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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 58 -


As you know now, there is a connection between vivid white light and the energy fields 
around that light. In many different religions, we read about and see pictures of people 
with white light around them. These people perform miracles and have the power to 
heal and do things we cannot explain. The energy I told you about in other chapters is 
the one we should believe in. Energy, pure positive energy that is capable of doing 
things that are inexplicable. Some see it as white light. Because all energy comes 
together, the concentration of the power is so high that it will be seen as white light.

What this white light - pure energy - can do, is unlimited. There are things happening 
here that can be explained. We humans have reached a point where most of us do not 
believe in anything except matter, money and power. There is little humanity and almost 
everything is based on selfishness. We are far from the main source of power, the Core, 
this energy that can let us do everything and that gives us endless health and life. We no 
longer believe in the power that is in all of us, and we have strayed so far that we do not 
know how to use it anymore.

I once did a small experiment. For a while, I did not believe and I saw how the colors of 
the world changed. They grew darker and the world looked as if it was in an endless 
After a while, I came back and I started to believe again in the power of that light, that 
Universe, God or Buddha. What happened was that my world became sharp and the 
colors were again full of light. Sometimes it even feels as if there is a bright light 
around me. This experience was nothing strange, as it can be seen in many artists 
when they paint. When the colors they work with are dark or they use a lot of black, 
it usually means that they are depressed. They cannot see a path to continue in life 
and it is as if they see life as nothing but misery. But there are many artists who believe 
in life, believe in their work and their creations are open, vivid and full of light.

I go beyond that. When you walk in a city and see the people around you, you can feel 
all their pain and misery if you open yourself. The city looks like a dark place, because 
most of the energy there is negative. You can sense that the people do not believe 
and those who do, cannot see a way to make their life a happy one. Natural light is 
less strong there. Most of the light we live in, is artificial: light without any positive 
energy or positive vibrations. The energy of the white light that we need to make our 
life full of joy, happiness and endless health.

This light, this energy can do everything in our lives. It can give us endless health and 
everything we need. More importantly, it gives us the confidence that we will live 
forever. There is indeed a possibility that we can live forever. You may think that this 
is going too far. If so, please stop reading . I will continue my explanation for those 
who believe. When we arrived on earth, we received all this negative energy. 
From the first moment we are here, we get information from the world outside us, 
about what we should do and what to believe in. There are books telling us what we 
should or should not believe. The same holds true for laws and science. With all this 
negative information and all this negative energy, we are unable to believe in 
ourselves and in the positive energy that is present in every human being. This may be 
a sensitive point for many, because most of you believe in a God, Buddha, angels as 
if they were persons. But this is not true. The truth about God and other holy figures is 
that they were created by man. By people who want to gain power over you. 
Before you get angry, let me try to explain and see what you think of it. There is a 
great power that some people master and learn to work with. This is the same power 
that God, Buddha and Jesus Christ used. They tried to explain to others what to do 
and how, so that they could also master this positive energy. People wrote this down 
in their time, but after a while others started not to take those stories seriously and  
rewrote them time and again. Until the book was hundreds of pages long but had lost 
the essential message. It is man who took most of the essential things from this book, 
which could have told us how to master the powers of endless life and health.

But there are still people who have mastered the power of light and positive energy by 
believing. Believing in what? Believing in oneself is the key to all that power. Many of 
us believe in sickness, war, matter and money, but not in positive energy. We do not 
need all that stuff to live good lives. We only need endless health without pain, death 
and war. So why have we stopped believing this light and energy? Simply because if 
all of us believed in this energy, we no longer needed money, matter or doctors. 
They would be useless and world leaders would no longer be able to spend billions 
on wars!

We should go back to this light and energy and use it again. We do not need all those 
wars and materialism. We can live without them and if we get that far, we would be 
truly happy. We will have reached a point where happiness and health are no longer 
associated with money, matter and doctors.

This brings us to the main point. How can we get back this light, this positive energy, 
so that we can live that other life of light and energy? If you are willing to see, I will try to 
describe it as clearly as possible.
   - Believe!
   - Believe that you are healthy.
   - Believe in the power of energy/light.
   - Believe in people who want to help you. 
   - Believe in the love that is around you.
   - Believe in everything that is positive and forget all negativism.

By believing in yourself, that you are the energy, you will see that you will connect to 
real positive energy. It will help you do what you want, as long as it is positive.

It may seem difficult to you, but there is a way if you believe. This will open all 
possibilities and all paths for you. There is more, much more, because by believing in 
this light/energy, a lot will change. This brings us to a critical point, because you can 
go on disbelieving if you do not really believe in this positive energy. A lot will change 
in your life, sometimes in a dramatic way. There will be a new life for you if you believe. 
I started to believe in this positive energy, I saw the Core and the possibilities that are 
there if I keep believing. It changed my world entirely, my lifestyle and also my health, 
all in a positive way. I no longer think about material things, it is as if they don't exist. 
I work at my computer, writing these chapters and I do my drawings. As I have said 
several times, a lot has changed in a positive way. Some people around me are 
different. Unfortunately, their goal is still to gather money and they argue all the time. 
All of that is history for me. The world is changing, because of the way I see it now. 
For me, the whole world is now in a vivid, bright light, full of energy. I will write you later 
how to manage that. For now, it is important that you start believing in yourself, in this 
positive energy/light. When you manage that, the rest will follow, and what you want or 
what you need, will be there. There would no longer be wars, fighting or negative energy, 
if all of us showed that this world is full of positive energy and health.

I believe, I connect to other people who have mastered the strength of light/energy. 
I keep writing, trying to show you how to live the other way.
But it is up to you and your belief.

(Chapter 58)




"Being human is helping each other"


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