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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 63 -

Energy waves

This chapter will discuss the world of energy waves. The world we live in and in which 
we form ourselves and our environment. There is a lot to write about and a lot to 
explain. In another chapter, I wrote the following.

Energy waves? Yes energy waves are also the key of life. As I wrote elsewhere, our 
lives exist, because we are a complex part of the energy waves that create our lives 
and our entire stay here on earth. Let me try to explain. Energy waves are what we 
are, we are made of energy and we are nothing other than energy. All you can see, 
is that same energy, the same thing you are made of. So you also create your own 

Energy is life and life is energy. It determines our way of living and the way we are 
made. One thing is sure: everything you see around you here on earth and in the 
Universe is made of energy. Energy is the key of our life and all life forms. Energy 
gives us the possibility to communicate and feel everything we believe in. There are 
people who talk with aliens, plants or dogs, they communicate with what they want 
and what they believe in. This is not so difficult, as long as you believe you are of the 
same energy as everything you can see and have around you. I once read a book 
written by scientists who are working hard on a new way of seeing and believing. 
They found ways to communicate without any electronic device. They did a lot of 
research on mystics and highly developed  "nature people". For the first time, they 
found proof that homeopathic medicines have a real place in this world. Water with 
some traces of plants, works better than conventional chemical medicines. 
Proof, always this proof, why? Only to explain the existence of supernatural things!
It makes me sad that we have to live in a world of proof. Can we not live in a world 
of belief? We know everything already, we know everything is possible and as long 
as we believe, it will happen. But the world of the last few centuries needs proof and 
so now we need to find proof for the things people have known for thousands of years. 
This theory sounds good at times, but then again we get more and more people who 
think they can place everything in boxes, because they are scientists!

Let me stop. The reason I am writing this is because people also found that there is 
much more happening and why our body is playing this earthly game its way. 
They are now talking about a "zero field". A place where everything comes from! 
A very bright idea: a field where everything comes from! Is it not so that for thousands 
of years people have shown that everything is possible, such as healing through 
thoughts and strengths? They did things that  the churches referred to as miracles.

After spending millions of human lives, they have now found a field and so they start 
believing in a field! We are people who do not live for each other, but against each 
other. If we work more with each other, instead of against each other, we would now 
be at a point where we accept the power of energy, our own power. But until today, 
we have been unwilling to do so. It is good to read that some scientists are now 
taking that route, with or without the help of others. There is a small path opening, 
leading in the right direction. I very much hope that they will not try to explain 
everything by numbers, and that they will soon get the opportunity to work with the 
power/energy. The knowledge that some people have now, may be the key to a
turning point in our daily routines and everyday life. It is very important that we get 
back this connection with the energy. Not that we have lost this energy, but we no 
longer know how to work with it. Losing the energy is not possible, because we are 
that energy and if we lost it, we would not be here anymore. We should work on 
ourselves, we have to start believing in the energy, in the power. Which brings me 
to the part I wrote in the previous chapter, about the energy and the world around us.
I talked about the world of energy in the positive or negative way. The energy we have 
around us is in all the objects we can see, touch or feel. Everything around us is made 
of the same energy. The chair you sit on is you, that plant is you, and the house you
live in is also made of energy. The same energy that you are made of. Connecting 
different waves of energy makes that object a chair and another one a tree and third 
one a human being. The different ways in which energy is connected make an object 
the way you see it. This may be difficult to understand, but there is one energy that 
makes everything and places things with each other, so it will look as a chair or as a 
computer. Everything is energy, energy made of waves.

Keep in mind that everything is made of that one source (energy). Think that the world
around you is also made of that one source, which is energy. You are that building, 
that other person, that plant, that tree. It is you, your energy. One thing before we go 
further: Everything you see, all the objects, all living things, have their own energy. 
The soul is a unique energy that is the driving force behind everything you do. It has 
a path to go and it will lead you along that path. But, as I wrote in the soul chapters,
the soul is an energy that lives forever. Over and over again, it goes into other bodies 
and to other places to work on the complete energy of the Universe. The soul is the 
source of all living things. What is this soul? Pure energy, which is doing exactly what 
it has to do and where it is needed. One soul is a small part of the complete energy 
that is our world. Yes, the Universe is one big energy field, a "zero field" as it is called. 
But it is anything but a zero field. This field is full of life and the field is life. Everything 
comes from there. We can name the zero point also the soul, because it is the Core, 
the energy, the power, that  makes and takes every life form.

Back to this energy made of waves and our lives. Everything is energy, everything is 
made of energy and will be going on in energy. Because we are made of that one 
energy, we can get connected to others over thousands of miles, without any device. 
We can pick up the waves from others, from other objects and even from buildings. 
We can communicate with them if we really believe, but most importantly, we can 
work with these waves. Which brings me to the point that we create our own world.
It is indeed you who creates everything around you. You create your world, your 
happiness, but also your sadness. Let me try to explain. Because we are living 
creatures, created from the same energy as everything we see around us, we are 
able to talk, manipulate and work with it. Why do you think a dream will come true, 
when you keep dreaming about it over and over? Because you are manipulating the 
energy around you. If you listen to what your energy waves are telling you to do, the 
energy field around you will be changed that way. Your dream will be there! That is 
also how it works with your health. If you believe in your health and you are open for 
the positive healthy energy, you will be healthy. It is not a miracle, it is not the doctor, 
it is you who does that, you and the energy that is around you.

Maybe this is a little difficult or too much, but just try to see things this way. 
I can tell you, YOU have to believe and it is there. If you go to that point where you see 
yourself as an energy field, and you can get all the energy you want, you will never be 
tired, never be sick and never go into a depression. I have to qualify this a little, 
because it does not mean that everything will always be fine from now on and you 
will always be healthy, and without any low moods. Of course there will be times 
when you have low moods. This is because we are not perfect, like we were when 
our life started and because we have too much negative energy around us. It is very 
difficult to work with that and to find a way to always be out of this negative influence. 
It is possible and some people have mastered the power of this energy better than 
others. We can start and try to live our lives the way the energy has meant for us to do. 
Again, we are energy, the world is energy, people and all life forms are energy. 
This is the energy of the Universe that makes us and that will take us back. We will 
never die, because the energy source, our soul, will go on from one life form to another 
one, where we are needed.

I hope that someday, somewhere there will be a place where we can start with this 
way of thinking and living. Meanwhile, we have to do it ourselves. We will come back 
to this way of living, because right now we are heading towards a dead end. 
The people who know the power, go for this energy field and way of living. 
They can create a human race that is capable of going deeper and getting on in life. 
The next step will certainly come. It is a matter of human time. I call this human time, 
because for the Universe and Core (energy) there is no time, no limitation. 
There is nothing that is against them. Maybe this small start by some scientists who 
are now talking about a field, is the start of a positive turn.

The Core, the Universe is made of one thing: "Energy".

(Chapter 63)




"Being human is helping each other"


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