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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 73 -

Do it yourself

The past few years, something has been changing very fast. Look around you and 
see how many people advertise that they are spiritual healers. That they are 
connected with the other side of the Universe. All this advertising and all this talking 
about how you can change your life. There are clinics with bells and symbols, and 
a teapot in the middle. At the entrance, you will find the prices. So you can be sure 
that your pockets will be empty by the time you leave the building.

It is painful to see how such people make money out of something that is free and you 
can do yourself.

Let me first state briefly at what stage I think the human race is at this moment. 
We all think that we can stand alone and that we can take action by ourselves. 
This is certainly not the way it is going in Universal life. We often live alongside each 
other and think only of ourselves. Such people you can see on TV, or you read their 
advertisements, how you have to do this or that, in order to get better in finances or
to improve your health. One pays a large sum of money to go to these people and 
then gets to hear that one has to do all kinds of strange things to be famous, healthy 
or to get a better job. What such coaches do is merely to talk for hours about what 
you have to do or do not. It is Big Business! Everything turns around the word 
"business". I cannot believe that people spend lots of money on these things. 
But apparently they believe that everything is for sale and can be bought. I believe
that it is the root of our problems in modern times. The link is lost, the faith in oneself
is gone and there is no self-respect. But let me stop, because I do not want to continue 
in this negative way. It is not my life that these people are gambling away. It is their life 
and they decide what they want, maybe thinking "later we will buy a new life or better 

I still cherish the hope that one day people will see that they are going the wrong way. 
In every human life, there must be a turning point where one realizes that one is going 
the wrong way. This may be when a big loss is incurred or something really important 
happens and you see "It is not right". Or you hear a particular word and feel there is 
something wrong. It may be only a second. When you are at that point and feel 
something is changing, you will be open for a new way of living. It is there, waiting for 
you to reach out. So, as long you have to pay, do not believe all those stories told by 
people who claim to be connected, to know exactly how things must be done. 
When you become conscious of that, something else will open for you. You do all
things yourself, you do not need others, because all the knowledge is in you! 
Deep inside every human being, there is all the knowledge needed for this life. 
Believe me, when you reach that point, it is not important what others tell you. 
It is yourself who knows what to do and yourself who knows what to believe in. 
It is your believing, it is your life, which is telling you what to do and what to go for. 
That is the reason why I chose "Do it yourself" as the title of this chapter.

Why believe all that talk of others, why not listen to yourself? Why ask someone else 
a question, rather than listening to your inner self? Questions often have simple
answers, and you know the answers already. Deep within my heart, I hope that we 
get back to ourselves, to our inner selves where we will find all the answers and 

Do it yourself! That is the key.

(Chapter 73)




"Being human is helping each other"


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