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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 52 -


We live in a world full of symbols, small images created by people. In the past, every 
religion, cult or sect had one or more of these symbols and the explanations of such 
symbols are often incredible. Many books have been written on symbols. As time 
went by, we have started to give every company a symbol or a sign. They are called 
logos, but most of the time it is a small drawing that has the same meaning as the 
word. What is the reason for this great myth around symbols? If you check the 
websites or books on this topic, you will be filled with amazement. Elaborate stories 
are created around a single symbol. Some even go so far as to link symbols with 
extraterrestrials, with the soul world or past lives. The truth is that symbols are created 
by people and the story behind every symbol is also written by people. There is no 
connection whatsoever with afterlife, the soul world or the Universe. In these worlds, 
symbols are not important, because a symbol does not tell you anything about soul 
life. The connection between soul life and symbol is simple. There is none!

As I wrote before, a symbol is a sign created by man. If you see a symbol during 
meditation and you think that you are in your soul life, it is merely proof that you are 
still connected with earth life things and not with the world of souls. These symbols or 
signs are messages that you receive from your guide, who is trying to tell you 
something. Your guide is there to help you in life when needed, by also giving you the 
signs you need. He uses signs created by man and so you get to see these symbols. 
The symbols are there to guide you in life. If you think, that you are in your soul life and 
you see symbols, you are mistaken, because you are neither in your soul life, nor in 
the soul world.  

In the soul world there are no symbols. I read some articles about the soul world and 
symbols, but there they lacked something very important. When people think they are 
in the world of souls and they see symbols, they see a part out of their own human life 
and interpret this as if it is a part of the soul life. This is wrong, because in a soul life 
there are no symbols. The soul world uses energy, not symbols. When people go into 
a soul life through meditation and they see symbols, they are projecting their human 
life of that moment onto this soul life and see a symbol that is clearly important for this 
present life.

Symbols are created by man, only people and guides use these symbols. Symbols 
are there to make you think about something or to open a new path.

As an artist, I use a lot of symbols and each symbol I create, has a meaning to me, 
but to nobody else. Not to you, because you cannot see or feel what I want to say with 
that symbol. Some of them are a connection to a higher level. A higher level that I 
reach when I meditate and enter a different world, which is not the human world. 
Once I have entered that world, there are no more symbols for me. All symbols are 
gone, and earthly pictures are no longer around me. It is a different world, a world 
where I can do what I want, because everything is possible. During that time, I stop 
being here on earth and I go where I want. My heart is working overtime, my breathing 
almost stops and I have to watch out that my body does not stop functioning. 
What I do then, is to put my body on the automatic pilot and let it wait for me to come 
back. When I am out of my body, going into my soul world, I do not see any earthly 
pictures or symbols, because the connection between earth and Universe is 
temporarily closed. When people tell me during meditating: "I see a beautiful 
landscape" or "The buildings are so nice", it means that they are still connected with 
earth and earth life. When they tell me: "I cannot see anything" it starts to become 
interesting, because they lack the words to describe happens during the first stage 
of meditating. Entering the world of soul is not going to a paradise with beautiful 
gardens and seascapes or landscapes. Entering the soul world, is travelling in a 
world that we humans cannot normally describe or talk about. Later, I hope to be 
able to write more about this. At this stage, it is not time yet to put my views on paper. 
First you should learn to believe in a world without numbers and in things you cannot 
see. As long as you keep earthly things connected with a soul life, there is no way you 
will make the real connection.

A great deal has been written about the soul, angels, symbols and all kinds things 
relating to God. Most of these writing show the shortcomings of these writers. 
They may make millions by publishing on this subject. They talk, write and give 
seminars but have no idea what they are actually talking about. The reason is that they 
keep trying to explain everything. Explanations are the shortcomings of the human race. 
When they write about this subject, using many difficult words, the reader needs a 
translator to understand what is meant. These writers are stuck in earthly life. 
Many highly educated people try to make things sound as complex as possible. 
Having obtained a degree or having graduated on the topic, they think they have 
mastered the world of soul and afterlife. It is sad that most of them do not understand 
what is going on at all. 

Back to the symbols: The same educated people try to make the explanation about 
symbols sound as complicated as possible. The soul world is a popular topic, 
promoted as if it were spiritual life. We all need to wake up and see that these people 
only want to have more power over us and make as much money out of this as possible.

Symbols are created by humans and have a human explanation. For the 500 or so 
symbols that I have created, I have an explanation for myself, but not for you. 
Symbols are images that tell you a short story and therefore do not need a booklet 
to explain what they mean. These symbols are not created by gods, aliens or 
extraterrestrials, but made by human hands and so there is nothing mystical about 
them. When your heart and soul are open, you will receive the feelings of that symbol 
and it will indicate to you which path to go. Every symbol you see in dreams, you 
already know in real life. Its intention is to wake you up so as to change your path, or to 
make the decision that you should make that time.

A symbol can be an image on a billboard that tells you something. Take notice of it and 
ask your feelings what it means for you. Do not go searching in books or on the internet 
for an explanation, because those are written by other human beings, who cannot tell 
you what to feel when you see that symbol.

Open your heart and soul and let these tell you what a symbol means for you.

(Chapter 52)




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