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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 69 -

The Core (part two)

Not so long ago, I wrote in a chapter about energy fields and their importance. 
In part one of The Core, I discussed in some detail what the Core can be. 
Some people do not believe in these words or are afraid to learn about the Core.
I am hundred percent convinced that the Core is there and it is up to me to pass on
that knowledge so that you can use it.

In "The Core (part one)" I wrote about where the people think they can find the Core, 
to find the way our life is built and how everything is interconnected. In the chapter 
"Ego, the other side of the soul" I discussed this in more detail and I lifted a tip of the 
veil of complete knowledge of the Core.

ENERGY is what everything is about. Pure energy is the key to all answers. 
All of us - nature, humanity and the Universe - are made of energy. When we analyze 
a plant at the deepest level possible, we will see that there is only energy. The same
happens with everything around and inside us and in the Universe. Energy is the key 
of life and  it is energy that building stones are made of, everything we have and can 
see around us.

Where does that energy come from and what does it consist of? Energy, this first 
building block, came as the first life form that started in the Universe. Our Universe 
is not the first Universe there is, and as far as we can go, we are a part of an energy 
field that we cannot imagine and hardly believe. An energy field that can travel where 
it wants and do what it wants. As I wrote before, there is no time, no distance and no 
beginning or end. It is a self-supporting energy field and it has been there for a long 
time. Energy will NEVER EVER stop, so try to avoid thinking of a beginning or 
an end. This energy has all the keys in it to start and end life. Please do not ask for
proof, because there is none and there will never be. It is something that goes far 
beyond our imagination or knowledge. People will always keep searching for it, but 
they will never find it. There is no beginning and no end, so where to start?

The energy that we come from, is just an expression of that energy and in the 
beginning we were "pure" human bodies that were directly connected with the energy. 
In some old buildings around the world, we can find evidence that people knew how 
to fly, how to build planes and so on. It was not a problem, because they were so 
pure that they knew how to look back in time and into the future. They knew what was 
there and what was coming. Time was not an issue, neither for them in those day nor 
for some people today. Some people? Yes, actually there are people who can see 
and know what was there and what is coming. BUT, the problem is that the people 
today are more dominated by their brain and so their way of seeing is no longer pure. 
The connection with the energy field is fading away and so it is so much more difficult 
to get a pure connection with that field. Some believe that they reach a higher level 
through meditation, that they can travel and see what is going on. There are people 
who can see others who are as far as them, so they can travel in time together. 
I hope I will remain levelheaded on this earth, keeping the connection I have now with 
this energy and all its powers.

In the past, a lot happened to me and I know for sure there is more coming! That plane
crash, I wrote about, these two "angels" with their light and the feelings they gave me, 
and that power I have used to lift exceptionally heavy things. Not to mention all the 
chapters I have written about a world that you never thought would be there. All these 
things take me to a level that I believe is near that pure energy. I get messages, 
I get feelings that I write down, and I see things others cannot see. There will certainly 
be more of it, because I know the possibilities I had in my past lives.

This will be one of my last earthly lives and something strange is happening in this life. 
I have to convince you of the other way of living, without using power. The way I must 
do it is not easy, because in this life I have a lot of limitations, but I know for sure that 
these will not keep me from reaching my goal, which is to help and to be there 
for others.

Do not be afraid of what I am telling you here. If you want, you can close this book now. 
No problem, because right now I am not working with my brain but I am writing down 
what I receive from that energy. Words and drawings are the only power that I have left, 
because that is what I have asked for this life. The turning of the plane and that lifting of
heavy things are a fraction of the power everybody has inside her/him. Being healthy, 
the other part I wrote a lot about is, just a small power we all have, except that we have 
forgotten how to use it.

That Core is all that is important in our lives. I know the Core, I feel the Core, and I know 
for sure that as long as we believe, we can get the connection with the Core and then 
everything will change. Why not change, this very second? You are a part of the Core, 
the energy! Change now and do what you think you can do, as if you are the Core!

Energy is there, energy is everywhere YOU want, but there is still a thick wall between 
you and the energy right now. If you need a crucifix, a symbol, or believe in something
like a holy Bible or Koran, please believe in that, but do not expect to find the Core 
there. A lab is not the right place to find the Core either. You need to believe in one 
thing: yourself in connection with the Universe. The Core is there inside you, your body, 
your mind and everywhere you want, but you cannot see it. If you think you can take 
a photograph of it, place it on your screen and say "That's my Core, my energy," 
forget it. What I am referring to is these photographs and other pictures made of
what people say are energy fields. What you see there is a delusion, because your 
body gets that information from earthly things. This is not the connection with that 
higher level many people believe in. These points are fields made by present 
lifestyles of you and the energy fields connected with earthly fields. They are not the 
connections and information from the Core.

The energy field that I am talking about, is everywhere and the only thing I know is that
it is there. When I connect with it, I get information I never saw, talked or read about 
before. Sometimes I get information that is difficult to understand, because I cannot 
always explain what I see, hear or feel. But the energy feels as if I am far above this 
earth, where earthly life is no longer a part of me and where earth used to be a part 
in some of my lives before.

Let me state it clearly: I am not ET or another extraterrestrial. I am far from being dead, 
but all I see and feel is what I believe and I know. I am glad to be here on earth and 
now it is time for me to get over that "human" point and to be a part of the Universe. 
You may have doubts, but when there is disbelief, you will not progress in this life, 
nor in the next one, or the one after that.

We are all energy, nothing more, nothing less. If you are connected with that energy, 
you are that plant, that rock, that water and everything you see around you. If you can 
reach the level of energy, there is no time, no past, no present and no future, because 
all of those were once and are already done. That is why some people can see into 
the future and do extraordinary things. In the world of energy, there are no limits and 
so you can be one with the Core.

All scientists who reached that point of pure energy, people who have seen and known 
the key, are locked up with the label "mad". And so it will continue to go in the future 
until the truth will come out. Under the pyramids in Egypt, there is proof locked away.
The same is true in the USA and other places where there is proof that energy builds 
everything. The powers that we are trying to get access to this information in these 
places, but the way these people worked with this information will never come out. 

Do they really think to find the key to that absolute energy in buildings of thousands 
of years old? No, those people also tried to find the key. They were more advanced 
than we are now, because they were more connected with the energy, but they did not 
know how to explain. It is incredible that we human beings always look back to what 
others have done. Trying to find a way in science and mathematics, people keep 
going the wrong way all the time they are here. Older generations knew how to work 
with heavy and strange materials, because they got the power to lift tons of rocks 
without touching, to create buildings that we know they built with a purpose. 
There will never be an explanation, because it was never written and it is not important 
to know for the present time. But why keep searching if we already know? It seems to 
be human nature to make everything as complicated as possible and get things 
written incorrectly, so that nobody understands afterwards what it meant. It is foolish 
to believe that we should go back in time and see what they did. We know now what 
to do and that is get back to the Core, the energy I know will be the key and the 
answer to all our questions.

So much for now. This is enough information for the moment, but more will come later 
and I will convince you all in the long run what is really going on and how to work with 
the Core.

(Chapter 69)




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