others working to survive. Even your parties are not pleasurable, because
many of your guests do not come for you but for the free alcohol, other drugs or food. 
If you think that is pleasure, you are wrong. But again, I understand, because an 
important person like you who works hard, needs a bigger house and more material
things around him/her. No, let me stop, because we have come to a point that explains 
why there are hate and displeasure. Hate because we all work hard and displeasure, 
because we think we are only important if we are surrounded by all those material things.

Let me tell you about an experience I had. My former work meant that I got involved with
people who had a lot of money and possessions. People who were famous, rich and 
very distinguished. I spoke with many of them and more than once, and when I talked 
with them, I always got a strange feeling. These people had everything: houses, boats, 
big cars and parties. When I talked with them, I noticed  that only one thing was 
important to them and that was what others said and thought about them! They were so
happy that they had more than their neighbors. In the same breath, they told me that 
they always tried to get more and also more expensive things just because somebody 
a few streets away had that already and so they wanted it too. This brings us to the 
issue of displeasure, as they would never have enough. A few weeks later, I was told
that this person a few blocks away did not get his money in an honest way. There we 
are, they created hate because that other guy had more than they had. The end of the
story is that he consulted a doctor, because something was wrong with him, but it was 
the body that was asking for help. This is when my feeling is confirmed that with all
those goods and all that money, the person was not happy and had no real pleasure 
in life. So I was not surprised when they told me, because in that way they admitted
that after all they were not happy with their lives and money. It is important to have real 
friends and family around you, people who really care for you and people who are there 
when you have a hard time and need them. You cannot buy that and you do not get an 
answer from a doctor or psychiatrist either, because they cannot really help you. 
I know people who live on a bare minimum in life, just like me. I keep everything to a 
minimum and what I do not need any longer, I give away. These people who live 
modestly and who are there for others, are people who know what life really means. 
I am not talking about people who are cheeseparing, keeping their money in a bank, 
not spending a nickel on anything. What I am talking about are people who share their 
knowledge, but also ask me to come and sit down and have dinner with them. 
They give you a wonderful time and their hearts are open and full of warmth. 
Then there is no hate or displeasure, there is a sincerely being together of different 
souls just going the right path.

Hate and displeasure are only there where people live close to each other and only 
notice what others have and they have not. They always want more and try to get on 
that top, even if this means to hurt others. They have forgotten the real meaning of life 
and that we should work with each other, our own way up to a higher level and back 
to the connection with the Core.

I also need to say a few things about people who believe in any of the different religions. 
When I hear that they collect money for a church I cannot believe that churches really
want to help us. In many of the churches I have visited, all I could see was gold. I cannot
believe that those churches are there for me and when I hear all those negative stories 
told by the priests and other holy people, I cannot imagine these people truly believe. 
But when I see an old woman coming out of that church, she starts talking to me and 
we are having a good time together, then I believe! I believe that in every person, there 
is something good, even if that person is considered a criminal in the eyes of the 
authorities. I believe there is a place in his/her heart that is connected with the Core, 
because every human is here on earth for a reason and so all humans have a 
connection with all sides: you, me and the Universe.

Hate and displeasure are created by our system. Let us rise above that system and no 
longer live its way. We do not need the system, we do not need the pharmaceutical, oil 
and war industries. As soon as you believe that too, a great change will happen in your 
life. I know that for certain.

(Chapter 76)




"Being human is helping each other"


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