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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 59 -


"Realistic" is a word that gives me a certain idea about how others see life. 
Most people see a realistic life as a life full of work and fights in a system with 
negative energy everywhere. I wonder if this is realistic in your eyes too? 
To me, a realistic life is a life full of answers, full of health, full of different possibilities 
to progress in an endless healthy life. This is the positive side of realistic. 
Why do people always think negatively? I read a book once about the question 
whether God exists. In the introduction, the author wrote "I'm an atheist". The entire 
book (consisting of more than 400 pages) is about a negative view and why he 
believes there is no God. Why give us all this negative information? Why write so many 
pages on this negative view to prove that there is no God? After reading some of my 
chapters, you know that I do not believe in a God as a person, because  God is not 
a person, nor an almighty, supernatural being. It is the same with all other holy people 
and angels that most people believe in. I wrote in other chapters how I see God, 
Buddha, Allah or other holy figures. But why are people always arguing, presenting 
everything in a negative way in books, dragging a person's name through the mire? 
Once written, it is as if you keep pushing down the person mentioned. Why does one 
need such negative input, presenting oneself as perfect and important? Reading such 
books makes me sad, because I cannot understand why it is necessary to write all this 
negativism down, trying to prove a point. This is an important point. When I read such 
books, I sense one thing: "I will prove how it really is". What is there to prove? If there 
is a God or not? How earth was created? Why do you need to prove if you already 
know the answer deep down inside you? Be realistic and you will see that everything 
is part of the power, the positive energy of the Universe. There is no almighty being 
who started life, there is no explanation for what the Universe is and what is behind it. 
The further we pry into the human body, into the new Universe or space, the more 
questions we find. This is because we do not have the mental capacity to place 
everything into the right context. Our scientists made a false start thousands of years 
ago, and all rules in science are built on false numbers and input. The same happened 
when man rewrote the bible and other holy books, over and over again, and now 
cannot find any story about the Core that is pure and never rewritten. All this is 
because we cannot manage the real story, in spite of all true input. The human race 
today now is heading in the wrong direction, in science, in churches and in everyday 
life. Everything is built on false information and we are moving further and further away 
from the Core. To pursue these questions is a waste of energy time. What would our 
lives be if we started again with a fresh slate and the knowledge we have? 
How would it be if a child from the first moment in life was to go its own way in a 
complete new world without books, laws, or the way of life that we have now? 
How would this child get on in life, only with the knowledge it has from past lives and
what it knows from the inner soul? A life without negative energy from all these books 
that were written in a negative way. And without all the formulas and scientists, who 
think they know how life has to be and how life is. It would be realistic, if we made a 
complete turn and started to believe in ourselves. Started to believe in positive energy, 
which is capable of doing things that we can never do with all the new technologies. 
Inside ourselves, there is the God we are looking for. In ourselves, there is the power 
to do things we never thought humans could do. In ourselves, there is everything and 
all the answers we need. If we think we can find an answer light years away, we are 
on the wrong track! The answers we need are inside us!

Spending billions on research or to find out how earth was created. The search for 
answers that will improve our health, is merely based on the desire of some people 
to fill their bank accounts. That's all it is! If you listen to yourself, act the way your body,
heart and soul tell you to do, you will have all the answers you need. It is incredible 
how man always tries to make everything complex, making it virtually become 
impossible to find the right answers to simple questions. I know that I am criticizing 
many people and most of them would like to ask me thousands of questions, so that 
they can prove that I am insane and do not know what is going on in real life. 
What I want, is for your brain to wonder: "Is there maybe some truth in what he is 
saying?" If that is the case, it's great, because it means you do not completely agree 
with all those billions of people who are spending so much money on research!

It is not my intention to leave you wondering or in a hopeless situation. So I want to ask 
you to go sit there with your eyes closed and think of a world that is endless without 
walls, atmosphere or planets. Nothing except you and the complete Universe. 
Follow that thought and believe that there is nothing left except you and the Universe. 
Answers will come to your questions, a completely new view of your life will be shown 
to you, a completely different way will be there. How can you live a life without negative 
energy or negative information? By placing yourself on a higher level and seeing 
everything not through human eyes but using your human instinct, there will be a new 
endless healthy life waiting for you in that world without restrictions, walls or negativism. 
If you follow the path in your inner self, you will understand many things.

Let me ask you a question. Why do you want to know how life started and how big the 
Universe is? Do not these sounds like stupid questions? A lot of money is spent on 
finding answers to these questions, but what is the main thought behind them? 
We want to know!  That is all. Yes, we want to know everything, but why? To manipulate 
things such as human lives, earthly lives and maybe Universal life? All this wanting to 
know how things are and how they work, is to get more power over them and to 
manipulate them. As long as people work on these questions, there will be no answers, 
only more questions. It is a defense of life, it is a "firewall" that protects the source of 
life and all solutions. The ones who want to know the answers to this kind of questions, 
are on a sidetrack. It is clear in science: once a small opening is found, more questions 
and problems arise. As soon as there is the beginning of an answer, they start 
manipulating, under the pretence of making man healthier, perfecting the race. 
All of those efforts lead to a dead end, resulting in more sickness instead, with new 
strings of  DNA, genes, cells and so on, forcing us to find more answers. Just look. 
Flu used to be a deadly disease, as were smallpox, measles, diabetics and other 
sicknesses. We discovered penicillin and other medicines for these sicknesses. 
Then there were cancer, aids and other diseases that we do not even know. 
More deadly, more terrible and so far without any cures. When these diseases are 
overcome, others will be waiting to take over. Delving deeper and deeper into what 
we call health. With all the poisoned food we eat, the unhealthy way of living, we are 
destroying ourselves and the body is no longer the main part we are living for.

The meaning given to the word "realistic" leads us nowhere. Close your eyes and see 
the endless world, the Universe with all the answers you need to all questions that are 
important in life. There are no answers for getting more power, money or unimportant 
things such as manipulating the law of life. The law of life is only the way you feel and 
see in the real world, the world inside yourself. Go back to that stage, ask what and 
how to do things, how to get healthy, and you will see all the answers are all there. 
Inside you, there is the God you are trying to find and inside this realistic world you will
 be healthy forever. Your body can find in that world all the power and energy it needs. 
The power that many people call God. God, not the person - who is not there - but God 
as positive energy inside you! It is a matter of believing. If you believe, you will find it, 
and the world - the realistic world - will be opened for you.

(Chapter 59)




"Being human is helping each other"


Please enjoy this site, learn the way of never-ending health and for living a better life 
by finding your path in a World of Positive Energy.


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