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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 55 -

Heaven and hell

I believe that this is the right moment to write more about the soul and the connections 
it has in the Universe. I see more and more articles being published by so-called 
superior spiritual people, who tell us that they are connected with soul life and the 
Universe. I cannot help writing these negative things about such articles, because for 
me faith, belief and spirituality are incompatible with fame, money and power. 
Most of the articles they write are very complex and when you analyze them, you can 
see they write in contradictory terms. Much of what they write is not true, but they hide 
it using difficult language. These "superior spiritual people" are lost and no longer 
know the essence of life. They do not feel the pure energy that we live with. 
When something is incomprehensible, all kinds of fancy words are used, or rather, 
new words are invented. There is also another group, rooted in symbols, statues or 
other holy images. They hide these images from us, because they are so holy and 
impossible for us to handle, they claim. It hurts to read, see and feel this, because we 
are perfectly capable of handling what is here on earth. Everything is made by man, 
the same species that we are. Images, signs and statues are products made by man. 
How then can a group of people tell us that what they have created is too holy. 
This is another way of dominating us and placing themselves above us normal mortals. 
There are no extraterrestrials, no Gods or holy people here on earth. Believe me, the 
people who are here on earth and who are far into the Soul world do not need that 
pompous spiritual stuff. The bible is a booklet with some notes, rewritten so many 
times that it is more like a novel! All stories were told by other human beings and are 
written in a book, which we are supposed to believe. The essence is gone and the 
small notes which came as signs are now completely lost.

As you know, our life does not stop after this one human life. I believe that more is 
written about human life, than there are novels! As human beings, we are made of 
three parts: Body, Brain and Soul. The body is the flesh and blood you can see in your 
own body when stand in front of a mirror. The brain is the part that allows the body to 
work and think, and it calculates all possibilities it has at that moment. But the brain 
does more, it also receives input from the soul and the human body. The brain 
manages everything, embracing the task of the soul, which is also the task of that 
human body. Two worlds work together for a short time here on earth. This is 
coordinated by the brain, which is not a problem at all because it was built for this task. 
The soul is the part in our body that we cannot see and is there forever. We can feel it 
and we can work with it, but there is no way we can get to see it clearly. Some people
think it is the aura, others see many colors and shapes. But believe me, the soul is not 
a part, it is everywhere in, on and around us. It is a complete energy that we do not 
know how to detect. True, there are methods to work with the soul, but this is only 
possible if you are one with your own energy. This is something that I will explain 
elsewhere in this book.

Now that I have explained in simple terms how the human body works, you may be 
able to see the rest of the bigger picture. The soul needs a human body to fulfill a task. 
The task that every human being has here on earth. It does not matter whether one is 
a priest, a serial killer, a pool attendant or a bellboy. We all have to work on a task. 
The task is not the kind of work you do, by which I mean the kind of job you have, how 
rich or poor you are, because that is not important. You are only in that scenario at 
that moment, because you are supposed to go from one situation to another. 
All you are doing here and all situations you end up in, are there to learn from. 
So your soul will find a way to learn also, what has to be done for the soul and the 
soul world. It is not what you did that day, it is the bigger picture. But one split second 
can also be the second that you and your soul need in that one human life. 
When that second arrives and you handle it the way it needs to be done, you make 
progress in your soul life. This is what happens with us here on earth. All this talking, 
writing and playing the boss are merely earthly things and not at all important in our 
soul life.

Let me tell you something about what I wrote elsewhere in this book, about people 
who turn the spiritual world into a show. A truly spiritual person is someone who 
does not need to speak or tell long stories. I learned an important lesson once when 
I met an old man, who was at that moment very important in my life. He was a friend 
of mine, a sculptor and in my eyes he created incredible work. In the beginning, he 
appeared strange to me, because he only created what he liked. I was young, had 
just finished school and was entering the art world. This man was exceptional, 
because he did not talk much. When I visited him and we started to talk, his answers 
were always very short. But, with him and between his art, there was an energy and 
there were feelings that I will never forget. His sculptures talked to me and all the 
energy I got, were answers to the questions I asked him. Later, when we had those 
conversations, I understood how far he had progressed in the soul world and how 
deep he was going. He told me with a few words, but those seemed to me like books 
full of information and enough to work with for the rest of the week. He was exceptional 
and by the time I found out there was a real connection between him and me, I heard 
words that I will never forget. "You are very far and really connected". For a long time, 
I could not believe that I was anywhere near as far as he was, but I now know that he 
could see more in me than I realized. This man of a few words, was a man far beyond 
many spiritual leaders and beyond people, who pretend to be at the top of spirituality. 
Those people who pretend, are the ones who are just starting. Now we are at the point 
we should work on. People who always say how far they are, are just learning. 
People who listen, see, and feel, have advanced in their task. This one friend, who 
passed away shortly after he had told me those words, was advanced enough to show 
me the path I should follow in life.

This brings me to a point that may seem strange to you. For me, it is like making a 
confession to all of you. For a long time, I have been working with my heart and soul, 
all my works appear on paper in the way I want and nobody can tell me what to do. 
All the work and the connection I got with some special people, brought me to a world 
full of connections and to other different worlds. The first few years, it was terrible for 
me to work with, because the world here on earth and the rest of the worlds are so 
different and incomparable to each other. Now, after a lot of learning and many 
experiences following my path, I have found the path between earth life and soul life. 
A lot has happened. I saw, felt and learned a lot, and only one thing is left for me to 
do in one of my last earthly lives. I should pass on the knowledge that I have. 
Therefore, I keep writing, drawing and making my sculptures.

The title of this chapter is "Is the soul connected to the Core?" The answer is Yes. 
I can tell you that all souls are fractions of the Core! Without the souls, there is no Core. 
Perhaps we are going to fast here, but I want to lift up a small tip of the veil for you. 
As you know, the soul is energy. It can create and accomplish everything you want. 
Energy, which is present in all humans in their earthly lives. So, when we can see all 
lives as energy, we are directly connected with sand, rocks, plants, animals, water, 
stars, planets, and so on. All these earthly things are made from energy. They were 
created with their own structure, so a rock will be a rock and water will be water. 
The way we see all this energy, is the way our brain interprets these energy 
information. It is something our brain does and this is why it gives us all the limitations 
we live with. This explains why we cannot find the real solutions for large earthly 
problems, like being sick, feeling unwell or having a handicap. Those are limitations 
our brain passes on to us. Most scientists work in circles and so we, humans cannot 
progress in this earthly life. We are wearing blinkers, created by our own brain. 
If we are able to open the gate, we will enter a completely new world. Before you try 
to find that way, let me tell you this: As long as you are in a human body, there will be 
limitations, but there is a possibility to take that body to a higher level with fewer 
limitations. As human beings, we are at one of the lowest levels of that energy field. 
We are just starting. In the past, there were people who were able to work with a 
higher level of energy. This is why we still find things here on earth that we cannot 
explain, because we cannot imagine how they did it. Explanations that they were 
Gods, aliens or beings out of space, are merely made-up stories. But several times 
we humans did find the way to a higher level, but we failed to work with it and could 
not manage it.

I will expand on this later, when I will tell you about my past lives. But the connection 
and the gate to a higher level is there and some people know about it and work 
with it. I met some of them and they have advanced far enough to do things you cannot 
even think about. For me it is that one man, saying that one thing, who brought me to 
the point of writing and creating. Now, YOU are at the point of telling me: "You wrote 
a lot and people who write, talk a lot and thus are not so advanced". Good point. 
Which brings me to the essence of my mission. I got in contact with several of those 
people. All of them told me that I should draw, paint, sculpt and write down what I have 
to pass on. This is something that I need to accomplish during my earthly life for my 
soul life! These people told me more and through them, I also received more information 
from the past. Perhaps all of this is too high-flown and too unreal for you, but for me it is 
important to do all this. I can tell you this: My soul is open for and is clearly connected 
with the Core. The Core, as I told you, is the complete energy of all that is going on 
around us. Without time, limitations and distance, the Core is near me and I feel it every 
second. The whole Universe is energy without limitations and we cannot manage this 
energy with our human brain. A human brain is so small, so simple and sometimes it 
gets that extra energy from the soul world that is in connection with the source.

I will stop here, because you now undoubtedly have more questions than answers 
and I believe you think that I am going mad. This writing is not done by my brain. 
All of this is information that I receive and which I try to put on paper in a human way.
It is yours, look for yourself what you can do with it. I know it already and the choice 
is yours to learn and to accept it.

This is the difference between you and me.

(Chapter 55)




"Being human is helping each other"


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