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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 56 -

Is Ego the other part of your soul?

Ego, what is ego?
It's an endless story. People are always looking for explanations and then……….they 
put everything in its proper place! Ego means "I", it is our own world, the world of  "I" 
make it and how "I" look at it. There are perfectionists  who want to assign the 
ego to categories, such as heaven and hell, right and wrong, soul and brain. All these 
spiritual leaders, who believe they have mastered everything and want to explain 
everything. But let us look into this matter of soul and brain a little further. There are 
people who claim that the soul contains everything that is good, while everything bad 
comes from the brain. You may wonder where they get this information from? 
From the Devil and God?

Essentially, ego is just yourself, the way you live, how you are and the way you think. 
There is always a bad and a good self, therefore your brain gets all its information from 
the environment. This is what we forget. We are again at the turning point between 
commercial spirituality and pure soul energy.

Our soul is pure energy and it has only positive energy. It can only get that, because 
pure gets pure and cannot store negativism. Our soul lives in our body as long as it 
thinks it needs that body. During that time, it has to work together with the other two 
main parts: the body and the brain. The body is not a problem for the soul, because it 
can manage that. But the brain is a thinking part of our body, which stores not only all 
positive but also negative information, trying to find a way to live by calculating 
everything. When the brain calculates, it works with negative and positive energy, 
so sometimes the outcome will be negative. And then the brain instructs the body to 
act negatively. Now we know how it works, we can see that the soul is not split, nor 
has a bad and a good side. It is the brain's negative energy that overrules the will of 
the soul. People always try to find answers for things they cannot explain. In this case, 
they give to the soul the part that is good and to the brain the one that is bad. This is 
why we are heading in the wrong direction. The ego is your entire brain. It is not a part 
of your brain (box), but everywhere! This part of the human body can go to so many 
places, which is why doctors have never been able to explain what the brain really is. 
They try to divide it into small parts for different functions: left brain, right brain, 
speaking, standing, and so on. Unfortunately, this is where they go wrong with all that 
knowledge they think they have. A brain is energy, just like everything else, and this 
energy can go into millions of different directions, and in each one it does something 
different, producing a thought or prompting an action. This energy is working, 
because it gets all the information all day long, through dreams while you work, or 
simply when you relax. This energy works every second of your life. Calculating is 
one of the main things a brain does. Most actions, such as managing your body, 
appear to be done on the automatic pilot. But all new situations will be stored, filed 
and processed. One day you can use them, if needed. The same brain also gets 
infiltrated with negative energy. Sometimes, information comes up that requires the 
brain to make choices. When it goes the negative way, we get sick or do things that 
we later explain as "bad things". It is like a computer program: there are endless 
ways a computer can go. The brain has to make billions of calculations and has 
many possibilities, while it looks for the most logical answer.

Ego, that "I" person, is the part of the brain where the negative energy takes over 
the positive. The soul is sometimes able to do something about it, because the soul 
is a guest in the human body. The soul cannot interfere and needs to wait until there 
is an opening in the brain. Then it can help the brain come out of that negative energy 
crisis.  I wrote "sometimes", because there is a way to manage the ego, by making 
the right connection to the Universe, which in turn will interfere and open the channel 
to "reset", enabling it to go back to fulfill the task the soul is supposed to complete.

The soul is pure and has its task. Negative energy cannot affect the soul. Or rather, 
it can, but that is a completely different story, which has nothing to do with the ego. 
Neither the ego, nor the brain can affect the soul. That the ego is a part of the soul is 
not correct. The ego is your brain, which is a part of a human being. A human being, 
made of flesh and blood, open to all kinds of energy, both negative and positive. 
It has to manage this and so far the human body is a master in doing so.

The ego is your brain, not your soul.

(Chapter 56)




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