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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 64 -

The other side

I  wrote a lot about the positive and the negative way of living your life. At the moment, 
the world is largely dominated by negative power, by people who dominate others. 
And so you have to bear those negative things and be part of that negative energy.

What is left of all the strength we had? What is left of the power we have to heal 
ourselves, to be part of a positive world? A world where we can work together to 
become more powerful, without domination and wars.

What is left? Let us first look at what the world was before these negative energy 
fields started to build up. In the beginning, this Universe was like a "playground" 
for the energy, to create the things we can see, feel and touch. Energy likes to 
explore and create. It started to create the Universe the way it is now, with all
the planets, stars and all kinds of life forms. Energy itself has the absolute power 
to create and live in these forms. It is an absolute life where everything is possible 
and there are no limitations. I have referred to the fact that there are no limitations 
several times, and I truly believe it. Energy is the creator of everything.

Let me try to explain. Everything is energy, and it expands regularly. It was the time 
when the Universe created the stars, planets and other places. Energy was 
expanding on a level you can see and not only feel it. The objects we can see, feel 
and touch are growing. Because energy is capable of creating everything that is 
needed or is good for the complete Universe. Creating is no problem, because 
there is no time and there are no limitations! Then it starts life, life we know in plants, 
trees and also human beings. These "living forms" are more complicated than the 
objects created before. And so we are at the level we are here right now. But… yes, 
there is another "but". With the creation of all living objects, these are also going more 
and more their own way. You can see it in the world of animals, plants and certainly in 
the human race. In the beginning, we were created of pure energy. In that way, 
we were connected with that energy, because it was created from the basis. 
A perfect body, made to survive in that world, in that time line. What we call "evolution" 
has been going on for millions of years and has changed our body, our brain and also 
our way of living. When we go back to the time of the Egyptians, Mayas and other 
great cultures, we can see things there that are signs from the source. Signs from 
that world, before the changes took place. Things were created in mysteries, 
inexplicable; nobody knows what happened there and why. We can see buildings, 
which will stand forever as long as needed. That was the start and at the same time, 
unfortunately, the end of the time with our energy source. Then people started to 
move away. Long before these cultures and the signs of the source, people were 
a closer part of that source. We can find several signs of rituals performed by these 
people at that time. The more you listen, read or feel, the more you will see one thing: 
We are now moving away from the source and the energy field.

At the moment, a small group is rediscovering these earlier signs. This is because 
they are at a point where there is no longer any logical explanation for what was going 
on in their experiments. With all this negative energy around them, there was no 
answer and there are more questions than answers in this world. Just because we are 
now moving away from the source and do not live our life the way we should do.

The start, when the energy was "playing", creating everything, came from that same 
energy.  Until today, this energy has been our source and the building stones of 
everything. All of that was pure energy and was created in harmony. Sickness did 
not exist, death was not the kind of death we have to deal with now. It was just pure 
energy that was there. As I wrote elsewhere, this has changed, because all creatures 
created from that energy, got their own intelligence. This intelligence grew and 
expanded. The brain took over what originally our feelings and energy did. 
More and more, the source of living our life has become dominated by the brain. 
Thoughts are manipulations of the brain. We started to change the way of living, 
because we moved away from the source. Deep down in all of us, there is this source 
that is pure and knows how to live, but this is now far away. It has been pushed aside 
and is dominated by the overpowering brain, which we think is intelligent. One thing is 
the key of everything in these negative energy fields and that is our brain. It is not pure. 
Others and we, ourselves, can manipulate and dominate the brain. So it is the brain 
that creates this negative energy field, bringing us down. This is where we are today. 
We have an overpowering brain, because we think we need that and we are living a 
life that is mostly made of negative energy.

The most intelligent people did not spend all their lives learning in universities and 
schools. The great people, who are true "masters" in life, "connect" to the source of 
life as soon as they can. This energy makes everything possible. Those who think
that we have to go to school to learn and then become healthy, rich and powerful 
are wrong, and have been manipulated by a sick system.

As I wrote, the people who are real masters, are not the highly educated people from 
universities, but the ones who get all their knowledge directly from the source. I always 
wonder when I read a book and notice that the writer refers to other books or other 
people over and over again. In a book that I read recently, every so many lines had a 
reference saying "Source, book….". Almost the entire book consisted of references to 
other books. For me, such a writer has no vision of his own or meaning in life.

The same is true for health care, alternative or spiritual people, and even regular 
medicine. It is always about money and trying to get as many people as possible in 
their clinics. I believe that if you really care for people, you do not think about money.

I apologize for the negative lines, but it is important to know what is going on here 
on earth. And there is no other way I can let you know.

Now that we know how everything started, we can continue with the title of this 
chapter "The other side".

I think you know where we should be to get on in life. In the past years, you have been 
living here on earth, you know for sure that almost everything goes into negative fields. 
So what can we do? Get out of that negative field and pick up the source and start life 
again. When we came into this world, we were pure. The knowledge a baby has, is 
incredible. It is capable of surviving if we let it go its own way. What does a baby have 
that we adults have lost during the time we have been here on earth? 
THE CONNECTION! The pure connection with the energy that is around us. 
We have to get that connection again. If you think "There is no connection for me with 
the energy", you will be surprised. I tell you: all human beings, all living things will keep 
the connection to the pure energy, the source, that has made us living creatures.

I want to give you this on your path. We have the power to do whatever we want to do. 
We always have the connection in us that we think we lost. Every second, we can 
change our lives and get connected to the source again. What you have to do is the 
following: Sit on a chair or lie down on your bed. Choose a drawing or an object to 
concentrate on. Look at this object and focus on the way you are breathing. Breathe 
slowly in one rhythm, for example by counting to 3 when you breathe in to 10/15 by 
when you breathe out. Only focus on your breathing, nothing else. Look at the object 
and focus on one point, so that you can enter the object. Feel you are there and feel 
you are the same energy as the object is made of. Feel the power, feel the energy 
that is coming. You will get the energy into your body. You need it to restore the 
negative fields. Throw the negative fields away and restore them with the positive 
energy. Now your body is clean and open for all the things you want to do. You can 
go further by going to a place where it is peaceful. Where you get the feeling that you 
are by yourself, or with others who are also positively loaded. In this way, you can build 
up your positive energy. During this meditation, you can ask for more connection with 
the source, to get back to the key of life. By doing so, you will see after a while of daily 
meditations that a completely new path will open for you. A path that will lead you to 
the other side of life.

A tip: You live a difficult life. For many years, you have been fighting against negative 
energy and negative people. This has given your body and energy field a lot of work 
to do, to restore all broken links. It  also needs to turn all negative input into positive 
information and thoughts. Do not expect that you can do all this in a short time. 
Your body needs time (which is a line we humans live with, because in energetic 
terms it is nothing). Every time you go to that connection, it is important that you 
believe you are going in the right direction. There may be some major changes. 
Perhaps you will change jobs or cancel trips, tell others: "No, I do not do that". 
You may even move to another place. It is what your energy - also called "soul" - is 
showing you. For you, that is always the best. Sometimes you may wonder what is 
going on. Your feelings and your energy are leading you to another place in life. 
A place that I call "The other side".

The other side is seeing the world and live purely, with pure energy and pure feelings. 
Some see it as a bright white light. It is different for each of us, because we are all 
unique when it comes to our feelings and the path we need to follow. When you have 
reached a point where ordinary earthly things cannot take you down or you have the 
feeling you are above all these earthly things, then you have made the right choices 
and you are going in the right direction. The other side does not mean that you are 
doing nothing in your regular life. Your earthly negative life is changing and you are 
above these negative things. As you accomplish this, this believing, doors will open 
for you. Doors will open forever and your options will be endless.

A small example: Can you believe I could neither speak nor write English a few 
years ago? I was very bad at languages, even in my native language I made a lot of 
mistakes! Today, I write these chapters, books and letters in newspapers and 
magazines. How is that possible?  Simply, because I am increasingly above these 
negative earthly things, knowing that everything is possible. I ignore the way others 
think about the way I write.

This positive energy is the key to all things. Many holy books were written and rewritten 
and we have a lot ceremonies and rituals. There are books so difficult to read that we 
need a dictionary. They were written to make as much money as possible, while all 
comes from ONE THING! The source, this energy, can take you back to the other 
side and to a perfect life. This is as far as I want to go in this chapter. But I will discuss 
the source, the power, in greater detail later.

Keep your mind clear and enjoy the new path you are following.

You are not alone. 

(Chapter 64)




"Being human is helping each other"


Please enjoy this site, learn the way of never-ending health and for living a better life 
by finding your path in a World of Positive Energy.


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