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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 72 -

Our car accident

I will spare you a full overview of what happened, because it is irrelevant. What I want 
to share with you, is what happened with my body, my mind and my energy.

In previous chapters, I wrote about what happens when a human body reaches a 
stage where it needs help or protection from our Universe, our energy.

Let me briefly sketch the situation: I was driving home from the city, with my wife 
sitting in the back and my father beside me. In a few seconds, I had to make 
several decisions. The car in front of me made an emergency stop. I turned my 
steering wheel to the left, in order not to crash into that car. Another car, in front 
of that one, made a turn to the left that very same moment. I came into contact with
that car and as a result, my car headed in the direction of a parking place. There I 
saw three people walking towards their car. They were directly in my line. 
My intuition told me: "Go to the right". So, I made a right turn and saw in front of me 
a thick wooden lamppost. It was impossible to clear the lamppost and so the trip 
ended with that wooden post in the middle, between my father and me. The car 
was a total write-off! This is the police-style report about the accident.

Many things happened in what was probably no more than 4 seconds. I know 
that I have good reflexes. I know what to do and how to react in different situations. 
This time, my reaction did not fail me either, 3 times in a few seconds. First, when
the car in front of me suddenly slammed on the brakes. Second, when the other car 
veered to the left, when I was already beside it. Third, when I saw those three people 
in front of me, walking to their car, knowing it would be impossible to stop in time. 
Three decisions made in a few seconds. It worked and I did it. My intuition took over
my body completely three times in order to handle these situations. The fourth 
situation, the lamppost, I could not avoid, because there was no time left and so that 
was my final stop.

Before that final stop, something happened. Something my body had not done for 
a long time. I saw that lamppost coming closer very fast. I tried to change direction, 
but then there was a feeling telling me: "Let it come, it will be okay". That split tenth 
of a second, just before crashing into the wooden post, I got out of my body and let 
it happen. A second later, I was back, I took my feet away from under the dashboard 
and switched off the engine. That moment, I looked at my wife in the back. She was 
okay and then I looked at my father beside me. He was alive, calling for help. I got out 
of the car and noticed that his legs were under the dashboard. With all the power I had, 
I removed part of the dashboard. I pushed his seat back, so that he could get more air. 
I took his legs out and set him free. After that, the police and the ambulance took over. 
I walked up to the back of my car and sitting there, I started to meditate. That was a 
moment just for the Universe and me, in which I did the following.

First, I thanked the Universe for enabling me to react so fast. That I could see these 
people, so that I could change the direction of the car. I was grateful that all three of 
us were alive. As well as the people who were in front of my car and the person 
whose car I hit. I asked to take care of my wife and my father. I asked for relief of the 
pain and that the injuries could be healed. I got the information that nothing was really
wrong with us and we would soon recover completely. That was the time I was 
completely at ONE with the Universe and I knew everything would be okay.

Back to the moment when I was in front of that lamppost. Something told me: "It will be
this post". I closed my eyes that second and there was no body around me. I was not 
there! Nothing was there, I was free to leave that situation. The Universe took over. I did 
not feel anything, not the impact of the car hitting the post, nothing. Later I heard the 
engine running, when I returned to my body. Even then, I did not feel my body, it was not 
there. There was no information from the flesh, blood and bones. A few seconds later,
when I switched off the engine, I realized that my feet were stuck under the dashboard. 
I released them and got out. That time, without my body, I knew everything would 
be okay. There were no flashbacks of my life or near-death experiences. This was not 
my end, my body was on its own for a few seconds and it did perfectly.

Light and energy were in complete harmony. They had created a perfect balance for 
the three of us, in an accident that would normally have had a fatal end. 

Some deep inner feelings I had after the accident.

When I returned to my body, seconds after the impact, I knew there was nothing wrong 
with us. I told my wife later that I knew everything was okay with her. In the beginning, 
I thought I saw her in the rearview mirror, but I later realized there was no mirror! I had 
a clear view of my wife behind me with the message: "I am okay".

After taking care of my father, I went to my inner self. With all the people around us, 
everything was nevertheless really peaceful. I was very sure that this was the best that 
could happen to us. People helped us, looked after us and some stayed with us the 
whole afternoon. Our world was peaceful. The woman whose car I hit, was fine and 
also very tranquil. The best thing I did that moment right after the accident, was
thanking and asking for strength. It was just a feeling like; "I can do everything, 
I am at one with the energy".

Later that day, the energy took me to places for recovery and I was very soon free 
of pain. It was, and is, this feeling like you are on earth, but the negative energy cannot 
touch you. After days, the feeling was still there and I know for sure that I now live at 
another level on earth.

A new gate opened, which showed me the entrance of a world in which anything 
is possible.

The fact that nobody was hurt, no injuries suffered by any of the seven people involved 
in the accident, was something that made people call this accident a miracle.
But I know that it was the energy taking over the situation and making the best of it.

Leaving the body in this kind of situations was new for me. I can travel a lot, go where
I want, but mastering situations like these without a body and going somewhere else 
for a few seconds with three people, was a complete new experience.

This leaving the body was something my wife also experienced. She saw everything, 
knew that we would survive and the moment I left my body, she also left hers. 
What happened was like time-travelling, skipping a few seconds of life. After this 
experience, I can write for sure: We all are capable of doing things that we never 
thought possible. But now that I know energy and light can do these things, my life 
has changed forever. We can skip time, take care of others and make decisions 
that are far beyond our thinking and brainpower. We have the power to do so if we 
believe in it. This is what I experienced that day, that moment in that particular place.

We are energy and light. Believe in it and everything is possible.

(Chapter 72)




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