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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 54 -

Heaven and hell

This will be one of my most difficult chapters. This is because I want to tell something 
that is completely against what millions of people believe in and are afraid of: Heaven. 
What is heaven? For many people, it is a place where they will go after they had lived 
a good life. 
   - A life full of faith, working honestly and living according to the Bible. Heaven, a place 
     with beautiful buildings, a real paradise, with nature full of colors.
   - A place where one has the certainty of finding beauty and peace after life.
   - A place where everything is possible and where angels fly. Perhaps we can fly too, 
     after we have become angels ourselves!
   - A place with all the food we need and where there is enough for everyone.
   - A place without competition or hate against each other.
   - A place that is so quiet, and unimaginably perfect.
We could go on with this list of what many people believe heaven means. If you do right 
in this world, then you will surely go to heaven. At the gate, there will be someone saying: 
"You did fine and so you go to heaven, or, you did bad and you go to hell!" 
Hell! What is hell? 
   - A place with fire all around. 
   - A place where all earthy criminals come together. The people who did wrong on 
this earth, who killed, stole or lived a wrong life. These people should burn or have a 
bad afterlife, because they did bad things. Hell is the negative world, where the devil 
makes the rules. But I will stop, for I feel terrible because expressing all these 
negative ideas.

However, all of these ideas are wrong! I can say from experience that I know many 
worlds, but I never saw heaven and I never saw hell. There is no hell and there is no 
heaven! If you wish to send me to hell for saying this, that is fine with me, because 
I know there is no hell. Heaven and hell are creations of man, described in holy books. 
From our childhood, we are made to believe all these things. There needs to be 
something that can scare people, when the people don't do what they are being told 
to do. That is the reason why heaven and hell were introduced. When I go to the soul 
world, I can explain everything, because all the truth is there, not in a heaven or a hell. 
As I said, this heaven and hell stuff was made up by the church. The same churches 
that made God an almighty, old, white-bearded person and created all the other holy 
people. It was wrong, but now it cannot be reversed. The story that was thought up, 
has just become too powerful. The bible and the holy manuscripts are fiction. I know 
that this is entirely against many people's belief. But it is terrible that so many people 
allow themselves to be pushed in a specific direction, for fear of not going to heaven. 
All this is based on human imagination though. The proof is there, because everything 
is written from an earthly point of view. Things that cannot be explained, become 
miracles and everything negative, is the work of the devil. Many people believe in a 
God, some holy figure or spirit, but always mixed with earthly things.

I once read an article about a young girl who saw heaven and visited it regularly. 
All the pictures she made, were of earthly things: buildings and colorful gardens. 
She did not realize that she is in a normal dream world, a world created by herself. 
This heaven of hers is nothing other than a collection of earthly pictures, made with 
light and lots of colors. The same psychedelic world that drug addict sees. But this is 
all a case of mixing everything up. Earthly views have nothing to do with a soul world, 
or what is called heaven. The soul world is energy and is indeed full of colors, but 
there are no buildings, no beautiful parks, nor any angels. It is a beautiful place, made 
of energy, so beautiful that it is almost impossible to describe. When I go to my soul 
world, I see no buildings and no colorful park. I can only feel the power, the beautiful 
colors and the exceptional light everywhere around me. As soon as people see 
nature and buildings, it means that they are merely in a dream world, where pictures 
emerge that they have seen before and have now entered their dream world.

The same applies people who believe they can see God, can draw or paint God. 
How can anyone draw or paint God, if it is not a person? God is the Core of energy 
and does not have a human body. That grey old man with a white beard, surrounded 
by incredible illumination, is not a person standing above you. It is a picture of a man, 
created by another man.

This brings me to the commercial side of all this. Billions of dollars are taken from or 
given to these people, who send the "word of faith" out into the world. People are 
asked to give their salaries to churches or also millions for a painting, allegedly made 
through God, or about God, Buddha or Allah.

I think that when you believe in a higher form, a Universe or what you may call God, 
this should cost NOTHING! Money only exists here on earth and nowhere else in the 
Universe. It is a human and dominating concept, that only humans believe in. When you
 believe in a God, Angel, Buddha, Allah or Universal energy, IT IS FOR FREE. 
It hurts to see people donate their last penny to churches who tell them that they - the 
churches - are places of God. They are not, and the reason why they say so is to make 
people dependent on those churches. Items and all kinds or artifacts are sold, even 
paintings going for more than million dollars! This has nothing to do with believing in 
God, it is merely an underhand way of getting rich.

But even those people do not go to hell. They will return to the soul world. In that soul 
world, there is a kind of evaluation of what they have done and what decisions they 
have made. After that, they will leave with a typical message what they should learn 
and think about. Do not look at it as some sort of court. This is an energy world! 
Heaven or hell are merely earthly concepts. Words invented by people and stories 
made up by human beings.

For the moment, I will refrain from discussing in detail the way humans see life, 
because it is frustrating to see people always trying to dominate others. It is painful 
to see millions of people dominated by churches and temples. They are frightened 
into being good, or , they will go to hell. And good is what the priest says. But again, 
it is a human being, who tells you what is good and what is bad. Countless are the 
stories about the devil. It is amazing to see that, according to priests, all bad things 
are caused by the devil. It is just a lost soul, a lost human being, who is no longer 
connected with his soul and higher soul life. As long as that person cannot find the 
way back, he is regarded by the church as a devil and he will end in hell. What has 
gone wrong here is that the brain and the soul are no longer connected, so the feelings 
and the signs the soul gets all the time, cannot be registered and the brain is completely 
on its own. When that happens in this difficult life on earth, there are brains that will go 
completely astray, on a path of destruction and self-destruction. They are completely 
lost and sometimes may look like devil. But even those people will end up in the same 
soul world as we do, where the energy will show them that this way of living was not the 
real one and not acceptable for the soul world. He has to do it all over again and this 
will usually be a completely different human life. He will have more power and soul 
energy and the guide will be harder on him than before. But he will surely come out of 
that misery.

If not, the soul is not lost, because it will be reorganized, and its negative energy will be 
split up among different souls. Separated from that one big negative energy, the new 
soul has more space to grow in the proper way. No soul will ever be destroyed, however 
bad it was or however bad it did. When you return to the soul world, there will always be 
an evaluation, as I said before. You do not get fired or get a lot of trouble, but you will be 
shown the good and bad turns you made in life. This is what you will work on in your next 
new life. A soul, whether good or bad, will always return to earth as long as it still has to 

I find it hard to believe that so many people believe in hell or heaven and that so much 
money is spent on buying a place in heaven. People who live properly here on earth, 
already live in heaven. When you live positively, you work and live with positive people 
around you. Just look around you, IT IS HEAVEN! The same heaven that so many 
people believe they are going to after this life. The same heaven they draw, paint or 
write about. I cannot believe that so many people are so naive. Because everything is 
made to look so complicated here on this earth, you can no longer see the simple, 
perfect things. Hell was created by yourselves here on earth, just like heaven. It is your 
choice, not a choice from God or other people. It is you who create heaven or hell. 
You can choose, but you should do it here on earth, because outside there is no 
heaven or hell.

Choose now, and live in this world. NOW. 

(Chapter 54)




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