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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 74 -


Why this title?
In this world of so many spoken and written words, there is something we should learn. 
To hold our tongues! No communication at all, neither through writing nor through 
speaking. Let me try to explain why.

Communication is a way of getting my words to someone else and hopefully make 
clear to that person what I am trying to say. Through communication, waves are sent 
back and forth directly between you and me, in a positive or negative way. It is the only 
way in this world we can show to others what we want or what we are thinking. 
The world is currently experiencing a communication explosion, as just about 
everybody has a portable telephone, Internet access and what else? The moment 
communication channels go down, the world will feel as if it has exploded and is 
dead to all its inhabitants. It would be a disaster if world communication were lost for 
a few days, hours, or even for some minutes. We believe that we cannot live without 
communication. It is amazing that we humans are so dependent on high-tech tools. 
A long time ago, there was no writing and long before that, talking was very limited too. 
Before that, humans communicated by telepathy and by signs, knowing directly what 
the others wanted or what needed to be done. At that time, human beings were highly 
gifted, because they were connected with earth and the Universe, and therefore knew 
exactly what to do. They were capable of making the most perfect buildings and there 
was enough food for everyone. There was no war, because why should they fight?
In that time, they were one with the energy around them. Pure energy, without any 
interference of high-tech tools. Because we now live in all that negative energy, we talk 
more and more and write more than people ever did. Why? Because not so many 
people are connected with real life and we think that the only way we can get 
information, is by reading books and talking to others. There are so many people who 
are lost in their lives. Our inner feelings, our deeper selves are waiting to get the chance 
to get back in life and guide us onto the right track again.

What kind of a world would it be without writing or speaking? Would we feel it to be the 
end of the world? I can tell you, just try and you will be surprised what will happen. 
When we stop with that kind of communication, an older way of communication will 
come back. Our feelings will again detect the energy in others and there will be clear 
communication without a single word being spoken. We currently live in a world full of 
waves and energy that we cannot handle. This makes us more insecure every day, 
so we do not even know that it is possible to communicate without opening our mouths 
or putting words on paper.

Do you ever go and sit alone in a park for a long time, without speaking and without 
any device such as a walkman, a portable phone or an iPod? No, I didn't think you did. 
Even when you go for a walk, you take some music with you or you have a little chat 
with others. In general, this is part of human nature today. Go to a place without people, 
music or telephones. Without anything, just you alone. Go and sit somewhere, look 
around and let the earth do the rest. Impossible? Apparently you are an addict and you 
need noise around you. You are addicted and need all negative energy, in the form of 
noise, music or talk. Do you think that only drugs are bad for you? I can tell you that all 
these devices and all the talking, writing and negative energy are the BIGGEST 
addictions we have to live with. As long as you cannot live without music or other 
devices, you are addicted to the waves of negative energy.

Sitting in Nature, hearing and feeling all the good positive waves and energy, is the 
key to get your body to the stage where it will heal itself, to regain its power to 
continue in this world.

Wordless does not mean that you are stupid or cannot talk, but that you are connected 
with the Universe. In this world of all these different forms of communication, we have 
a gap between everybody writing and speaking, and nobody really listening. As long as 
everybody prefers talking to listening, we will not get much further in life.

My wife and I live in the countryside and we have a little house on top of a small hill. 
Every two weeks, we go the city to buy food and very time, we are very glad to get 
home again. Sitting here in our home, my wife and I do not speak much, we sense 
each other's feelings and we know what to expect from each other. When I am working 
at my drawing table, I do not speak for hours. It feels great and the whole time I am 
connected with my wife without speaking. It happens very often that when we want to 
tell each other something, we start to say the same thing at the same time. 
A coincidence? No, there are a lot of things we feel in the same way. When I want to 
do something, my wife wants the same thing at the same time.  The same happens to 
me when my wife decides to do something. Coming from the city, we both have the 
same feelings; that it is nice to be home again, away from all the noise and negative 
energy. It is wonderful to live on our hill, meditating, watching the white eagles flying 
above us, and together feeling the same perfect balance in our lives. All of this without 
any words being spoken or written.

With an open feeling and connection to mother earth, we can do anything. Healing is 
no problem and we do not make an issue of a specific problem. If you can see your life 
without those negative energy waves, you will see there is more going on in the 
unwritten world than in the written world. Communicating without opening your mouth 
is more powerful than speeches that last for hours.

From now on, try to listen and feel what nature and others are telling you. Believe me,
that is real communication!

(Chapter 74)




"Being human is helping each other"


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