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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 7 -

Hills - Rocks - Sand - Dust

Human life is connected with these four words. Human life is like these words.

   - We are born like a hill and we are healthy during the first years of our lives.
   - During childhood, we stand as a rock, and go on to become teenagers.
   - As we get older, health problems emerge and we become like sand.
   - At the end of our lives, our bodies don't stay on earth but return to dust.

For a hill to become dust takes millions of years. But in a human life, this cycle is 
about 80 years. The difference is just time. We are all born strong and healthy. 
Our Universal energy is 100%. As a teenager, we start going downhill, because 
our food is unhealthy, we refuse to listen to our body, and we do only what we like 
to do. As we get older, we feel that something has gone wrong. Our body tells us: 
"I stop, I quit". We feel as if we're torn apart, because our body no longer works like 
before. Eventually, the body gives up and turns to dust, becoming an integrated part 
of the earth.

When I hold loose sand or dust in my hand, I think "How many lives am I holding here?". 
How many human lives and, not to forget, animal and plant lives? All plants, trees, 
animals become dust too, just like we humans do. This dust has its own unique energy.
Every grain of sand has its own energy. This energy is all around us. It lies there, waiting
to reconnect to a body, animal or plant. This simple sand lets everything grow. Plants 
and trees grow faster in sand and they need the dust or gravel to grow. Without simple 
dust, there is or would be no life on earth! Everything is interconnected and this big hill, 
which becomes rocks, then sand and eventually dust, is one of the keys of life! I believe 
that a simple grain of sand holds the key to life and is in itself a life form.

(Chapter 07) 




"Being human is helping each other"


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