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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 66 -


I can't help it, but sometimes I think.

   - I think about different things, but most of all I think about how I can explain to you 
     what is really going on in life. How I can tell you and how I can show you that the 
     other part of you, your inner self is the most powerful tool you have.
   - I think about what is going on here on earth and why people act like beasts 
     without any responsibility.
   - I think about what is going on in the world, what changes its energy fields.
   - I think about the changing of the weather and climates, which will result in a 
    complete reversal of the ecological system.
   - Most of all, I think about the people around me, how to help them and how to show 
     them the key to a life full of energy. 
In all that thinking, one thing that keeps coming up is belief, to believe in love and the 
energy around you. But how can I explain to you how to use that energy field in love 
and understanding. To be honest, I do not know because people's feelings are faded 
so far away, it is difficult to explain what should be done. Cults, churches, and religions 
fail and it looks as if people do not want help. There is no Universal love and 
understanding. What are we for each other? These things are lost and it looks as 
if they are gone forever! Right now, it may look as if I am thinking in a negative way, 
but forget that because as I wrote several times before that there is a solution for 
everything. But why think about solutions? Because I try to get more information about
the way you think. A way to say it your way, but so far there is no long-term solution the 
way you are living and thinking. In many chapters, I have written about what the system, 
churches, religions and leaders are doing to you. There is a lack of positive energy in
these organizations and that is why I believe we should take a more decisive step into 
another way of living. There is much more around you and there is also so much more 
possible if you believe in this world and if you are willing to learn to see what is really 
going on in your life. Why and for what purpose do you live this life?

Some religions and sects claim that the changing of the world has started, the world 
will select the "good" people from the "bad" ones. But what is "good" and what 
is "bad"?
In our system, a criminal is bad and someone who sits in church all day, so to speak, 
is good. But it is terrible to think like that. Let me spell it out: THERE ARE NO BAD 
PEOPLE, only people who are lost! When we see it in the Universal way, all people 
do what they think they need to do. They act that way because the system asks them 
to do so. People who kill others, act the way the system wants! They do what they 
believe is right and they do not see it as if they are ending other people's lives. 
They just do what the system expects and as a reward they will go to a promised land 
or get a medal for acting as a criminal for the same system. So, is that bad? 
They are doing things that a system appreciates in one way, while in another way, 
the system judges their actions as criminal. Is manipulating people's lives good? 
Where is the line that tells us what is bad and what is good? What is it that pushes 
you over that limit, taking actions in the name of the system? Believe me, as long as 
we listen and act the way the churches, the system and the leaders want, there will be 
good and bad, and this is not at all how the Universe sees it. It is about the energy 
that is playing with human lives. When you constantly receive negative energy, 
there will be a time when it explodes. Then the Universe will take you back, because 
you went over the limit. What we can do is simple, but then I come back to my way of 
thinking, because there must be something inside you that is telling you the way in 
which you are acting and living now is not the way you should. When I tell you how to 
help yourself and others, there should first be belief in the Universe and belief in what 
I write here in these chapters. Thinking is a way of letting your brain start all over again 
and clean all that negative energy inside.

All that negative thinking should be stopped and you start to see things in the 
positive way. The first step is a simple one. When you wake up in the morning, 
just thank the Universe for being here, for how the day has started and how great the 
day will be. At the end of the day before you go to sleep, remember all the positive
things of that day. See the small things and not the material things. See just a smile 
of one of your children or some other person. See the sun rising as it is making you 
feel great. Just go through those things of the day. Let the positive things push away 
the negative thoughts. Do not spend too much time on negative things, negative 
people or negative experiences. Turn the negative field into a positive field of energy.
It is a start and it will be a beginning to see these chapters more in an objective way.

(Chapter 66)




"Being human is helping each other"


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