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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 57 -


The number of books written about love, is beyond imagination. The word love appears 
in many books and many books focus on it entirely. I do not want to write a second 
Hamlet or a love story. In this chapter, we will look into the real meaning of the word 
"Love". When you read this word, you may imagine two people sitting in a park, 
holding hands, or walking in a garden together or, sitting in a bar while they are closed 
off from this world. Love is something  we think about a lot, but we believe in that love 
only for a few moments in life. Most of the time, people love each other in the 
beginning of their relationships, while it seems to fade away after a few years. 
Many things happen and we forget that one lovely moment. Love for our children, which 
is pure and unconditional love. Other people love their pets and regard them as their 
companions. We also love the flowers in our gardens and parks. We love our new car 
and our own homes, and so on. One kind of love that we do not hear so much about 
is the love to live, love of our life and love to be here on earth. That is a love that we 
have almost forgotten. The love for each day you get and the health you receive from 
the Universe. The love that gives you the power to live.

The word "love" covers a great deal. Loving a person or things around you is one 
thing, but loving your own life is so much more important. If you do not love yourself, 
you cannot give or receive pure love. Love is not something magical, but energy 
capable of getting you to places you never have been before in life. You can see it 
when people fall in love. For them the world is one big happy place. This feeling 
gives them wings and there are no problems during the time when they are in love.

As I said, love is not something magical. Love is an energy that comes directly from the 
Universe, directly from the Core, which is the existence of life. In the bible and all great 
books, you can find parts about love. Love each other and love everything around you. 
It is a simple rule, but not one that we have learned very well. We just read it and think 
that love is only about when you meet a new partner or you get a new car. Why do we 
not want to learn? Why is a simple rule so difficult to understand and apply? We do not 
believe in our self-love. Often, when you stand in front of a mirror, you may say to 
yourself: "My goodness, man you look ugly, or, mama mia what a lot of wrinkles". 
There is always something negative to say to yourself. If you say "My goodness, 
I look old", you will be old soon, because that is what you tell yourself every day. 
And so it will be, for you get what you want and what you have asked for. Why do we 
see ourselves negatively, why do we want to change? It is the environment that makes 
us think like that. The world is terrible, my face looks terrible, I am too fat and all these 
sayings are said day by day. What happens next is that you do indeed look terrible 
and the world is a big mess. It is the rule of the Universe: "You get what you asked for".

In the morning, when I stand in front of the mirror, I tell myself: "Hey man, everything 
looks okay". I like the way I look and I love the way I live. I see life as a big gift from the 
Universe. Every day, it feels as if I am in heaven and this is so, because the world is 
heaven. When you talk negatively to people, you will get negative energy back from 
them. When you talk positively, what you receive is like a great gift from the Universe. 
The others' energy will be positive and you will love them, because they are also in 
heaven, just like you.

Loving people is not just about having sex, or having other kinds of contact. Loving 
others is also this energy coming from them, or the energy you send to them that is 
coming back. But you have to love yourself first to be able to send this energy. 
Loving the world we live in will change all wars completely and therefore will change 
the people who are now working in such a negative way.

Let me give an example. When someone comes to you and starts to argue or wants 
to pick a fight and you respond in the same way, what is created is an enormous 
amount of negative energy. But if the same person came to you and you refuse to 
respond in a negative way to all this negative energy, giving him only positive energy 
instead, you would change his negative energy into positive energy. And then you will 
have a good talk with him. If you are out for a fight, you will get a fight but it will not solve 
the problem. However, if you start from love and positive energy, the solution will 
present itself. To this day, in the thousands of years of the history of mankind, not a 
single fight ever solved a problem. All solutions come from love and understanding, 
which give positive energy to people who are then willing to solve the even the biggest 
problems. Love is the solution for all problems, but as long as people believe in fighting, 
there will be more wars and, as a result, more negative energy.

Love and understanding have another positive effect, which is health and endless life.
If your body, brain and soul are not constantly submerged in negative energy, it will 
have enough energy to keep you healthy. Look around you, people who fight all the 
time leave this world sooner. They live in such negative energy, that their bodies 
degenerate by breaking down their own energy field. Fighting is not a priority in life. 
People who are in a positive energy field and live with positive thoughts, easily reach 
90 years of age. All happy old people have one thing in common: They live life, loving 
first themselves and then the world around them. Ask any of them and they will tell you:
"This world is beautiful, I LOVE IT!" Why do we not learn from them? Why do we try to 
create negative energy fields? Matter, money and fame are the answers. We want 
more and better than our neighbors and bigger than our friends.

In the days when I had my own advertising agency, I often said to my colleagues when 
we were together: "I'm so glad your agency is doing so well". They looked at me in 
surprise and then asked me: "Are you crazy?" And you know why? They did not 
understand that when they are doing well, it is going fine with me too. When the people 
around me are positive, only positive things will happen to me. Because of that, I feel 
I can draw and write what I want. After closing my agency, I did not have these people 
around me any longer so I was released from their negative energy. 

All of this lead me to a path that I know for sure is the right one. The path of helping 
people and believing in endless love for each other. This is why I believe that heaven 
is not far above us, but right here on earth with the right people around us. And with 
that, a positive energy field that gives us the connection to the Universe and the Core. 
Love, a word that can turn hell into heaven. There is love everywhere around us. 
Unfortunately, many people are struggling with hate and misunderstanding. If we 
believe more in positive energy and in true love, then this world will be one in which 
people get back their values: Being human for each other.

Only one word: LOVE

(Chapter 57)




"Being human is helping each other"


Please enjoy this site, learn the way of never-ending health and for living a better life 
by finding your path in a World of Positive Energy.


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