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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 65 -

Considerations (part two)

   -  We live hundreds of thousands of hours during our lives. 
      Why can we not spend one hour for each other every day? 

   -  Your body may return to sand and dust, but your soul lives on forever.

   -  Everything is possible, even what you think is impossible.

   -  Close your eyes and look behind your mind. This is a never-ending world.
   -  Believing in your feelings will get you further in earthly life.

   -  Believing does not mean thinking.
   -  Believing does not mean hearing.
   -  Believing does not mean seeing.
   -  Believing comes from the depth of your heart, as it is the way your soul talks to you.

   -  The body is just a tool, it helps our soul to get on in life. 
      It is so sad that so many people look lost.

   -  Heart and soul are the driving force behind all human lives.
      Without these we are not alive.

   -  Afraid of death? Afraid of an afterlife? If you live with such fears, you hardly live.

   -  Living on this part of our island is living the way life should be. 
      Back to nature, back to the source of life.

   -  I believe this is a moment, just a moment in our life. 
      A second that will be gone forever. Why take this second so seriously?

   -  Definition of a soldier: A military slave who has to follow orders, without thinking.

   -  When people speak, nobody listens. When birds sing, the whole world listens.

   -  What is life? Being surrounded by beautiful people? 
      Sitting in the middle of Nature? Listening to the sound of silence!

   -  The crown on your life is living your own life by keeping in touch with your soul.

   -  The soul is the connection with the Core and makes your life full of surprises.

   -  Follow your feelings, this is the path you should follow. 
      Without feelings, there is no path to follow.

   -  Nature, with all its colors, is a gift from the Universe to you.

   -  After one shower, nature is awoken again.

   -  Light and energy constitute our main food of life.
      Similarly, water is the main food for Mother Nature.

   -  Observe people around you and you know there is nothing more 
      beautiful than human life.

    -  The best medicine for people who are stressed is just being there and listening.

   -  Impossible becomes possible if you follow your heart and soul.

   -  Everything is possible, if you keep in mind there is nothing that is impossible.

   -  As life is energy, everything is possible, because you did already the impossible.

   -  In my mind, everything is possible, my body tells me it is impossible. 
      But by believing my mind, my body makes it possible.

   -  Your mind is not the creator of your life, your brain is not your master, 
       but deep down inside you, there is the soul, the key to every life.

   -  I do not believe in miracles, I believe in my heart and soul.

   -  In every life, there is a connection with the source, behind the source is life.

   -  Do not see your life as a substance, see it as energy and everything will 
      be explained.

   -  Deep inside you, there is a place of endless love and understanding.

   -  If you see the world as energy, there is nothing to be afraid of.

    -  The connection with the source you can find deep down inside you.

   -  Zero point,
      Zero star,
      Zero globe,
      Is this a zero life in a zero world?

   -  If you see everything as energy, there are no limitations, 
      no more obstacles and heaven will be here.

   -  When you get the sign "you can do it", do it, because it is already done.

   -  Impossible becomes possible, if you believe in it.

-  What you see is not real, but what you feel is life.

(Chapter 65)




"Being human is helping each other"


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