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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 70 -

Creating your own world

Creating happens everywhere and all the time. Everything is about creation. 
The moment we arrived on earth, we started to create. We made it clear to our 
parents what we did or did not want. Later on, as teenagers, we did the same thing 
when we started to work out our way in this system. We create the whole day, our 
whole life long, and is that all we should do? We constantly create things around us, 
a world that we try to keep for the rest of our lives: or what we have come to call our 
virtual lives.

For a long time, this also happened to me. So I created my own world, my own 
company and I owned things like cars, houses and so on. Then there came a time 
when my life took a 180 degree turn and this entire world of mine started to fade away.
I have lost everything around me and in a short time, all material things, such as cars, 
houses, swimming pool, et cetera, were gone. In the beginning, I did not realize what
was happening, but after a while it became clear to me. I did not need those things 
in life. Certainly not in the life that was opening up for me. There was a lot more
happening and the whole world around me was changing. People died, others left me 
and so did all the pets I had. It was a drastic change in a short period of time. In that 
time, I decided to also give up my agency. I just locked the door and never came back. 
My income went from a good salary down to zero. Even that was not a strange feeling, 
because somehow I knew there would be something else instead. That was a major 
change in my life. Having created that world of everything around me made me sick 
and definitely not happy.

What then?
Everything was gone and I was at point zero. Changes came, I found the most perfect 
partner I could ever dream of. A person whom I found out later that was a part of my 
soul. My angel, my wife and my soul were back in my life. From then on, the changes 
happened very fast. We bought a new home on a hill far away from the city. We found 
there absolute love and understanding. And most importantly, we found the connection 
with all the energy around us. Sickness was gone, I no longer needed a doctor, 
specialists or hospital. My body was reborn, with new energy in my new life. 
This world is completely different from the old one, in which material things and 
money were setting a price on my life. Having been in this "new" world for a long time
now, we have been able to do what we want. Cherishing the friends who came into 
our lives. For us, nothing is more important than the Universe and the world that is 
connected with this Universe. Perhaps you can see this as creating or building your 
own world. The same thing young people are doing now on their computers, but with 
a huge difference: The world of ours is real, while the one on those computers is 
nothing and makes no sense at all. Virtual reality they call it, and you can buy a place 
in that world. This brings me back to that virtual life I talked about, because the world 
we live in here right now is also like an unreal world. Many people are far from the real 
world, living as if in a movie and believing everything the radio, TV and movie 
industries tell them. Look around you; your entire life is based on virtuality.

Our real world is created from of a source that we call the energy of the Universe. 
Looking at everything from a higher level, the world of power and indoctrination make 
no sense and is not important. A world in which you are on the level of the energy that 
is the key of life. What can be more beautiful than having that connection? You are free 
to do and so accomplish what you want. Free to do what your feelings tell you to do 
and free to make decisions that are important for the life support system that is
connected with the Universe.

The years that we spend in this real world of positive energy, feel as if we are free, 
free from sicknesses and manipulation. It is more like a dream and when we open 
our eyes, the dream goes on! It is certainly not a dream, because we are in this 
earthly life at a level we cannot imagine.

For me it is strange that after a lot of working, reading and listening, people prove 
so naïve and are always looking for explanations, searching for answers from persons 
they look up to, like gurus or priests. They always need to "hold on" to a person or a 
symbol. The same goes for all those books about how to make that perfect life or 
connection. Believe me, all the knowledge is already inside you and does not need 
to be told by others. Why does mankind have this characteristic? Look at slavery, 
all the killing and manipulation. All that is about taking other people's lives. There is no 
place left for an "Own world" or an "Own I".  You are expected to do what others tell 
you, or otherwise… This self-created world is the world that is important for yourself
and the Universe. Create your own place here on earth, do the work that needs to be
done by you and not what others tell you to do. A world where everything is possible 
without limitations. Because you know there are no limitations, no time, no beginning 
or end in that world.

When you come to the point where I was several years ago, with the knowledge I have 
now, you will see that there is nothing else than energy around you, energy you can live,
walk, talk and have fun with. It is there, it is only a matter of time for you to find the way 
in. This will be all for the moment, because it is important for you to finish this part of 
your life first and then to open the gate to a new life. Closing it is certainly not easy, 
because it means leaving everything behind. How to find this gate, is something you 
will read in other chapters in this book. To open the gate, is a matter of letting your 
heart speak, letting feelings take over your brain and then just listen to the messages 
you receive. Open up yourselves to that new world, a world that is not "new" for the 
Universe but for you, because you have forgotten that part in your life.

It helps me, my wife, and others. Why should it not help you?
   - Believe that the path you are following now, is the right one. 
   - Believe in your own positive energy. 
   - Believe that all the good things will come to you. 
The positive energy is inside you and around you, it is free and it will give you a place 
at a higher level in this world, where things need to be built. Life is like going up and 
down, but everything with positive energy is capable of getting you to a specific place,
the place where you belong.

(Chapter 70)




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