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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 67 -

Simple things in life (part two)

   Wake up and be thankful for the beautiful night.

   Wake up and be glad you are able to walk, smell, see and experience the new day.

   Sitting at your breakfast, knowing you are one of the blessed people who has 
   something to eat that morning.

   Walking to your front door and seeing your family or loved one standing there 
   wishing you a good day at work.

   Think about the people who have no work and have to struggle for their families
   that day, believing in the goodness of the Universe.

   See all the good things that are happening around you.

   Open your feelings and realize that this day is special, one of a kind.

   Walking around having a great time with the person who is so special in your life.

   Get the feeling that you are complete and feel strong at that moment.

   Having fun with your children or others who know that there is more but cannot 
   explain it yet.

   Playing with your pet and seeing it enjoy your presence and your attention during 
   those few minutes.

   Living a life, knowing you mean something to others and to yourself.

   Feeling blessed when your food is served, less or more, enough to keep you going 
   in your life.

   Sitting on a couch reading an interesting book or listening to a good piece of music.

   Sitting on a couch looking at a candle in front of you and seeing the joy and pure 
   light it gives.

   Having a good conversation with your loved one and having the feeling she is

   Writing a letter to an old friend you have found again after many years.

   Feeling not completely comfortable in a situation, your loved one takes over or is 
   there when needed. 

   This split second a stranger looks at you, gives you a smile and you feel just great.

   After months of nursing a plant, the most beautiful flower comes out and tells you 
   "Thank you'.

   That call in which someone tells you: "You did a great job".

   A letter from someone on the other side of the world, who thanks you for the trust 
   you gave him by sending him a drawing.

   The moment when a child asks you the most important question in his life.

   These bees waiting every morning for me to bring them sugar, so they can bring it 
   to the hive, later producing the sweetest honey.

   That bird softly whistling every morning like: "Please give me my seeds, so I can 
   feed the young".

   Those clouds creating the most beautiful landscapes above me, giving me the 
   feeling I am walking there.

   These eagles telling me every day "you are still there", circling above me showing 
   me that they are free and healthy and so are we.

   That light every morning, giving us the power to go on and to believe in its strength.

   That belief I have in the Universe, that there are no limitations as long as I believe.

   Thanks to these people who are there when I need them.

   In short, you can see that there is a lot around you, enough to make each day a 
   special day. A day never to forget, a day to believe in and a day people find a way 
   to get connected when they need to. It is a matter of time and as long as time is no 
   problem, I will succeed in a mission that I want to accomplish. I will be there at the 
   right moment in your life. That is for sure.

(Chapter 67)




"Being human is helping each other"


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