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"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 53 -

Can hard physical labor kill?

A lot can be written about hard working. Looking back over man's history, we see that 
the human race has worked hard from the beginning. Women usually did everything at 
home, taking care of the meals, gave children the attention they needed, while the men 
worked on the land, fished or hunted. Day in day out, it was the same ritual. This went 
on for thousands of years, until everything started to change. Women started to have 
jobs elsewhere in offices and some men took over the homework. There is nothing 
wrong with who does what, as long as both know exactly what they are doing. 
Children usually suffer if both parents work elsewhere and only think of their careers. 
However, this is not what I want to talk about in this chapter. I wrote about this problem 
in another chapter, so now we focus on hard working.

What is hard working? 
Opinions differ on this. A farmer works hard on his land, a mother works hard at home 
and takes care of everything there. But someone who comes from the office can also 
say: "I worked hard". So there are many people who think they work hard. There are 
different kinds of hard working. One is working with one's hands, another is working 
with the brain. This is the main difference: hands versus brain. I do not want to talk 
about who works harder, it would be an endless discussion. It would definitely not 
make my point of view on this issue any clearer. What is certain though, is that people 
who work hard with their hands, have fewer problems in their lives than people who 
only think and sit at their desks all day. Working with one's hands usually means that 
the body is fit, because the entire body is needed to get the job done. Compare a 
farmer who walks all day and someone who works in an office walking perhaps no 
more than 50 feet a day! In the latter case, the body is only there to keep one on the 
chair and nothing moves except perhaps hands and head a little bit. Inside the head, 
it may be a big mess, because the brain is making overtime to get everything done in 
time and in the right way. At the end of the day, the farmer is tired throughout his body, 
while the office worker only has a tired brain.

There are many more problems with office workers and their health. The reason is 
simple: their bodies do not move enough. But what about those who go to the gym? 
All that is fine, except that after a full day doing nothing physically, the body suddenly 
needs to deliver a top performance. This is all wrong, because sitting for many hours 
and then going to the gym for one hour, enclosed between four walls, is not really what 
will make your body feel happy and healthy. 

Then there is the issue of eating healthy food. This is fine too, of course, but not a 
guarantee that you will live longer. People who spend the entire day thinking, cannot 
keep their body in good shape merely by going to the gym and eating healthy food. 
What they ignore is the link between the brain and nature. What do they do to get their 
brain back on track, after a long day of sitting in an office? Nothing! During the gym 
exercises, they continue to think about the problems at the office, and the healthy food 
does not tell the brain to stop and relax either. We are incapable of handling the main 
problem: the tired brain. Some people go to a pub, or to a party and drink copious 
amounts of alcohol, or they take some other drugs in order to forget about work. 
A great solution indeed! Is this the way to handle your brain? Using drugs that will 
cause the brain to die bit by bit, even increasing the problems that the brain has to 
deal with.

I hope I have managed to make the problem clear. People work on the land, work 
hard with their bodies, and their only problem is to keep the body going. The body is 
busy all day, coordinating hands, feet and brain, so that it will not make mistakes that 
might damage the body. People who work on the land, have another advantage, 
because they are always connected with nature. Earth, with all its positive energy, 
is always around them and this is why there is no negative input. Positive energy flows 
into the body and as a result the body does its work and keeps going, because there is 
no negativism around.

People who work in offices, need to work with other people, who are perhaps 
negatively loaded. Bosses usually have a negative effect because they want more 
from you than your body can give. And the brain, which is making overtime with all 
this negative energy, turns you into a complete wreck after a while. You would feel 
much better if you were working outside surrounded by nature. However cold it 
might be, you would be connected with nature and also receive the light from the sun. 
In an office, you sit in artificial light for at least 8 hours. This is the other major negative 
aspect of office work. And what goes for offices, also goes for working in stores, or 
factories with artificial light. The body needs light from nature, as well as connection 
with nature.

What we can do to deal with this problem, is the following: If you work with your brain 
more than with your hands, try to stop your thinking for several minutes every day 
(for at least 20 minutes). This can be done by means of meditation. People who work 
on the land, meditate the whole day, because they are always working hard, except 
that they have to keep the body focused on the job. What you should also do, is go 
work in your garden every day. If you live in a city, make a long walk in a park or a 
place where you can be connected with nature, every day. See and feel nature and 
believe that all the power you need to survive the next day, is in nature. People who 
do not connect with nature, are dying a little every day. Those who overworked and 
fail to listen to the body, will get to a level where there is no connection anymore. 
In the long run, the body just gets sicker and sicker.

All that gym stuff is not enough and cannot compare with a 20-minutes' walk in a park. 
Your body needs it and to tire out your body in a gym, is not good for the body, nor is 
it for your wallet.

The proof is there: people who work hard on the land or anywhere outside, live longer 
than those who are always locked between four walls. People who work in an office in 
artificial lights, are sick more often. All kinds of illnesses manifest themselves in 
people who cannot control and relax their brain. The brain does not have the time to
focus on the body, because it is overloaded with work-related issues and the body 
therefore comes in the second place. Normally, a brain can handle everything, making 
decisions every second of your life. If you never give it a rest by taking off the pressure, 
you live only to work for your boss. Your body does not need a vacation, but it does need 
those 20 minutes a day and connection with earth. By doing so, you allow as much 
positive energy as possible back into your body, enabling it to restore completely and 
be healthy again.

The decision is yours. A short life between walls or a long life with Mother Nature.

(Chapter 53)




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