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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 71 -

Do not change it, accept it

The world we live in is based on power, stress and domination. We fight against it trying to 
manipulate it the way we want, so we can say "this is our life".
   - What is happening to us, why do we want publicity? 
   - Why do we want to push it to the limit in this earthly life? 
   - Why do we want to do the same to others as they are doing to us?
   - Why do we manipulate others?
   - Why? Why?
It was given to us the moment we arrived on earth. We were born in a pure state and 
full of positive energy, but from that day on most of us were surrounded by negative 
energy and domination.

We want to change the world and therefore get publicity (ego)! This is a motto for 
many people, which is sad, because this is not important in the long run. There is 
nothing to change, we have only to come out of this virtual life, this life of the system, 
and pick up our real life, which is one full of positive energy.

For example: many people would like to get a mention in history books, celebrity lists, 
et cetera, preferable in a positive way. But even if it is in a negative way, it does not 
matter to them. What is important is that line saying what they did in this earthly life. 
It is enough just to get that attention. Just look at what people are prepared to do just 
to get into the Guinness Book of Records. What is it that makes people step forward 
to get attention? Is it natural? No, it is not natural, because the original power we have 
of pure energy does not need attention or a mention in a book. Why is it important what 
the Egyptians did thousands of years ago or what went wrong in World War II or the 
Iraq/Iran war? Why is it important that someone can stand on one hand for several 
hours? NONE OF THOSE THINGS ARE OF ANY IMPORTANCE! It is a waste of time 
to read, learn and get involved with such things. They are indicators of a simple life.

Do you believe that simply helping someone who is in trouble, is more important than 
all that "history writing"? Some try to change or manipulate the truth, so that things look 
better for them. In the long run they will see that this was not the right way or the right 
place to go. Life should come to us as we feel it, from deep down inside us. 
Some people believe in something called "Karma", but Karma is not really like that. 
You cannot sit there without a home or food saying "This is my Karma". That is not 
how it works. It is hiding and being passive. If you open up your soul, you will be able 
to listen to your inner self and you will always have a home, work and food, because 
your inner self will tell you what to do and what is right for you. It has been said before, 
but many lives are going the wrong way. It is one thing to listen and another thing to
act. So often when we get information about something, our brain tells us to do 
something else than what we feel. And most of the time, we listen to our brain because 
we are used doing so. But it is much more important to listen to your feelings and not 
think so much. Listening to your brain is like listening to a manipulated point of view.

You are right in saying that it is not that easy and sometimes your feelings are 
completely different of what your brain tells you, but believe me when I say that if the 
information comes from your heart and soul it will be always be the right path. 
Even if it seems illogical and you cannot understand why you should do it. Listening 
to your feelings is very important. By listening to your feelings, you will follow the path 
that has been set for you from the beginning, when you arrived on earth. Listening 
only to your brain is like following a dead-end path: it leads nowhere.

Manipulating your feelings will also result in you taking a wrong turn. 
Then you will tell me  
"You see, you are wrong. I followed my feelings and now I'm broke!" SO WHAT if you 
are broke? We need no money or domination in a soul life!
I can almost feel your energy and thoughts. And when you feel pure energy that is clean 
and full of power, follow that path. It is the path that you have to go, because it is meant 
for you.

A path that does not need changing or manipulating, because it is the way you 
should live. Believe that this path is YOURS and believe that it is what you need. 
Then you will always have a home, enough food for you and your family and for the 
people around you.

Accept that path and enjoy the life you enter. It is something special and made only 
for you, so do not waste it or manipulate it!

Again, do not change it, accept it!

(Chapter 71)




"Being human is helping each other"


Please enjoy this site, learn the way of never-ending health and for living a better life 
by finding your path in a World of Positive Energy.


A special thanks for all the people who support this site.


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