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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 6 -

Brooding, the dark side of your brain

Every thinking human being broods and ponders. All things that happen in our lives,
go through our brain. We often ask ourselves "What can I do to stop worrying?". 
Our brain works all the time, but most of the time not in the way it should. In a previous 
chapter, I wrote that we should stop pondering. You may think that this is impossible. 
In the world in which we live today, thoughts hurtle past like a train. Thinking is 
necessary, but we must not let it take over our life. If we do, we find ourselves creating 
hundreds of scenarios for solving a problem. If we keep thinking and pondering, we 
cannot stop. The problem just gets bigger and a solution is not in sight. Just think how 
many times you go to bed thinking about a small problem. By the morning, the problem 
has become a global issue! This way of thinking is detrimental. By allowing the brain to 
work like that, there is no space left to solve other things in life. Your life is on hold, 
because your brain is working constantly to get one simple thing solved. To stop
thinking in this way, you have to give your problem away. Give it away? To whom? 
Well, not to a neighbour or a friend, but to the Universal energy that is around you. 
Ask the energy to take over the problem, so that you can get on with your life. 
Some of you may be thinking that this is crazy. All I can say is that I know for sure it 
is possible. You can simply give it away. Your mind is then no longer occupied by this 
simple thing. If you stop thinking about a particular problem, you will see that it will be 
solved soon.

An example: your PC is not working. You sit there for hours, trying to solve the problem. 
Your brain is working overtime trying to find out what is wrong. All kinds of scenarios 
are going through your mind, but will any of them help? Just turn the power button off 
and go gardening for a while. The next day, turn on your PC and change a few settings; 
everything will be working perfectly again!
What has happened? You were brainstorming for hours to find out what could be wrong 
with your PC. At that moment, your brain had so much to do that it could not get to the 
essence of the problem. By doing something else, you cleared your brain and in a split 
second, you saw what was wrong with your PC.

This happens often in our lives. We overload our brain and tell it to get results straight
away. This is why our brain feels as if it is going crazy. The final result may be pain 
everywhere, a burn-out of even total lunacy. To solve this - as I told you before - you must 
not let thinking become brooding. Stop if you cannot see an answer at that moment, go
out, do something else, even sleep on it. Do not let your thoughts take over your brain. 
You can do it. Ask the power of the Universe to take over the problem. Give it away and 
stop thinking about it. It is not easy, I know. Sometimes it is very difficult, because you 
think you have to solve it yourself immediately. But all this thinking and pondering does 
not help. You overreact, get sick and end up having a lot of pain. Try to keep your 
mind/brain clear, so it can see the problem clearly and solve it without effort. When your 
brain is healthy, it can concentrate and when it does so, everything gets solved.

So here we are, back to the word "Believe". Believe in what your brain can do for you 
and believe in the power of the Universe, which is connected to all human bodies and 
their brains.

As for me at this moment, my brain is concentrating fully on drawings that come from 
the depth of my soul, from that Universal energy. Every day, I get visions of new 
drawings. Every day, I know exactly what to draw and every time the drawings just come 
from my hands. Therefore, I can keep going on.

(Chapter 06)




"Being human is helping each other"


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