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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 75 -

A never-ending story

Let me first assure you that this is not going to be a soap story or a chapter that just 
goes on and on. I want to talk about our lives here on earth. A life that for some of us 
will be short, for others lasting 70 or 80 years, or more. I am sure that many of you 
think: What is the purpose of my life here on earth? I cannot answer that, because it is 
different for each of us and it is a path that you should go alone. It is your task in this 
life, which you should accomplish. Perhaps you see your life as the most difficult 
one and you believe it is full of problems that cannot be solved. It is perhaps true in 
your view, but through the eyes of another person your problems may seem nothing 
and they may also know the solutions for your troubles.

As I wrote before, it is you who creates your own world. You are the one who creates
beautiful things but also problems around you. This happens when you take decisions 
and many of them are made in the wrong way. When you have to take a decision you 
should listen to your inner self, to the feelings that come deep from your heart and 
soul. Many decisions are taken by people on the basis of calculating and thinking. 
This is the wrong way to start solving a problem or taking a decision. Let me discuss 
this in more detail. Take yourself as an example and go back to the moments when 
you should have made decisions. You sat there and thought what you should do, 
how to make it happen and what would go wrong if you decided to do this or that. 
All those questions related to that one decision. Sometimes we think for hours, days, 
or even months before we take a decision. Then we go for it. What may then happen 
is that unexpected things cross your decision, the things you have not figured out yet. 
We doubt what we have decided and more and more other problems come up and 
our decision starts to look like a big mistake. A decision that can change your life 
completely. You end up in doubt and you no longer believe in a good end.

Let me show you another way. The time has come that you must take the most 
important decision of your life. You start to think, but deep inside you there is 
something that tells you something completely different. Deep inside you, there is 
your soul giving you signs what to do and what not to do. Often these signs are 
completely different from what your mind and thoughts are telling you. As an example, 
I will tell you about an experience I had a while ago. I used to be a person who created
hundreds of scenarios for every decision that I had to take, what I should have done 
and what the answer should be for a particular problem. I worked for nights to make 
everything clear for myself and I still doubted if my decision would be the right one. 
From the thousand decisions I have made, 999 were wrong and so I sank deeply. 
Every time something came up that was not planned in any of my scenarios. 
Things changed the moment when I started to listen to my feelings. Strange input 
came to me and mostly these were signs that would not fit with the way I was thinking. 
This was the case when I was working on the largest sculpture I ever made. I started 
to create a sculpture of 5 by 3 by 4 meters. After a while, I stopped, because a 
problem cropped up with this sculpture. It was not coming out the way I had in mind.
For about a year, I did nothing on this sculpture and I did not even think about it. 
The problem was there for a year and I did not once attempt to solve it. One day, 
I looked at this terrible piece of stone and my feelings told me to take some material 
and start. Start what? I did not know, but I did what my feelings told me. A few weeks 
later, the sculpture was finished and exactly the way I wanted.

Listening to our feelings is something we have lost. Since I have started to work only 
with my feelings, directly from my soul, the most unbelievable things have happened. 
Why do we want to manipulate our feelings all the time by listening to our thoughts 
and calculations?

It may look as if this is human nature, but this is not the case, because we lost contact 
with ourselves, with our inner selves and with our deeper soul energy. In the world of 
today, we think we should calculate everything and that we are a part of the computer 
world. The world has changed completely and that is why we have lost the connection
with our inner selves.

For a long time now, I have been making decisions only by listening to my soul and 
however strange the solutions sometimes seem to be, they always end in a perfect 
way and make my life a happy one and full of surprises.

So why this title, "a never-ending story"? Because it looks as if we are going around in 
circles, without a beginning or an end. Our thoughts are miles away, we cannot put 
problems into perspective or we do not see the real picture. Always turning endlessly 
without any solutions or answers. We usually listen to our brain, which is nothing more
than a calculating computer. We humans have lost contact with the core of our lives, 
which is to work from our heart and soul. The soul has the unconditional connection 
with the higher energy and is the key to and the path we should follow in our lives. 
There we can find all the information we need to make the best out of our lives. 
We can also find the answers to our questions and how to solve the problems we face 
in our lives. Sometimes we may think that we cannot solve those problems or other 
ones are too large for us, but we get the problems that we can handle and that we 
can solve. All the answers are deep inside you. It is you who has to overcome these 
problems and only you know where to find the key. To solve that problem is to 
accomplish that part of your life, so you can go on to the next step.

- Why do we have all these problems?
- Why should we solved them?
- And why is there a next step?

Three major questions, which I believe are personal things that we should solve all by 
ourselves. Solving our problems is the only way to get us to do something with our lives. 
A life without problems is a life without learning anything, which means that you have no 
chance to grow in life. The key to solving problems is to listen to your heart and soul. 
However strange some feelings may be, keep listening and believe in the way your 
soul is directing you, because it really shows you the way to go. This is not meant for 
others, but only for you! While listening to what your soul tells you, you will go further in 
new places, new situations and thus to the next steps. This will never end, not in this 
life neither during later lives. Until you have reached that point where there is nothing 
more to learn here on earth and you pass to another life or another life form with the 
knowledge you have learned here and in the past. Concepts such as future and past 
are only earthly ideas, and when your jobs here have been done, you will see that there 
are no present, past or future. If you can reach that point, you will discover a new life 
and a new way of seeing life. The decision you take there, will be a major step in 
your life. A step taken without thinking, calculating but knowing that you have made 
the most important decision ever in your life. Trust your feelings and do not see your 
life as a negative never-ending story but as a never-ending life and a part of a 
beautiful world.

This positive never-ending story is needed to go on in your life.

(Chapter 75)




"Being human is helping each other"


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